75% Naruto Hikikaeru / Chapter 3: Chapter 2(Rewrite)

Chapter 3: Chapter 2(Rewrite)

Naruto mulled over his thoughts some more, he had nothing else to do, and he wondered if there was something he could do about the raging migraines he got. If he couldn't figure something out, it'd be bad news for him, afterall, he couldn't be a good shinobi if he kept getting those migraines. As he was lost in his thoughts a shadow appeared over him, looking behind, he saw that it was Mizuki.

"Yo! Naruto." Mizuki smiled.

"What are you doing here Mizuki-sensei?" Naruto asked.

"I came to see how you were holding up, Iruka was pretty harsh with his words afterall." Mizuki replied.

"Oh.... I'm okay. I just wish Iruka-sensei didn't pick on me all the time." Naruto sulked.

Mizuki chuckled as he sat down beside him.

"Iruka means well Naruto. He just doesn't want to see you get hurt is all." Mizuki said.

"Yeah, but he knows that the clone technique is my worst one!! Couldn't he pick something else?!" Naruto complained.

Mizuki was silent for a moment as he looked out across the horizon. "You know, Naruto, if you really want to impress Iruka and finally become a genin. I have a suggestion for you."

Naruto looked up at Mizuki with hope in his eyes. "Really!? What is it?" Naruto asked excitedly.

"Haha, calm down, you see, there's this secret scroll that contains all kinds of ninjutsu in it. If you can get it, I'm sure Iruka will be really impressed with you." Mizuki smiled.

"Really?! Alright, what do I have to do?" Naruto stood up and clenched his fists.

Mizuki then began explaining all he knew for Naruto to be able to steal the forbidden scroll. Shortly after, he watched as Naruto took off running, then he looked up at the sky and smiled. Everything was coming together, and soon the scroll would be in his hands. Mizuki covered his mouth as he chuckled, hiding his grinning face.




The day dragged on and soon the sun was beginning to set. Naruto sat cross legged in the forest, the large scroll on his lap as he opened it up. He saw all kinds of different ninjutsus written down. Though most of them were about things he didn't really get, but soon he came across a certain jutsu. As Naruto read, he found that it was a jutsu called the shadow clone technique.

"Oh come on, it's the clone jutsu!!??" Naruto complained.

"Why couldn't it be something else?" Naruto wondered.

But then he closed his eyes and grew quiet. He remembered Iruka-sensei's words from earlier and he thought about what Mizuki had told him.

"I'm not good at the clone technique, but if I want to become a ninja. Then I have no choice but to master it!!" Naruto told himself.

"Alright!! Let's learn this jutsu and blow Iruka-sensei's mind!!!" Naruto yelled, as he began practicing the technique.




Night had fallen and the shinobi of the village were in an uproar. The Third Hokage had gathered up the available shinobi altogether.

"Lord Hokage what's going on!?" One shinobi asked.

Sarutobi was deep in thought as he thought about how to tell everyone what was going on. He knew that only a select few of the shinobi of the village knew the true origins of Naruto. But the rest only saw the demon fox that was sealed within his body. It was a cruel and unfair burden placed upon him by the fear and hatred born of ignorance. But the situation was indeed dire since Naruto had stolen the forbidden scroll. However, Sarutobi was aware that Naruto couldn't have done it on his own, there was a traitor among them that had tricked Naruto.

So while Sarutobi wanted to quickly find Naruto and bring him back. He had to use this opportunity to flush out the traitor. Otherwise, he'd have to worry about this traitor for quite some time.

"The situation is grave.... The forbidden scroll has been stolen....." Sarutobi began speaking.

The surrounding shinobi were stirred into a commotion, whispering among themselves.

"The one responsible for stealing the scroll is Uzumaki Naruto." Sarutobi announced.

"What?! This is bad!! What if he causes the seal to become undone." One panicked shinobi cried out.

"Silence!! The longer we wait, the longer the scroll is unprotected, we must immediately find him and bring it back!!" Sarutobi raised his voice as he spoke.

The surrounding shinobis went quiet after hearing Sarutobi's words.

"Go immediately and begin searching!" Sarutobi commanded.

The shinobi quickly took off, causing the village to go into high alert as they began searching for Naruto.

Iruka had been among them and was extremely worried. This situation had gone far beyond a mere prank, this was a serious matter. He was one of the few people in the entire village that knew Naruto well. So deep down, he felt that this situation was his responsibility to correct.




Naruto sat down on the ground and gasped for air, he felt exhausted and drained. But at the same time, he felt proud for having finally figured the jutsu out. He clenched his fist tightly feeling pumped about surprising Iruka-sensei. Suddenly the bushes rustled causing Naruto to look up, only to see Iruka standing over him, looking down.

"NA-RU-TO!!!!!!!" Iruka growled.

Naruto gulped a little, before grinning sheepishly. "Hehe, looks like Iruka-sensei caught me."

Naruto scratched his head as he grinned.

Seeing this, Iruka couldn't help but sigh, he felt that his worry had been needless.

"Naruto, what are you doing?" Iruka asked.

"Well, I was gonna surprise you... but since you found me already, I guess I can tell you. I've been training to learn how to do the clone technique." Naruto replied.

Iruka stared at Naruto for a moment, taking in his appearance and seeing all the marks from intense training. He remembered how dejected Naruto had looked when he failed the exam. But seeing him after he worked so hard had moved him. He remembered how he'd been rebellious during his training days, just like Naruto was now.

"Alright Naruto, since you trained so hard, how about I treat you to some ramen?" Iruka spoke as he scratched his cheek.

Naruto's eyes widened in excitement. "Really!? Do you mean it Iruka-sensei?!?" Naruto asked excitedly.

"Yeah, but we've gotta return the scroll and don't think you're escaping the punishment from stealing it in the first place." Iruka replied.

"Ehhh?! But Mizuki-sensei said it was fine!!" Naruto complained.

Iruka stopped in his tracks as soon as he heard what Naruto said.

Turning around he grabbed Naruto by the shoulders with a serious expression. "Naruto, what do you mean Mizuki said it was fine?!"

"Eh?!" Naruto looked at Iruka in shock.

"Kukuku, looks like you beat me here Iruka!"

Both Naruto and Iruka turned to face the direction of the voice.

Mizuki stood on top of a tree branch, grinning at the two below him while carrying two giant shurikens on his back.

"Mizuki!!" Iruka shouted.

"What are you doing? Why did you tell Naruto it was okay to steal the forbidden scroll?"

"Kukuku. Iruka, how stupid can you be?! Who'd be a better scapegoat than Naruto?!!" Mizuki yelled.

"Eh? What do you mean?" Naruto asked.

"Why do you think all the villagers hate you?" Mizuki scorned. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com <a href="https://www.webnovel.com">www.webnovel.com</a> for visiting.

"Mizuki!! You know it's forbidden to say it!! Don't do it!!" Iruka shouted.

"You see Naruto, in the village there is a secret law that was created at the moment of your birth that everyone in the village knows. One that everyone is forbidden from telling you about." Mizuki grinned.

"A secret law that everyone but me knows?? But why?" Naruto yelled. His emotions running wild from hearing this new information.

"Don't do it Mizukiii!!!" Iruka glared at Mizuki, warning him from continuing.

"The truth is that you are the vessel of the Nine-Tails Spirit that attacked the village. The same Nine-Tails that killed Iruka's parents!!!" Mizuki declared.

Naruto stared in shock at the revelation that Mizuki had just told him. Then he looked over at Iruka who was glaring at Mizuki.

"Iruka-sensei..... is he telling the truth?" Naruto suddenly asked, hoping Iruka would tell him that Mizuki was lying.

However, after hearing Naruto's words caused Iruka to flinch slightly and hesitate for a moment. But that was enough for Naruto to fully believe Mizuki's words.

"Everything suddenly makes sense doesn't it Naruto!! This is why the villagers hate you! It's because they fear the spirit that lies dormant within you. You are nothing but a tool for the village to meep the Fox demon under control. When the time comes, they'll use you and throw you away as soon as you become unnecessary." Mizuki jeered.

"Shut up!!!" Iruka yelled.

"You're wrong!! Naruto isn't the demon spirit that attacked Konoha, he is Uzumaki Naruto, a proud shinobi of Konoha!!!" Iruka declared.

"Ahahahahahahah!!! Do you really believe that Iruka!! Even you are afraid of Naruto!! That's why you refuse to let him pass the exam!! You know deep down that Naruto is a danger to everyone around him, and so you hide behind petty reasons to keep him locked up within." Mizuki sneered.

Naruto watched the two before suddenly getting another migraine, one that was even more intense than before. The images that flashed by were vivid and showed him being locked within a wooden cage and transported to a prison across the sea. But the the images stopped and he realized he'd fallen to his knees and was covered in sweat.

"Don't you see Iruka!! It's the Nine-Tails trying to get out!! Naruto's mind is failing and is getting ready to collapse!!" Mizuki laughed.

Iruka couldn't outright refute Mizuki's claim, after all, he didn't know what was going on with Naruto. If Mizuki was right, then the whole village was in danger, and Naruto couldn't continue living his life how he's been living.

Hearing this, Naruto recalled the images that flashed through his mind, were these images premonitions of the future? Would he really be thrown into a prison cell because he was the vessel of the fox spirit? No, he didn't want that, he didn't deserve that, he hadn't done anything wrong!! Naruto quickly got up and began running away from the two shinobi.

"Wait!! Naruto!!" Iruka shouted.

"Gyahahahahahah. That's right Naruto!! You don't belong in Konoha, all you can do is run!!" Mizuki laughed maniacally.

The two shinobi then began running after Naruto while trying to stop the other. They traded blows for awhile until they both hid their presence from the other as they continued searching for Naruto.

Taking this opportunity, Mizuki decided to cause further distress to Naruto's mind.

"You can't escape Naruto!! You're nothing but a fabricated personality used to restrain the demon fox inside. The agonizing pain you felt must be from the fox spirit trying to regain control!! Your time is running out!!!"

"Don't listen to him Naruto!!" Iruka shouted.

"Haha, you know I'm right Naruto, that's why you should follow me!! Only I can save you from the village." Mizuki yelled.

All of a sudden, Mizuki noticed the familiar form of orange and gave chase. Before he was seen he transformed into Iruka and caught up to Naruto.

"Don't worry about Mizuki Naruto!! I'll keep you safe!!" He said.

Suddenly Naruto quickly turned on his feet and body slammed into him. The two of them fell down and landed on the ground.

"H-how? How did you know that I wasn't Iruka!?" Mizuki glared as he undid his transformation.

Naruto grinned. "Because I'm Iruka!" He undid the transformation jutsu and reveal his real form.

Mizuki's face darkened as he got back up. "Fine, I guess I'll just kill you first before finding Naruto. But you're a fool Iruka!! The village only treats us as tools and nothing more!! Once we've served pur purpose we'll be discarded and replaced!!"

"You're wrong Mizuki!! I'll prove it to you!!" Iruka replied.




Naruto was running as quickly as he could. He didn't know what to believe anymore. His whole life he had wondered why everyone hated him, why everyone scorned him. But now, he'd finally gotten the answer, but it was the worst possible answer he could jave gotten. It turned out that within him was the very beast that nearly destroyed Konoha.

Naruto wasn't even sure he really was Naruto anymore, was Mizuki telling him the truth? Even Iruka didn't say otherwise, so it was very possible that everything Mizuki said was true. Then he really was just a tool that the village was planning on throwing away after he had served their purpose. But what about his goals? His dream? He had wanted to prove everyone wrong and get their acknowledgement. But was that even possible? Would he evem get the chance? Suddenly, Naruto experienced another migraine and the image that flashed through his mind was of Iruka with a giant shuriken stuck in his back.

Naruto stopped dead in his tracks, was that another premonition? Would Iruka die? Despite everything telling him that he shouldn't be concerned about it, Naruto couldn't help but look back. Up until now, Naruto thought that Iruka was his friend. but was it all a lie? In the distance, Naruto could faintly hear the distinct sound of metal clashing against metal. Then he thought about the images he'd seen, despite the pain, in the end, the migraines had helped him somehow. He didn't understand them, but he didn't think they were bad. So then he made up his mind, and began running back. He wasn't sure if he could really change anything, but he had to try.




Once Naruto arrived, he saw the two shinobi clashing against each other. The two were evenly matched for the most part, but it appeared that Mizuki held the slight advantage with his two giant shurikens. In comparison, Iruka was slowly being pushed back onto the defensive.

As soon as Naruto arrived, the two of them had taken notice of him.

"Naruto! What are you doing? Get out of here now!" Iruka shouted.

"Ahahahah, come to watch Iruka die Naruto? Or should I say Nine-Tails?" Mizuki laughed.

"Don't worry, I'll get to you once I finish off Iruka!!"

"Shut up!" Naruto growled.

"Eh?" Mizuki looked back at Naruto.

"I won't let you lay another hand on my sensei!!" Naruto glared at Mizuki.


Veins appeared on Mizuki's forehead as he got enraged at Naruto.

"You're just the demon fox in human form!!" Mizuki shouted. "It's why all the villagers hate you and why Iruka hates you too. So you should just die!!"

"Demon fox... human... none of it matters!! I'm Uzumaki Naruto, and nothing will change that!! So starting now, I'm going to kick your ass!" Naruto declared.

He then crossed his fingers together and channeled his chakra.

<Multi-Shadow Clone Jutsu>

Suddenly the entire area was filled with copies of Naruto. Mizuki stopped in his tracks as he stared in horror at the sight before him. Iruka was also stunned by the sight. He had also noticed that the copies weren't just ordinary clones either, they were physical copies that could fight alongside the real one.

"It's time for you to pay!" The Naruto's said in unison.

Then all at once, the clones eached charged toward Mizuki. Even though there was a difference in skill between Naruto and Mizuki. The sheer number was overwhelming and Mizuki was quickly subdued and beaten into the ground. After a short while, Mizuki was on the ground unconscious and Naruto was standing over him.

Iruka slowly stepped toward Naruto.

"Naruto--" Iruka began.

"Iruka-sensei, you don't need to say anything." Naruto interrupted.

Iruka turned silent after hearing Naruto.

"I think I need to figure things out, something's happened to me, and even though I don't know what it is, I think it's a warning." Naruto said. "I don't think I can stay within the village though."

Naruto placed the forbidden scroll onto the ground as he looked at Iruka.


"Naruto, wai-!!" Iruka began, but he was cut off by Naruto turning into a cloud of smoke.

It had been a shadow clone. Iruka didn't know when, maybe the real Naruto hadn't come back at all. But now Iruka wasn't able to try and chase him, because the forbidden scroll was here. Shinobi of Mizuki's level were one thing, but Iruka knew he wasn't skilled enough to handle high level shinobi, and he couldn't risk the scroll. No matter how badly he wanted to chase after Naruto, so he picked up the scroll and made his way back to the village, dragging the unconscious Mizuki behind him.

Author's Note: Here's chapter 2, let me know what you all think. I'm thinking I'll take a darker and more serious tone with this. Though I will try to balance it out with some light hearted parts here and there. Anyway, let me know what you all think. Peace! ✌

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