29.16% The Demon Child - Awakening / Chapter 6: Chapter 6 - The Celebration

Chapter 6: Chapter 6 - The Celebration

After I got home, I kept testing my limits with my new water source. Unlike my Air source which is below average, my water source seems to above average which was quite good for me. After I got a good extent of my new powers, I went inside for dinner. As I go get my dinner, which was at a table in the kitchen, I was wondering what it was. Every time I walk into a kitchen, it's some sort of new dish my mum is cooking up. Sometimes you think the food is served up raw. As I go into the kitchen, I see that my mom has made some sort of soup. I sit down and take a sip of the soup, and it was really good.

"It's the only recipe I perfected, so enjoy" My mum chirped.

"Thanks, Mum" I replied with.

As I finish the soup in what I believe would be just under a minute, I was full. I look at my mum to see that she was almost done herself. As much as I was surprised, but I could understand that the soup was really good not to. After my mum was done with her bowl she started to talk to me.

"It's really good that you have a new source, what do you think Dyne? My mum asked me.

"I think it will help me with my school, an example would my source practice" I replied with.

"Hope so, my father had a water source and it was quite strong, looks like I do see a bit of me in you now"

It was nice to know that I was a bit like my mother now with my new source. With my new source power unlocked and Ren as a helpful companion, I felt as though maybe my luck would carry on until tomorrow. I was about to go when my mum called me.

"Dyne" My mom called Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com <a href="https://www.webnovel.com">www.webnovel.com</a> for visiting.

"Yes mom" I answered

"You're grounded for a week because of that fight with Frederick, the only reason it isn't a month is that you got a new source"

"But mom"

"No but's, now either work on your source outside or go to bed"

As I trample into my room angrily and lay on my bed. Why was my mum grounding me? I got a new source, we should be celebrating, not punishing me. As I look around my room, I see that my blinds were still open. I open the windows which were hidden in my blinds and I rush out a lot of my air source to calm me down.

I go to my closet to get into my regular clothes on. After I finally got changed into my regular clothes I headed downstairs to go outside. After my unimaginable anger, I just needed some me time. I look up to see that the stars were glistening in the night sky. It filled me with joy and soothed my Anger.

"Goodnight for stargazing isn't it" A familiar voice behind spoke

I look around to see Dreansel the spirit standing right in front of me. I was wondering what trick's he'll pull on me now that I'm even more powerful. To be honest I still owe him a thank you for helping me when I was fighting with Frederick.

"Thanks with the help in the fight against Frederick" I whispered to Dreansel.

"I should be thanking you, and why are we whispering." Dreansel sarcastically whispered back.

"Because my mom is pissed and she doesn't want me to be out here unless it's source training"

"Oh, well, better make this quick, I think Fred didn't pay up."

Suddenly Dreansel threw me a small pouch which made a jingle sound when it landed in my hands. I open the pouch to see that there were 5 silver rumes and 1 gold rume.

"The betting money I made with Frederick, where did you get this?" I asked Dreansel.

"Where do you think, I stole it from Fredericks pocket, the gold rume is my gratitude for you winning" Dreansel responded with a smirk.

I was full of joy to see that Dreansel acknowledged my fight, but the gold rume seemed way too much for me.

"Th-Th-thanks D-D-Dreansel" I stuttered.

I look up to see that Dreansel disappeared into the dead of night. I was quite happy to find that I had an extremely small fortune. I head back up to my room to go to sleep. After a while of black, I wake up in a forest full of red trees. I was looking around to see where Ren was, I saw a black robe at the corner of my eye. My mother was underneath a fallen tree. I believe it was Ren because I was quite pissed at my mother when she grounded me. I pull out Ren out of the trees then I put his head on my lap.

"Dyne, return to the regular world, you're in danger" Ren wheezed out.

"Why am I in danger?" I asked Ren.

"A demon beat me up and is now coming for you, his boss wants you dead, I don't know why"

As I was shocked to find out someone was gonna kill me, I wonder why he also went for Ren. Before I could finish my thought I was awoken from my sleep by a woman's scream. I run downstairs to see that my Mom had collapsed in a puddle of blood, and something was beside her, looking at me.

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