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Chapter 8: Chapter Eight : Spiders and skulls

Obligatory Disclaimer : I do not own anything (except maybe OC characters) all characters, places, worlds, universes…etc mentioned here belong to their respective owners and/or companies.

This is purely a work of fiction. Not meant to offend or incite, but to entertain and maybe inspire.

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*. *. *.*.*.*.*.*.*.*.*.*.*.*.

I sleepily swayed my head side to side, dodging rounds of spitballs. Judge who sat next to me, disbelieving slammed his hand on his desk.

"How does he keep doing that?" A female voice asked.

"I have no idea, look at him, he's doing it with his eyes closed, literally" another female voice answered.

"Miles wake up" Judge whispered. I've read ahead of not only the class but the tire three grades ahead and done all the subsequent work, right now I'm taking college courses online. It felt like putting a college kid back in the first grade, everything felt easier and more understandable than it should be for me. I'm not kidding, I suspect it's the serum in me, my soul and this life energy coursing through me, I'm more energetic and alert and I've begun to notice the vast increase in my intellect and its period rise. Mental activities have become so, so much more easier. The body nourishes the soul and the soul nourishes the mind.

The only reason I haven't skipped ahead in grades and jumped right into college was because I valued these little interactions and experiences. And it would be too shocking for my folks at home.

"I'll tell her if you don't, you think you can just let me suffer here alone? Hell no"

"Mrs Cheney, Miles's Morales is sleeping in your class" Judge snitched on me.

I straightened my posture and shot my eyes open.

"No I'm not. I'm paying attention" I said.

"Really? And do you remember what she just said?" the voice belonged to a blond haired girl, with a single eyebrow piercing, she'd been one of the girls throwing spitballs at me.

Mrs Cheney the literature teacher then looked at me with a raised brow, gesturing for me to go ahead and defend myself.

"Of course I do, it was chapter three, paragraph fourteen which read; 'Have at thee heathen'" Mrs Cheney smiled in appreciation.

"Unbelievable" The blond girl exclaimed.

"He won the science fair for a reason after all" Judge sighed. I sneered at him, earning me a flick to the head with his ruler.

"Now, now settle down miss Stacy, you too Judge" Mrs Cheney said going back to explaining "Let's move on…."

Oh right, she's Gwen Stacy, just moved into town a week or two ago. Turns out, I caused her dad to be promoted to captain. After the whole purge of the corrupt officials thing, when I took over the kingpin empire, which is now called the Spider Web. Oh, and the companies under it have all been renamed to Excel industries from the previous Fisk industries. Yep that's it.

What? Are you expecting me to focus more on Gwen Stacy? Do you want me to fawn all over her? Were you expecting me to aim for some known characters and ship? This is the real world and I'm sorry but that's not going to be happening

(|*Don't be so sure you smug bastard*|).

First I will not go out with kids, no matter how you phrase it, that's what it's basically is. I'm too mature for it. I am a twenty–*cough* 19 *cough*– year old, stone cold killer who died and is now using his new lease on life, trying to become a superhero in the body of 16 year old kid. I'm not going to be getting it on with anyone less than an 18 yr old adult, I have zero attraction towards these kids. That's how my boat floats, I'm not going to treat these people like targets of an ill advised hypocritical romantic fantasy. Especially not impressible, young teenagers, who think they do, but really don't know better.

And second, I'm trying to not get caught up with any of spiderman's love interests, yes even though he's dead I still won't do it. The ensuing complications and resulting tragedy are things I want no part of. But when do I ever get what I want? In fact bringing light to this situation is most likely to land me in one, as per comic settings and narratives. That's called being aware you smart alecks.

The classes breezed by right into the PE period. Today was a Friday, it was also the day we were allowed to go home for the whole weekend and come back to campus on Monday, to resume normal classes.

I sat by the bench and thought of where to patrol tonight them, there was a strange string of railway murders. Someone was pushing people off the platform, and that someone was now on my Rader.

Petty crimes were truly rare these days, my guys were on the streets and they sent my message. I had no doubt that some brave(idiotic) soul was going to try and do something one of these days. It was only a matter of time. Plus I was a sworn enemy of the maggia families, I knew they would be targeting, but wait till I catch those bastards I'll set another compelling example.

"Hey Miles, tag" John, a healthy looking Hispanic boy tapped my shoulder with his sweat drained hands. He had some red spots on his skin from the all the dodgeballs he'd been tanking.

"John! What the hell dude?!" Mike, his blond Caucasian friend yelled.

I smirked.

"Oh come on" Judge complained.

I had a smirk on my face as I rose to my feet and stretched.

"You just had to tag Miles?" his friend asked shaking his head.

Grim realization dawned on John's face, he looked at me while I chuckled sinisterly.

"Miles dude, maybe you should sit this one out? I mean, you've already beaten us once right" Mike spoke, Judge nodding along. They were talking about the game, a game of dodgeball.

"Haha, don't worry I'll help you all improve" I was merciless to these kids. This was the one time I could kick all their asses without repercussions. Oh, man.

"Yea, wow look how tired I am, I'm going to grab a--" he rubbed his back and tried leaving the court.

"No, no. The game's started now." I interrupted the blond boy.

"Crap! Everyone swarm him!" Judge yelled. He threw the first ball, which I caught, while dodging the barrage of attacks from even those who were supposed to be my teammates.

"Muahahahahahaa!" I laughed like a third-rate villain.

"Run! Run!" they began to scatter, but alas it was too late.

I unleashed my attack. The sound of yelps and groans filling the court, as fast moving rubber balls struck skin.

"Hey Miles". A female voice called for me. I turned my attention to gaze at Aliyah, a girl with an evenly smooth chocolate skin. Next to her stood the stunning Gwen Stacy. Aliyah smiled with an innocent expression and waved at me. I waved back, knowing that it was just a distraction for the boys to get at me.

"I will put an end to your reign of terror you evildoer!" Mike roared from behind me, hurling a ball at my back. From the corner of my eye I could also spot Judge readying to chuck his at me should I dodge Mike's. Well, let them win this one.

I played along and dodged Mike's ball.

"Eat my super-ball you tyrant!!" Judge yelled throwing his ball at me from the side. Hitting me on the shoulders.

"Yaaay!" I watched them celebrate and high-five each other.

"Curse you ungrateful subjects, I will rise again!...Whenever we have PE next" I acted, pointing at them. Earning me chuckles upon going back to the bench.

"Aww, don't be so down" Aliyah said, walking to the bench with her friend in tow"

"Can't believe you betrayed me. Do all the classes we shared mean nothing" I asked with mock hurt.

"There, there. I'm sure there's plenty of other stuff for you to lord over" she patted me on the back, handing me a bottle of water.

"Thanks" I said.

Aliyah was one of the closest friends I had in school, next to Judge, who also has a secret crush on her.

"So Miles, you remember Gwen right? She transferred last week, that is if you haven't been sleeping in class the entire time"

'Narrative, I see you've caught up to me'

"He was" The bright blond girl interjected.

"Of course I wasn't, I just pay attention with my eyes closed"

"Yea, save the excuses. Gwen here, needs help on some subjects, math and chemistry to be specific as she doesn't want to be left behind. And you know what came to mind? I know this one guy who keeps hogging the top spot in grades, he's helped me really improve mine and he's my friend too."

"Wow, I never knew you had such a friend. He must be quite handsome, a gentleman and a genius to boot. His charisma must be through the roof. All the girls must be fawning over him?"

Gwen snickered, Aliyah deadpanned at me "Your ego could dwarf the sun."

Shaking her head, she continued.

"Anyways, could you help her? I mean you're clearly the best, but not for long, I'll overtake you soon"

"Touche, my student" I met her competitive gaze with mine.

"So, could I get tutoring from you? Or is it too much of a hassle?" Gwen asked with a slightly pleading tone.

"It is actually, but what's life without stress. Also how could I, in good spirit leave the new girl hanging. Mondays and Wednesdays after classes, good for you?."

"Yea it is, thanks. It's a major load off my shoulders" she let out a breath of relief.

"See, I knew you were a good guy" Aliyah punched my shoulder.

"Don't be so sure of it. Hey, how come you didn't take her for tutoring?" I raised a brow in question.

"I only want the best for my new friend here. Also - no offense Gwen - but I'm hoping it slows you down so I can finally beat you" She had evil smirk plastered on her face.

"Offense not taken"  Gwen responded blandly.

"Wow Aliyah, you're even more cutthroat than Judge. " I clapped sardonically, to which she bowed thanking me for the applause.


"Hey, kid Einstein, welcome back" The barber across the street waved at me.

"Hi Mr Joe" I waved back at the middle aged man.

I reached my destination and pressed the buzzer, looking at the brown wooden glass paned door. I guess my dad was home, seeing the police car parked outside. You know, I still can't get used to saying that. I'm trying to act all natural, and I'm warming up to them. But I still can't get over that feeling in me, that their love shouldn't be mine. I don't dwell on it…mostly, I can't just lie to myself like that. And it's awkward having parents after all those years of being alone.

"Miles?" My mom's voice asked from behind the door.

"Yep, I'm back for the weekend." I said.

The locks turned and the door opened, my mom welcoming me in with a hug.

"Ohh, I missed my baby" she started pulling my cheeks.

"Ma, please you're going to rip my face off" I noticed the sweet aroma of home made food. Steaming rice, delicious fried chicken and curry stew.

"It smells wonderful here"

"Tell me about it. This is why I married her just so you know" Jeff said, coming down the stairs. Rio playfully slapped him on the arm, "Ok, ok. You know I'm just playing. It was love at first sight" Jeff smiled.

"I wonder who it was that got so nervous he couldn't speak back then" Rio mocked, as she went into the kitchen.

"Pfftt, definitely wasn't me." Jeff restored weakly.

"Look at my big man, come here" He gave me a bear hug, lifting me inches above the ground. "Ooff, boy what have you been eating? You're heavier"

"You know I'm growing dad" I answered as he patted me on the head. "And you're getting old"

"Oh look who thinks he's funny. Boy, see these muscles huh, see my body? This is the peak of human health, go ahead ask your mom how strong I am" He flexed his muscular limbs and tapped on his chest.

"Jeff, stop being bragging to our son" Rio said. "And we both know I'm stronger" she retorted.

"Woman, challenge accepted" they both looked at each other with those eyes. I'll probably get no sleep.

"Ugh, get a room parents, in still here you know" I shook my head.

"Hey Miles" Jeff called, moving to the set some plates on the table.

"Yeah dad" I answered, helping him spread the cloth.

"Wanna hear a construction joke?"

"No, no I do not dad. I don't want to hear another of your dad jokes." I hastened to finish getting the cloth over the table and rushed my steps to my room. This man kills me with his dad jokes. And the worst part is that I'm beginning to actually find them funny.

"Oh, don't worry, I'm still working on it" I could feel the smirk in his words. It took a moment for the punchline to sink in.

"Urghh, Ma ,dad's making his jokes again" I groaned.

"That was a good one Jeff" she chuckled.

"Hey Miles, what do you call a dog that tells time?!" he asked as I reached my room door.

"No, no, no I don't want to know dad"

"A watchdog!" The both of them burst out laughing.

"Oh come on" I rubbed the bridge of my nose

"Freshen up and come down for dinner son" my mom reminded me.

"I will, ma" I set my backpack on the hanger and flopped down on the bed.

I retrieved my second phone and switched it on. This one was specialized for my other activities.

I received a notification.


Paul : Boss, some people from the underground want to meet you.

Boss : Reason?

Paul : They said they're from the HAND and they have an offer.

Boss : 10:00 pm, on the roof.

Paul : Got it Boss.

I shut the phone back down. I knew they'd eventually come. Wilson Fisk worked with them. Would I do the same? Guess we'll find out soon enough.


HALLO ZUZAMEN! Greetings to you all. I hope you're having a great day.

The man is sick my people. I have a bad case of cold, cough and a fever. Everytime I could, I feel like I'm hacking up a lung.

So miles story is back on track while I work on Iceman's second arc. Things are about to get really, really good. Do you like guns and cars and explosions? Well, don't miss out on the subsequent chapters to come for Arachnids don't cry. Believe me when I say, things are about to get entertaining.

You know the drill, leave all your likes and faves behind. And make sure to leave a comment. Really guys, come on please leave a comment. The story has like 200~300 followers, just look in the goodness of your heart and leave a comment. And a review, they really motivate me and it's the way I get to connect to you and know what you want.

You can also come find me,

On Twitter: https://twitter.com/RainReider

On ******* : https://www.*******.com/ReidR41n

On YouTube, yes youtube, come check out my sexy voice as I narrate stuff: https://is.gd/RaiNation

BOMBASTIC SHOUTOUT TO aLa PATRONS OF MINE, (Secret lovers on the low low..hah!) SKULLY(the silent death giver).

BIGTOFU(the Goliath king slayer),

JEP148(The vibranium ninja) and

KEVIN J ROSARIO (The mandalorian of durasteel).

THE BREAKER (The forger of End Times)

Till we meet again,

Rain away!


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    drink some tea and get better. those chapters ain't gonna write themselves. (just be good rain we all need ur fan-fics)

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    Thank you!Thank you!!Thank you sooo much for the update!!! Awesome as always✌☺✌. Please drink herbal tea (With ginger and black pepper); it really helps with the cold.

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    Love your work your characters are so entertaining I can honestly say you are one of the best writers I've seen in a while.

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