41.66% The Demon Child - Awakening / Chapter 9: Chapter 9 - Goodbye Cruel World

Chapter 9: Chapter 9 - Goodbye Cruel World

I immediately run out of the bedroom, to see that there was a long hallway, I immediately ran quite fast along that hallway hoping to find Jododam. Who was that man, it wasn't me, he had black hair instead of white, green eyes instead of brown, and a bit bulkier than my regular body? I take a turn through the hallway to find that Jododam was sitting near a fire, reading a book, with a wine glass in his hand. Jododam took his eyes off the book and looked straight at me.

"Oh, look who's finally awake" Jododam declaimed.

"What do you mean, and what the hell happened to my body!" I yelled at Jododam.

"Who said it was yours, you had a soul transfer, that is not your original body"

"So this body isn't mine"

"Yes, and your marking has changed as well"

"My marking?"

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"Yes on your back"

I moved towards the closest mirror and turned around so my back was facing the mirror and I was shocked to what I saw. My back had these black marking when I was angry, but instead of it covering my entire body, it only covered my top back.

"Only demons can see it or if you unleash your Demonic Source, so don't worry " Jododam answered.

As surprised as I was, I go back to my room to get on some actual clothing. I open a cupboard to see that there were about 20 shirts, pants and many other things. I put on a white shirt and some black shorts, I also put on some socks and shoes. I head out again to see that Jododam has finished his wine glass and was looking outside.

I go towards him, to look at what was outside, I see an open courtyard with many other people playing games, to the left of it was a garden of beautiful flowers, but to the right, there was a forest of densely packed dead trees. I turn back to find my way downstairs. I was about to leave the room, but then Jododam started speaking.

"There is one rule and one rule only Dyne, 'you can only kill them if they aggravate you', don't worry their soul will be transferred to another clone body" Jododam phrased.

"Got it, no killing unless they piss me off," I replied with.

I started to walk around the hallway hopefully to wander outside to the courtyard. As I start to go down some stairs I found, I was wondering about what my incarnate weapon is. When I fought the demon, instead of my usual staff, I had daggers. Due to this, I summoned it here and there, "Oh great incarnation of my soul, show yourself and aid I fight!". Suddenly a black mist appeared in front of me, out of the mist appears a black katana within its sheath. I put the weapon on my back and keep going.

About 5 minutes later, I opened a door and went into a courtyard. About twenty to thirty kids were on the courtyard. I look around to see that a group of three were walking towards me, or to the door. As I walk towards them, the biggest one purposely walked into me.

"Sorry, didn't see you there, I couldn't see someone who was so below me, haha" The boy declared.

Immediately I was pissed off at him. As soon as I suppress my anger, I started to talk back.

"No worries, just make sure not to bump into me again, unless you want to die" I replied with.

Suddenly the boy raised his hand up high and put it on a handle. As he unsheathed the handle, a broadsword appeared. The boy tries to hit me with his broadsword, but I dodge. I do go further than I usually do, but further is better. I unsheathe my katana partially and start running towards the boy. I activate a source spell which makes me lighter, during that, the boy had put his broadsword up for another attack.

I was at about a metre when the boy swung at me, he missed and I unsheath my sword completely and chopped oh his head. The person headless body then collapsed on the floor, and everyone was shocked. As by how scared I was that I just killed someone, it would still be better for me to get used to it before I had to do it a lot more. By how many people were looking at me with killing intent, I was quite unpopular.

"Oi punk, what are you doing messing with the king's son" One of the other boys yelled at me.

"Isn't it obvious, he was getting on my nerves, so I killed him, don't worry, he'll reincarnate into another body soon" I replied.

"But you can't just kill whoever pisses you off"

"I know, but that's the only rule in this household"

The boy yelled the incarnation weapon summoning and a golden bow appeared in front of him. He made an arrow of what I believe was a pure light source. The boy took aim and fired the bow, the arrow whizzed straight past my head and I believed that was my time to go. I look around to see where I can hide or fight, so I just run into the dead trees and ran. I heard the other boys tearing through the bark like it was nothing, so I decided to run. I ran for a good 5 minutes until I stopped.

I noticed a very thin mist that was on the floor, whenever my body touched the mist, I felt a surge of replenishment throughout my entire feet, all the way up to my knees. If this was the aura of a healer, it was sure a good one. I follow the mist seeing that it was getting thicker and thicker, thicker until the mist was a fog. As the fog was growing, so was the regenerative aura, I felt as though my body slept for a week.

I made my way through the last of the dead trees to find myself an open lake with a small island in the middle. It was a beautiful sight throughout the fog, but it was getting annoying. I released a bit my wind source and the fog disappeared.

"Would you mind not doing that" A voice called.

Suddenly the mist returned even thicker than before. I try to look around but I just couldn't.

"Who's there, show yourself!" I yelled to the mist.

"That would be me" The same voice echoed.

I look around me to see that a figure is walking towards me. I try to run, but the fog wouldn't allow me to move. As scared as I was, I saw that the person got closer and closer. For a second I was going to pass out, but a scaly hand touched my chin. Suddenly, my body felt relieved and the fog went away. I open my eyes to see that instead of a person standing in front of me, it was a Dragonoid.

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