20.83% The Demon Child - Awakening / Chapter 4: Chapter 4 - Wolves vs Knights

Chapter 4: Chapter 4 - Wolves vs Knights

I ran through the hallway, jumping over people with tiny bits of source on my feet. As I ran towards the cafeteria, I see that there is no line yet. It looks like my day is getting better. I run towards the cafeteria and I put my silver rume on the counter.

"One mage bar please," I said.

Suddenly, the silver rume with a blinding light (which I am now used to) turned into a mage bar. I picked it up and started eating it. As with most source boosting items, it tasted quite bad, but I liked it. Soon I could feel my source reserves being replenished. When people used source boosting items, many say it feels like a drug, but I feel like it is a boost of energy.

I get the apple I picked from the tree from my bag, I also take out the purple rock I found on the floor. As I was eating my apple, I was looking very closely at the rock, examining every detail. After I finished my apple I put the rock back into my sachet. When I threw the apple onto the floor, I noticed my hand had a small black dot. It was probably from my pen, so I just rubbed the smudge off.

After that, I run straight to the courtyard to see that many people had come to see the fight. I could see Frederick in a corner surrounded by his gang, and they were giving their source to Frederick! It was so unfair that Frederick does that. This was a beat up fight, not a fight to the death! Even with my mage bar, I would be no match to him, suddenly, two hands grabbed my back and were giving me their source, I turn around to see that Lance was giving it to me.

"Thanks, Lance, Frederick is such a bastard, all I did was get a mage bar," I said

"Don't worry about it, I gathered up many of my other friend's source reserves, and now I'm giving it all to you"

"How many people did you get the source from"

"About how many people Frederick has"

I was in complete shock, that many people wanted me to win. I was quite unpopular at school and Lance was my only close friend, well if you think about it, people really wouldn't want to help a bully. Frederick stepped into the ring in which he made with scorch marks, Lance took his hands off and gave me a thumbs up telling me that he transferred his source into me.

I then also stepped into the ring, Frederick got flaming executioner out with a death stare on me. I could also see that he was activating his soul ability, his body started to haze, leaving a wispy version of Frederick, like a grey ghost. As I also said the magic words, I skipped the flashy entrance and to my luck, my wooden staff had a spearhead on each end. Now I felt much better. As Frederick and I readied our positions, I was looking around to see what I could use to my advantage, nothing.

As I look towards the referee for this duel, I saw that it was Lance. As Lance was simmering everyone down, he made a great speech.

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"Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the duel between Frederick and Dyne" Lance sarcastically said.

Suddenly the entire crowd started cheering our names, I could hear a lot of "Frederick" and a lot of 'Dyne". After that Lance continued his speech.

"Now to make the fight more interesting, I shall change the landscape!" Lance announced.

"There will be no need for that" A weird voice said.

Suddenly the ground around me and Frederick started to become a rocky battlefield. As I look around to see who was doing this, I saw on the fence the Spirit of Daishins land: Dreansel. Many of the kids who grew up in Daishin knew Dreansel. He played with the kids in the area, shaping land to fit the child's wishes. But when you turn 10, Dreansel doesn't play with you anymore, he pranked you. As everyone was looking at Dreansel, I saw that Lance was excited not amazed. Then I connected the dots.

As I point a finger at Lance and Dreansel I say "Your gambling aren't you?"

"A bit," Both of them replied.

"But I'm going for you whilst Lance is going for Frederick, and be thankful for the spearheads!" Dreansel said.

As I was shocked to see that my best friend was rooting for the one who he hates most. But I am grateful that Dreansel gave me the double spearhead, now it seems that I have a better chance to fight Frederick in a duel. As Lance was counting down for the fight to begin, Frederick started talking.

"What's on the line for you Dye?" Frederick asked me.

It seems that Frederick was also gambling in the fight. Knowing him, he won't take anything for an answer.

"5 silver rumes and territory for the dullahans if I win," I replied with.

"And if you lose?" Frederick asked

"I'll leave the dullahans to join your gang, you're a bit low on air source if I remember"

"We don't need a weakling like you in the werewolves"

"Ok, how about that, and I do your homework until the end of the term"

"Alright, you got yourself a deal"

When Frederick and I shook on the deal, it wasn't that bad on my end, why? Because there are only two weeks left for the year, and he'll probably kick me out as soon as I got into the Blazing werewolves, and that's another reason why Frederick is an idiot. Suddenly I could hear everyone counting down: "5,4,3,2… 1!".

When the timer hit 'one', Frederick immediately swung his axe and a giant wave of flame appeared in front of him. I was able to dodge it by jumping off a nearby rock and hover in the air for a bit. When I looked down again, Frederick was… nowhere to be found. Suddenly I heard a "Behind you" from somewhere. I look around to see that a smokey Frederick was about to slice me in two. I immediately knock Frederick back with a rush of air. To my surprise, Frederick moved back and went back into his original form.

"Well, well, it seems that you found out my weakness," Frederick said.

"When the smoke leaves your body, it hurts you" I replied with.

"Correct, but that's just a normal attack"

"What do you mean?"

"It means I'm going to hurt you so bad, that you won't be able to move Dye!"

Suddenly Frederick changed his stance, to a more crouching position, with his axe still pointing at me. He was charging source, and fast! It seems that Frederick was about to finish the duel with one blow! As soon as I saw that he was doing it, I put all my source into defence, covering my entire body, like a transparent suit of armour made of my source. As I was done making my source armour I rushed towards Frederick, with my spear aiming right towards him. I was mid charge when I saw Fredericks scowl, turn into a smile.

"You really are an idiot, Dye" Frederick smirked

I suddenly then realized that I made myself a perfect target for Frederick! Suddenly, Frederick rushed at me within his smoke state, but there were 3 of them! I managed to spear one of the smoke puffs, but another one hit me in the backside, then on in the jaw, the one in the leg. Surprisingly, Fredericks little smoke balls were bruising me all over. Quickly, Frederick reverted back and swung his axe straight into my stomach, I went flying straight into a wall.

"You like my new attack, Dye? I call it the 'the Heads of hells gate', how do you like it?" Frederick asked.

I tried to speak, but I couldn't, I'd lost the duel. I was about to surrender... but I had a sudden idea. I gathered up all the source I had left, making it my final attack. As I stood up, I saw that Frederick was already celebrating his victory. This was my chance to attack, I aimed my spear right a Frederick and charged up the rest of my source.

With the surging power through my spear, I charged at Frederick with all my might. As Frederick looked around to probably talk about his victory, he saw me. His eyes were full of anger, Frederick grabbed Flaming executioner and turned and started to run towards me as well. It seems that Fredericks anger was greater than mine.

When Frederick and I were face to face we both swung our weapons. As I was about to administer the final blow, a layer of ice stopped Frederick and I. As I jump back from the ice, I look around to see who did that.

"Who did that!?" Frederick roared.

"That would be me, son" A familiar voice answered.

After I calmed down a bit, I saw who it was: The Headmaster of the school and Frederick's father. Everyone feared the headmaster, he had an advanced source of water.

"Son, what do you think you're doing?" The headmaster asked Frederick.

"About to beat Dyne to a bloody pulp Old man" Frederick responded with.

"You seem to have damaged Dyne quite a bit, I think that's enough"

"He stole a silver rume from me!"

"By what I give you every week, it's only a small amount, you are really a spoiled brat"

"I am not spoiled!"

After the touching father and son conversation, the headmaster turned to talk to me.

"Sorry Dyne for my son's recklessness, it seems that you were traumatized, here let me help you" The headmaster

The headmaster then threw me a drop of water, when it hit my skin I could feel all my wounds stitching themselves back together.

"Thank you, Headmaster!" I replied after my wounds were healed.

"No worries Dyne, after all that also knocks you out"

"What do you mean?"

Suddenly my body felt all drowsy and I was put to sleep. I wake up in the other world, to what seems to be a mountain range.

"Well well, nice job" A weird voice echoed.

I turn around to see where the voice was coming from. I suddenly see the black-robed figure I was chasing before the start of school was right in front of me.

"Who are you and why are you following me?!" I yelled at the figure.

"I follow you because it's my job but who I am, I can show you," The figure said.

When the black-robed figure took down his hood, I was surprised to see who he was. The Figures identity was Frederick?

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