Chapter 3: Mystery of Death

Yuko at that time, He was drinking together at a coffee shop located in Tokyo and she was proclaiming the mystery of the death of Lee Yoo Cha (Yoocha). He discusses the mystery along with his friend named Feng Mi Cai (Micai). Micai is the son of Indigo and she can see the Supernatural Beings.

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Yoocha is a friend of Yuko and he died since 8 years ago. Yoocha died, because he wanted to take his friend's Bag that fell on the road and Then Yoocha hit by a Bus and unfortunately not helped Yoocha lives in the moment.

Yoocha is the oldest of 4 siblings, her younger sister named Mincha, Shincha, and Mindae. Yoocha have a place to stay in Seoul, South Korea. During his life he lived with his younger brothers were in the dorm. Yoocha are also Smart in his mathematical and he never got the champion 2 in the Olympics of mathematics. Yoocha, he had time during his lifetime, he also worked into actress and Model since the age of 3 years. Yoocha also comes from a family of modest. Yoocha also has a close friend named Sachi. Yoocha since 3rd grade elementary school, she moved to Tokyo to continue School there. Yuko being Yoocha since 3rd grade of elementary school.

Yoocha has the same Age with a Yuko. Yoocha died at the age of 16 years and it's time it was a 10th grade high school.

Mincha, the younger brother of Yoocha, she is now an actress, singer, and Model. Mincha continues the Career his brother was in Entertainment. Mincha a year younger than Yoocha, whereas Shincha 3 years younger than Yoocha and Mindae 6 years younger than Yoocha.

Yoocha during his lifetime, he was also Diligent in matters of worship and he often gives donations to Shrines that. Yoocha also Clever in playing the Piano and the guitar.

Eriko, a friend of the Yoocha. He is a friend of the primary school of Yoocha and Eriko comes from Thailand. Eriko was descended from Japan and India. Eriko has the blood of India and Thailand from Japan and his mother from his father. Eriko was the second of three brothers. His brother Ken and his brother named Naomi.

Eriko's father named Kenta and his mother named Devika. Eriko's father had a Company named Kenta Family Company.

The original name was Divika Srinakharinwirot Eriko (Eriko Toshiba) (Divika/Eriko).

At the time of the incident there was a crash Yoocha Children other than Eriko, namely Hindai, Anushka, Caimei, Yuko, Keiko, and there are still more again.

The other children at the time of the incident could only Ask Please and Resigned to the one above.

Micai is college buddies from Yuko and he comes from Beijing, China, and he lives in Tokyo. Micai comes from a rich Family and has Companies in other countries. Micai is the third child of three brothers. His older brother named Xin and Feyi. Micai at the time in College, he took a Bachelor of Science and master of his Korea Literature major in natural science.

Micai in Tokyo stayed with his cousin i.e. Kirei. Micai has the blood of Japan from his father.

Yoocha at the time of the incident, he Helped his friend's Bag that fell on the road and Then Yoocha managed snapping his bag but Yoocha Bus hit by a car from behind and benturannya any hard that cause Head Yoocha be a pain once and The pain was incredible But Unfortunately not helped Yoocha Lives in the moment, because the body Yoocha is already issuing lots of Blood at that time. Yoocha take a bag belonging to Jiranat.

At the time of the incident seems to be not sad and Jiranat Jiranat thus Looks mediocre at that time.

Jiranat Singh, he was a friend of the Yoocha and he was from Thailand. Jiranat has from India and Thailand from his father and his mother was Chinese. Jiranat was the second of two brothers. His Older Brother Named Rashtra.

Jiranat actually made plans before the Genesis Yoocha the accident.

Jiranat accidentally dropped his bag into the street to Yoocha help get her purse it Jiranat and also rented a Bus to kill Yoocha. The bus was chartered by Jiranat and Jiranat accidentally sent it to the Bus Driver slammed into the back of the Yoocha at the time of Yoocha Help get his bag it.

Jiranat actually envious with Yoocha because Yoocha has many strengths and talents.

Jiranat once knew yoocha was pronounced dead, even if he was happy, and he could rule into class leader in the X - 1 class.

Before yoocha died, class X - 1 has a class leader that was yoocha and since yoocha died, a soul got promoted in his class.

Only miraci could only express facts and the outcome of his mind on that mind.

Yuko saddened heard yoocha's news died. When yoocha was a friendly friend of Yuko.

After the hindai discovered who dared to kill yoocha, he directly reported it to the police station and discovered that the jianama had killed yoocha and that was murder of plans.

After the jiandeat in prison, class X - 1 changed class leader Yuko.

"yoocha, may you receive the side of the Lord. Let Yuko be sad crying.

Yuko, you're looking forward to it. Maybe it's fate of God. Uncover the miccai gives patience to Yuko.

Yoocha spirit had appeared before him and the Yuko and the micai. Yoocha spirit can only smile at times Yuko cry and Mici gives patience to Yuko.

While life was a poor soul, and a soul of jiranat living a Kara in Tokyo and became a scout of garbage on the road.

"yoocha, goodbye forever". Purple Yuko while crying - blubbering.

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