12.5% The Demon Child - Awakening / Chapter 2: My Hell for Today Starts

Chapter 2: My Hell for Today Starts

I barge in straight through to doors just to see that roll call was about to finish. As usual, my source teacher Miss Trancesite looked like she was about to explode.

"For god sakes Dyne, you're late again, you're lucky I didn't send the roll call off otherwise I would've blasted you to pieces!!"

I knew that if I didn't apologize soon I would blow up, literally! Miss Trancesite source spells explode. And I have heard that she once demolished an entire town which was a similar size to Daishin. Thank god she's an old hag now otherwise we would all be screwed.

"Sorry Miss Trancesite, I woke up late and didn't have a lot of time to get ready," I said. Suddenly a small spark appeared in the air and I jumped back. The spark turned into a tiny explosion.

"No excuses, now get to your designated space, right next to Lance!" Miss Trancesite barked.

With a quick "Yes, Ma'am" I rushed toward my spot, right next to my best friend: Lance. I knew Lance ever since we started going to school, he was a very good friend of mine and we did everything together, in fact: we were both in the Wasted Dullahan. Unfortunately, due to his physical, magical, and academic grades, he was leaving next year for the best human academy: Dence high, located in the human capital: Onsice.

"Dude where were you? Lance said excitedly.

"I stole a silver rume from Frederick, got an apple and I chased a man who I believe was stalking me," I replied.

"Well, that is weird".

You can never lie to Lance, his soul ability is pretty much like a lie detector, he can look through thoughts from the past and the present time, but he can't see memories, just listen to them, unless it's the present time. Soul abilities are a special ability everyone can unlock by having a traumatic event. The more traumatic the event is, the more powerful the soul ability becomes. Lance cried day and night when his cat Oscar died, then he was happy, reading memories and comforting everyone. The only other soul ability in grade 9 was owned by Frederick, he can turn into smoke. It's quite annoying when in battle, that's why I always lose to him, due to his soul ability.

"I can tell you're telling the truth, but you have no memory of it. Very strange." Lance said

"That's impossible, I remember it well, let me pick the memory to make it easier" I replied. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com <a href="https://www.webnovel.com">www.webnovel.com</a> for visiting.

But I couldn't, not sure why but the entire 5 minutes in which I was chasing the man, was gone. I was very confused, then a bright flash appeared in front of me.

"Dyne, it's been 5 minutes into the lesson and you're already drowsing off. Get it together or I'll face you against someone!" Miss Trancesite roared.

To keep myself going into the next life I replied with another "Sorry Ma'am".

I already saw that many people were staring at me with disbelief, which isn't a weird occurrence for me. Frederick was looking at me with bloodthirsty eyes, he probably knew that I crossed over to his gang's territory and he wanted revenge. Frederick was already tightening his grip on his incarnate axe: Flame executioner. Every person can summon their incarnate weapon at age 13, the weapon is different for every person who summons one. Everyone can name their weapon after being activated. For someone to get an incarnate weapon, you activate a soul ability. Therefore, only Frederick and Lance have their incarnate weapon in my class.

"Oh great weapon, incarnation of my soul, show yourself and aid my fight!" Lance finally yelled.

Suddenly, an amber rapier with an emerald tip appeared in Lance's hand. It fit his style just right, like his source of earth. It always amazed me that Lance could pull out his incarnate weapon from his gloves without any hesitation. Many wizards and magic knights need years of practice to do that, and Lance is only 15! Ok, now it's my turn to try to summon a weapon.

"Oh great weapon, incarnation of my soul, show yourself and aid my fight!" I yelled.

Suddenly and a cold breeze swept the entire classroom, even the flames of Frederick axe withered a bit. Unfortunately what only appeared to me was a wooden staff, same as all the other people who didn't have a soul ability yet. When you don't have an incarnate weapon, what pops out is a wooden piece that resembles your incarnate weapon. I got the cool summoning, but I lack the cool weapon. Again a bright light exploded right in front of me so I jumped back.

"Well done Dyne, you have extra source homework after this. Let's see you create that wind for 5 minutes, every day!" Miss Trancesite roared.

After a while, we started the modern practice on a training dummy, my favourite part of practice. The aim is to inflict our source using the weapons and we can inflict damage any way we want. I start sparring with the dummy, I'm 3rd in the grade doing things like fighting, and it's the only part of training in which Miss Trancesite does not yell at me. I start with a massive swing with my staff, shattering my dummy and creating an uproar throughout the room. After that amazing performance, I worked on strengthening my arms just by swinging at the dummy. For some reason, I felt that gaze still upon me, I was about to look around but… *Ding*

"All right class good job today, and Dyne work more on your source, not your body, "Miss Trancesite said, this time without yelling at me.

It seems that source practice wasn't as bad today. But during sparring practice later on Frederick will try to annihilate me. I was trying to remember what we had next. History class, my favourite subject was coming up next. Looks like today is not going to be as bad as I thought.

Comments (2)

  • 02842


    I wouldn't cry but if my bipolar cat died I would be upset

  • Lazareth


    Traumatic experience = cat dying, lol! Not mocking the author. But I really found this funny. Thanks for that. Had a good laugh.

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