16.66% The Demon Child - Awakening / Chapter 3: The History of Antrite

Chapter 3: The History of Antrite

As I rushed through the hallway, I made a little spell which made me quite fast. I was still quite tired from source training, but I was still able to do small source spells. Our history teacher was much worse than Miss. Trancesite, she is a demon, literally.

As I walked through the door into my history class, I get a dagger right next to my ear. It seems that our teacher Mrs Druid was already in a bad mood today. Mrs Druid never scolded me, which was nice, but since she is a demon everyone, knows what she's thinking just by her expressions.

"For god sake Dyne, you're late again. the great history of Antrite is about to start. You better pray for good luck. " Lance said

"First of all it's 2 minutes until the class starts, and second of all, Mrs Druid is actually one of my favourite teachers, so don't worry," I replied

"Have you studied at all?" Lance responded

"Actually, The Boss (Leader of the Wasted Dullahan) gave me some time off, so I've been studying and working on my source," I said impatiently towards Lance.

"Good to know, any improvements?."

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"Able to that wind for a while, it's quite a big stepping stone in my source abilities."

"Well then, better take your seat"

After I did, Lance and I kept talking. Suddenly, the windows closed and no sunlight entered the room. Then a light started moving around right behind Mrs Druid. Every year we watched this video; The history of Antrite. It was quite rare for any of us to watch a video, none of us had a source tablet.

Suddenly a bright light blinded everyone in the room and the video started. After a while, The recording was speaking from the video, even Lance didn't know how it worked.

The recording started to talk - "Many many years ago, the energy god Drundon, granted the great power of source towards everything. Everything was well in the world until the gates to Antral opened. Another intelligent race stepped through the gates; Demons. Even then, there was still peace between the realms, everyone was happy until the demon Dysan stepped onto Antrites soil. Not much is known about Dysan, but he started the war of the 4 legions. "

"After a while, Drundon was disgusted by his gift to the people, so he split the source of energy into 9 different elements: Fire, Water, Earth, Air, Light, Dark, Time, Space and Life. Even then, the 4 legions attacked each other, so Drundon put the Spirits onto the earth. The Spirits were pure embodiments of source, able to change the land around them."

"After that, Dysan was executed and the world was at peace, the 4 nations signed a peace treaty with Drundon and the Spirits. Soon after Drundon left, the Spirits scattered all throughout the known earth, fusing themselves with the source of the land. Becoming the Watchers of Drundon and the earth. The end."

Suddenly, light flooded the entire classroom, and our history books flipped to page 35. Knowing Mrs Druid, she wanted us to do the work on that page, so I started writing in answers. It was quite easy until I saw a weird question; "We know who you are, Accept your fate". Nothing like that was present in the book. I flip the page, same words "Accept your fate". Soon each word was "Accept your fate", I was going crazy.

"Hey, you ok Dyne?" Lance asked me

"What does question 9 say?" I asked him

"What was the first source created by Drundon, why? Do you not know the answer?, Do you need some help?" Lance sarcastically said.

"No, the answer is energy. Drundon turned it into the 9 elements for a less violent standard, and for an extra fact; no race can master them all, because that will give them the power of the energy source." I replied.

"Jeez Dyne, you're always filled with random facts, seriously, how did you do it?"

"Books and Eavesdropping, it's quite easy."

"Whatever, I heard Fredericks gonna beat you up during lunch, is that true?"

"I didn't hear anything about it being at lunchtime, but it is true I'm going to fight Frederick."

"Maybe you can get a bit of territory for the Wasted Dullahan due to this fight."

"I will."

As soon as I finished my sentence our books went flying toward Mrs Druid. she took a look at them for a second, and with a flick of a pen they came back with a tick or a cross, this showed us if we passed or got detention. As mine came closer and closer, I saw a red tick and left for Lunch, knowing that, I was now pumped for my fight with Frederick.

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