33.33% The Demon Child - Awakening / Chapter 7: Chapter 7 - Another New Awakening

Chapter 7: Chapter 7 - Another New Awakening

I was frozen with fear, my mum was bleeding out and this thing was looking at me. I turned back to see that my mom was looking at me with almost lifeless eyes. She raised her hand and said her final words;

"Dyne... I… love..." then collapsed in her own blood.

"Thank God she's dead, she was being such a nuisance. Now, time to kill my true target."

I was full of different emotions, but they all told me one thing; 'run'. However, I didn't, instead, I called down my incarnation weapon.

"Oh-oh g-great weapon, incarnation of my s-soul, show y-yourself and aid my fight," I vaguely stuttered out.

The spear from Frederick's fight appeared in my hand, it seems that Dreansel helped me out again. I stabbed the Demon and he knocked me against a wall. It seemed that the Demon was now pissed off.

"You little bastard, now I'm gonna have some fun with you." The demon growled.

The Demon grabbed my spear and threw it to the side like it was nothing. As the demon was getting nearer, it started to form 4 small object in its hands. The creations the Demon made were 4 simple dark daggers. When the Demon was standing face-to-face, he started nailing the daggers in my hands and feet, going straight into the wall. I was screaming my head off, but no one came to my rescue, surely I'd die by the demon's hand. But, it seemed that it was going to torture me first.

After the pain subsided throughout my body, the demon went back to my mom's corpse and ripped off her left arm. The demon opened its mouth and shoved the arm into its throat. After that horrible sight I started to struggle, the daggers were feeding off my emotional pain and making it physical.

"What are you doing to my mother!" I yelled at the demon.

"I'm torturing you by eating your mother, and I'm also hungry," The demon responded with.

I watched in horror as the Demon ate my mother in front of my eyes. I couldn't do anything, so I tried to close my eyes, but after 5 seconds they opened. The daggers cursed me so I had to look at the Demon. I couldn't do anything, and the pain was hurting me so much. The demon started eating the other arm, then the legs, then the head. After I saw my mother's skull being crushed by the demon, all my pain turned to anger.

I looked to my hands to see that the daggers were being absorbed into me. I then saw that in the daggers place there was a small black dot, like the one I had rubbed off earlier today. I tried to rub it off, but my hand wouldn't move. Soon after that, markings started to appear on my entire body. As I got up, I tried to tell my legs to run away, but both of them were standing still, like a stone. I started walking towards the demon. I opened up my hands and chanted the incarnation weapon summoning, but last time my spear did nothing against it, what would it do now?

"Oh great weapon, incarnation of my soul, show yourself and aid my fight" I chanted.

Suddenly, instead of a spear, small daggers of ice appeared every time I chanted the summon. After I stopped chanting, I had 10 small daggers floating above my hands. Suddenly, I pointed at the demon and the daggers flew towards the Demons arms and legs. When the daggers hit the demon, they only scratched it.

"Ow, why did you do that, you Prick!" The demon yelled.

"Revenge," I replied with.

I snapped my fingers and the demon started to shiver. Suddenly a blood red icicle erupted from the demon's leg. The demon started screaming in agony, then another Icicle erupted on its forearm, then it's hand, then it's left elbow. After a while, all of its limbs were covered in red ice.

"You bastard, what the fuck do you think you're doing," The demon cried.

"Returning the favour," I snarled. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com <a href="https://www.webnovel.com">www.webnovel.com</a> for visiting.

Suddenly I flicked my hand and the ice started to crawl on his torso. The shrieks worsened ten-fold and still, my body refused to move at my command. As I was trying to run away from the horror, my body moved closer, making the icicles look worse step by step. Eventually, I stopped moving, looking over the demon with hatred.

"Please have mercy on me," The demon pleaded.

"Like how you had mercy on my mother, even though your target is me? I don't think so," I scowled at the demon.

"Please, I have friends and family back at my home!"

"Well then, you can see them when they die too,"

I clutched my hand and the blood red icicles froze over the rest of the demon's body, as the final one went straight out of the Demons skull, All the screaming finally stopped. After the horror fest was over, my black marked body just stood there, unable to move, looking at the now dead demon.

Suddenly, the demon started to glow a dim orange all across its body. I was trying to run away, but my body would still not obey me. As the demon's orange body was glowing brighter, I struggled more and more, trying to make my body to move. Then, all of a sudden, the demon was engulfed in very bright orange.

The demon then exploded and my body flew over Daishin. It was a wonderful view, but I wasn't thinking that when it happened. I stumbled into the ground. After a while, I hit my head against something and blacked out. Instead of going to the other world, I was stranded in the complete murky darkness. After a while, I lost my track of time and what I thought was an hour could've been an eternity. I Suddenly heard footsteps, lots of them, and after a while, I woke, to see that spears were pointing at my head. I look up to see that an entire army was in front of me, then darkness returned.

AndrewJones AndrewJones

Yes, I know it's crappy, how he is now really overpowered for a short time. This will not be figured out in the book for a long time. Sorry.

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