25% The Demon Child - Awakening / Chapter 5: Chapter 5 - New Awakening

Chapter 5: Chapter 5 - New Awakening

I was quite shocked to see that Frederick was in the other world with me, maybe I wasn't the only one that went to this world when I slept.

"Why are you following me?" I asked Frederick.

"It's my job, my boss has asked me to keep an eye on you" Frederick answered with.

"Who is your boss?" I again asked Frederick.

"That I can't answer, Dyne"

I suddenly realize that Frederick was different. He always called me 'Dye' not 'Dyne'. I then realized what I should've asked Frederick next.

"Are you really Frederick?" I asked him.

"No, I am not Frederick, I just take the form of who you were angry at last, it's my soul ability" Frederick responded.

"What should I call you?" I asked him.

"My name is Renagoro, but you can call me Ren"

"Well Ren, why have you only appeared now, when your job was to keep an eye on me"

"Because you had to awaken a power first, and you have today"

"What do you mean 'awaken a power'?"

"You have a new elemental source"

I was overflowed with joy! A new source after so long, I guess taking that beating from Frederick wasn't that bad now.

"What source, which one," I asked Ren.

"That you'll have to find out for yourself" Ren spoke.

Suddenly I saw that the world around me was fading, I was waking up. Before I regained consciousness I heard 3 words from Ren.

"See you soon"

When I wake up, I see that I was in the school hospital room, I look around to see that on my left there was Frederick knocked unconscious. At least I injured him a bit. Then I see that my mom was at the side of my bed. When she saw that my eyes were opening she started crying. Suddenly my mom went and hugged me.

"Oh Dyne, I thought you would never wake up." my mother whimpered

"It's ok mum, I'm here"I replied with

"Ah, it seems the boy is awake," A voice said

Suddenly the headmaster came through the door with an empty glass. I look behind him to see that Lance has come to see me. After Lance, I see that Frederick's two hellhound beasteal friends came to see him. As they entered the hospital room, both Lance and the Headmaster were happy to see me awake, whilst Fredericks buddy's seemed to be filled with hate. After Fredericks buddy's stopped giving me death stares, they went to Fredericks bedside to see if he was ok. As the Headmaster came closer and close to my bedside, he started filling up the glass with water.

"Hehe, hey Dyne glad to see that you're awake, sorry for knocking you out with my healing spell, haha!" The headmaster chuckled.

"Will it knock me out like your last spell, sir?" I asked the Headmaster.

"Haha, no. And don't call me sir, Dyne. Call me Mr Nadone." Mr Nadone chuckled.

As Mr Nadone handed me the water I felt much better already. I was about to take a sip but when my lips touched the water, my lips were stuck, I look down to see that the glass was filled entirely of ice. As I finally get my lips off the cold glass, I was quite pissed at all the people around me.

"Was that a joke to you!" I yelled at Mr Nadone.

"No, that wasn't me, I swear!" Mr Nadone answered.

"If it wasn't you, then who was it?" I asked everyone.

As I look at everyone in the room, examining their sources which I already know off by heart. None of them was lying based on Lance's look and I don't see or feel Ren stalking me. Suddenly I realized what new power Ren was talking about. I grab the iced water off a desk next to me and I put source into the water. Suddenly the ice started changing back to water. Everyone around me was shocked as well. My new source is Water!

"Oh Dyne that amazing, you have a new source" My mom whimpered.

"Well, next time you face Frederick, your gonna be even stronger" Lance chuckled.

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"Yeah, I guess so" I answered Lance.

"Well since it seems that your awake, you're excused from the hospital room" Mr Nadone uttered.

As I get up from my hospital bed, I could see that Frederick was now awake. I was about to leave when I heard a 'Hey punk' from behind me. I look around to see that Frederick regained consciousness. Using up a lot of his strength, Frederick pointed a finger at me.

"Don't get cocky because you got a new source, I'll still beat you Dye" Frederick barley wisped out.

"Well, I'm getting stronger every day, See ya" I replied with.

After that, I left the room to go back home with my mum. Waiting to see what new powers my water source has.

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