95.12% Mystical Encounters / Chapter 39: Chapter 39

Chapter 39: Chapter 39

Irvene's point of view

"Stay safe on your trip," Vaughn said.

The four of us and also, Ren Dewfield were at the entrance of Black Castle. I already told them about my task. Aside from me, Meryll would join me, since she's a personal associate of mine and the task with teaching the mage group would go to the former general that taught them before us.

It's said that Sir Lance Fedeli, a former general of Soul'e, had gone into a vacation last month and would only come back tomorrow to continue teaching the mage group. It's good that he would go back at the right time when I needed to leave already.

"I should be the one going with you Irvene," Sid said. He had been insisting to go with me, but he couldn't since we have different work to do.

"Too bad it's not," Meryll uttered.

"Enough, enough, let's go before we get late," I said.

Then, Ren Dewfield talked.

"I'll accompany Archmage Elvina and Miss Dellmira to the entrance of Soul forest," he said.

Afterward, we ran towards the entrance of Soul Forest and with the use of magic, we easily reached our destination. A horse carriage was waiting in front of us and then Ren Dewfield bid goodbye before we get into the carriage.

Our trip was quiet that was unusual with Meryll's personality. When I asked her what's bugging her mind, Meryll said nothing. I let her be. Although I don't believe her, I would ask her about that later. Then, we reached the north of Soul'e Country after an hour. The horse carriage stopped in front of Spirit Mountain.

Since this place had heavy security, we got out of the carriage and walked towards the knights who were guarding the entrance. A few miners based on their clothes were getting in and out of the gate and they were being inspected. I wore my robe and emblem that would represent me as an archmage of this country to grant us entry.

"Let's go Meryll," I said.

She's been staring at midair, so I called her before she would be left here. Meryll only nodded and followed after me.

When we reached the knight's post, they immediately crossed their spears.

"Headmaster Andre Estrama commanded us to forbid entry to anyone regardless of his or her standing without authorization except for the Ruler," he said.

Since my identity of an archmage wasn't enough, I took out a letter from Brother Mavien, the Ruler, with his seal.

"I have a task to do within the Spirit Mountain and Ruler Mavien gave us permission to enter this place," I said.

I handed the letter to them.

The knight immediately released the spear to the entrance and let us in. I suddenly felt some of the miners' gaze who passed by. The news really did flew quickly. I think they already have an idea who we were.

Not long after a man in his shining silver armor welcomed us. Based on his clothing, his position was higher than the knights who were guarding the gate.

"Greetings, Archmage Elvina. Headmaster Estrama had heard about your visit and commanded me to accompany you directly to Spirit Mining Company," he said.

Headmaster Estrama would be feeling uneasy now for my sudden visit. I reckon he's planning to replace me as an archmage with somebody else as soon as possible. Good luck to you, Headmaster Estrama.

"Then let's go now," I uttered.

I have to settle things here easily because I still have many tasks waiting in line. The position of an archmage was empty for a long period of time that I have tons of things to finish.

"Please follow me Archmage Elvina and Miss Dellmira," he said.

We walked towards the Spirit Mining Company. The place was filled with elegance. I even saw a cart of diamonds that were just placed carelessly in front and no one seemed to bother about keeping it to a safe place.

This place was quite hard to understand like the headmaster of this place.

We reached the Headmaster's study room on the first floor of this huge building and the man opened the door.

"Good morning Archmage Elvina. Take a seat," Headmaster Estrama said.

"I wonder what brought you here," he continued.

After taking a seat near his desk, I answered him. "As a newly appointed archmage of Soul'e country, I have many conflicts to solve, especially internal ones," I said.

"I understand but I didn't find any major problems that require an archmage's assistance. May I know why Ruler Mavien summoned you here?" Headmaster Estrama asked.

I prevent myself from rolling my eyes. "According to Brother Mavien's order, the new mining place on the east part of Spirit Mountain was not like the other mining areas. That part would be dangerous to the miners and I'm commanded to see that area and if I could fix that place or.." I said.

"It would be closed?" Headmaster interrupted.

"That place has many precious stones unlike any other areas and we couldn't afford to lose it," he continued.

His hands turned into a fist and furrowed his brows even more. "Maybe you could do us a favor to the Ruler and say that we could fix it ourselves. It's no need for an esteemed Archmage Elvina to check the area," Headmaster Estrama said.

"Here's the letter the Ruler and maybe it could help you understand why we needed to check the area now. Also, we couldn't risk a miners' lives for the sake of obtaining more precious stones," Meryll uttered. Her voice mimicked Headmaster Estrama's way of talking.

"Tsk. I know that," he said.

Meryll kept giving him the same attitude, but I prevented her from going too much to avoid making a scene that would further complicate our task here. Although her actions were like her true self, unlike the overly quiet Meryll.

The letter was written said that I should check the area no matter what according to Brother Mavien and let me solve the problem here in a short time. Wasting more time would mean risking the miners' lives for a long time and it didn't sound good to the ears of a Ruler like himself.

I didn't fail to saw how he gripped the letter while reading it, then immediately return the letter from my hands.

"Since you're all persistent, then I just have to let you check that area as soon as possible and hope that Archmage Elvina could solve our problem since the Ruler seems to favor your decisions and I hope that it wouldn't get close when this problem couldn't be solved. I still have capable persons here that were skilled enough to fix the place," Headmaster Estrama said.

"What did y-" Meryll uttered.

Meryll's word stopped when I interrupted her.

"Don't worry I'll definitely solve this problem soon and Ruler Mavien didn't favor anyone. He's just doing his best for this country," I said.

This Headmaster seemed to hate our system in the country although, he greatly benefited from the previous Ruler's good leadership in Soul'e and would be continued by Ruler Mavien. This urged me greatly to find out about what happened in the past and that place's connection to my father's death. I should visit that place today no matter what.

"Since you said that you could solve it, then I should let the Archmage to visit the place. I wonder when do you plan to check? It would be good tomorrow or the other day, so the two of you should take a rest first," Headmaster Estrama said.

"No thanks, but I decided to visit it today. I hope that you could accept this request of mine as I want it to be done as soon as possible and avoid disappointments from the Headmaster of this place," I said.

His eyes widened. He might not expect me to take action when we just came here. "Okay then, please wait for a while," he said.

The Headmaster didn't say anything after that and left the room. Only the man who took us here were left.

I wonder what was in that place that he went in circles before he agreed to let us check the area.

"Hmp. That Headmaster had a stinky attitude," Meryll whispered. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com <a href="https://www.webnovel.com">www.webnovel.com</a> for visiting.

She didn't do anything after that since she

understood that we should carefully take action here in the Headmaster's place.

Not long after, they lead us to the new mining area. It felt good that I'm about to take a step forward to father's mysterious death.

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