33.33% 2 Friends In Another World / Chapter 1: The 2 with questionable hobbies
2 Friends In Another World original

2 Friends In Another World

Author: GermanWolfSwat

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Chapter 1: The 2 with questionable hobbies

Sabot and Joven both woke up in the middle of the woods and looked at each other and Sabot spoke,

"Wow even in the after life I'm still stuck with you and why the fuck why do we still have our gear in the after life not to seconds in this place and I can tell the after life sucks."

"Well if you actually quit complaining we could actually look and see if we're actually dead but seeing we still our gear were most likely in hell, see Sabot I told you not to steal from the damn Lieutenant when we were going to the kitchen now I'm stuck here in hell with you absolutely great what would my grandpa say."

"From what you told me from your grandpa, he would tell you to shove it and quit being an bitch and get stop talking to him so he can sit around and sleep."

"(sigh) Joven why do I put up with your shit look lets just gather our gear and look around and make sure were still alive or in hell, Whatever we know we could be in one of those weird Japanese cartoons with their explosions , magic , power of friendship and love can overcome anything type of thing's."

They looked around to see if they have all their gear and finally decided to keep walking and talking to each other.

"Hey they're not all that bad some actually have great plot in them with fun, entertaining , and great storylines I don't see what you have against it man it has some hot and cute girls in them."

"Look we only spend like 2 months of deployment in Japan and you somehow managed to get yourself addicted to some drawings, I get watching the for entertainment but fuck you have a full blown fetish man, what the hell those human half animal girls and weird monster girls look all I'm saying is you need a good girlfriend without them being your waifu or whatever man."

"Whatever man you know you liked them you didn't think I didn't catch you reading some of my mangas did you especially the Human half animal girls type mangas."

"I didn't read any of your anime books and I don't know what you're talking about I don't have your fetish lets just keep an eye out and see if we find anything out here."

"Busted Sabot I knew you liked some good japanese literacy especially the spicy one's with some good old pornography in them now huh."

"Joven I will literally beat the living shit out of you if you say anything else, lets just find out were we currently are and see if we can find anyone out here."

Joven starts looking around his surroundings looking for a minute.

"Alright fine lets see we're in some type of woods"

"Well no shit sherlock I have eyes to see were we are I mean in location as in the Middle East,Europe,Africa and anywhere else we could be."

"Well if it makes you feel amy better Sabot were coming to a clearing from the woods"

"Thank god, Joven I thought I would have to eat your arm to survive in those woods"

"Well Sabot I don't think I would taste very good so just keep that in mind"

"I would still eat you just because id rather not starve... hey Joven why didn't we check what we had in our packs for supplies."

"I don't know, shit you think we had compass in the packs do you."

Sabot stared at Joven blankly without saying

a word

"Joven so what you're telling is we could have been using the compass to know which way we were heading but we were to stupid to check out packs for anything and just kept walking around."

"Yea basically"

"(Sigh) look lets just get out of these woods and see if we can find anyone out here in the area"

As they kept walking both stumbled upon a small village but since they knew jack of the people decided to watch from afar on what they were like

4 Hours later

"Look Sabot all I'm saying is that if we are here in some weird as different world than we could at least find out what the hell we're dealing with and where we are."

"Well Joven that's a good question I don't have the answer to, now I don't want to walk into that village , get killed by being stabbed and be eaten by cannibals neither do you so lets just keep watch and find out if their cannibals or not."

"I cant argue with you on that one lets just find out and if their friendly we'll move In and make contact."

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"Sabot I know we agreed to waiting but this shit is boring as fuck."

"Oh I know i was just fucking with you sitting here doing nothing for at least 3 hours."

"I fucking hate you we sat here doing nothing for 4 hours and not only that we wasted 3 hours here for no reason."

"Alright Joven from what I can tell you they're not cannibals so we don't have to worry about them eating us, they're also a bit on the average earning type of village and are probably going to be pillaged sooner or later by bandits with the low amount of guards they so we might as well go and make friends."


To be Continued

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  • Hamster_cultivator


    Interesting start so far I like their bickering and stuff but well, we'll see what happens next 🤔

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