44% The Demon Child - Awakening / Chapter 10: Chapter 10 - 1000 years

Chapter 10: Chapter 10 - 1000 years

A Dragonoid, an extremely rare race of intelligent beings. They only have one source, but what would take a human 10 years, a Dragonoid could do in 5 months. And I was at the mercy of one, but it didn't seem to be aggressive, but interested in me. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com <a href="https://www.webnovel.com">www.webnovel.com</a> for visiting.

"Strange, your body is human, but your soul is a demon. In all of my years, I've never such a specimen," The Dragonoid whispered.

She didn't hit me as Jododam did but kindly touched me. Her skin was so smooth, not rough or scaly as by what I heard, but silky and smooth. I wonder if all Dragonoids were like this, but this is weird. These beings always live up in mountain peaks or some other place to suit their source, and this one didn't have wings.

"Who are you?" I asked the Dragonoid finally.

"I am the Dragonoid of the healing mist, Alicia" The Dragonoid replied with.

"Why do you have no wings?" I asked Alicia politely.

"Well, I had to give something up for immortality, and that was it"

Wait, immortality! I know that nation's have fallen trying to achieve that, and this Dragonoid just sacrificed her wings! This has to be fake, she must be lying, why couldn't Lance be here and just tell me if she is or isn't lying.

"How can you be immortal, it's impossible! I know you can stop aging for a bit by using a lot of sources, but the effect wears off, so how?!" I yelled at Alicia.

"Isn't it simple? It's my soul ability, my wings were torn off my body, that pain made me unleash it," Alicia responded.

I did believe her for a bit, but it sorta sounded fake. I started to ask other questions to see if she was telling the truth.

"So, how long have you been here, around this lake?" I suspiciously asked Alicia.

"I fell here when it was a lush forest, I guess that was one thousand years ago,"

"One thousand! How are you still sane!"

"Every 50 years or so, a person falls down, so I keep them as a pet until they die,"

"WIll you do that to me?"

"Of course not, how could I be interested in a lower demon like you,"

I immediately grew quite angry and felt that demonic energy returning to me. I unsheathed my katana once again and tried to slice Alicia, that surge of energy when I couldn't use my body had returned. Alicia easily dodged my attack and hit me with her tail, I went flying across the lake to hit a clump of dead trees. I opened my eyes to see that Alicia was standing in front of me, examining me.

"Never in my life have I seen a human stand up a Dragonoid," Alicia yawned.

"Yeah so what of, I'm not entirely a human, I'm a part demon" I yelled at her.

"That is why I'll help you control your power"

Wait, did she just say control my powers. If I do agree, I'll be able to control my abilities better, and it doesn't go against the rules of the project: enhancement.

"I'll do it! But why are you helping me"

"It's because it's been 100 years since my last encounter, and I'm interested to see what you can do."

"Ok, so what do we do?" I asked her.

"We unlock a new part of your soul" Alicia responded with.

Alicia then started to jab me, but not hard, just enough for a calming pain. After a while she stopped and went into a sitting position, she closed her eyes and her aura multiplied by a few dozen.

"What are you doing?" I asked Alicia

"I'm training my soul, and improving my overall source and soul ability" She calmly said.

"But that's impossible, no one's soul ability improves, no matter how much they train it"

"Jeez, you humans are so naive. You don't raise your soul ability to use it, you have to improve it by improving your soul's purity. Now sit down and control on your breathing, and close your eyes when you're at it"

I sit down and close my eyes, and I focus on my breathing as well. I could already feel that I was calmer, more powerful, I could even feel my own source. I don't know how long it was, but after a while, she told me to stop. I open my eyes to see that it was already dusk, I got here when it was morning, it seems I wasn't affected by thirst or hunger in that state of mind.

I look towards Alicia to see that she was drinking from the lake. I go towards the lake myself, I had cramps all over, but after a while, I was finally able to kneel down to get a sip. I cup my hands and fill them with water. I sip the water and feel that all the pain from the cramps were fading, my source also felt replenished. I was about to go back when Alicia called me.

"Come back tomorrow Dyne, your soul has improved a lot, we'll resume this later on" Alicia yelled.

"Understood Alicia" I yelled back.

I make my way out of the woods until I was able to see the courtyard. I rush forward to see that the other kids were inside, probably where Jododam was hanging out. I make my way inside and follow the route I went to get outside. I go past the hall and see that there was a long table, I take a closer look to see that the kids from earlier and Jododam were sitting there. Jododam noticed me and waved.

"Ah, Dyne, come sit down, dinner's almost ready," Jododam shouted

"Ah right, be right there" I answered with.


I walk in to see that all the other children were sitting in their seats. I walk up to find that only one was remaining. The boy that I killed earlier this morning was to the right, to the left was a scrawny little boy with brown hair. I sit down to see that the entire group was looking with daggers in their eyes. The only expectations were the boy to my left and Jododam.

"Everyone listen up, this is Dyne, he will be joining the project: enhancement. Everyone, please be nice" Jododam announced.

"I refuse to eat, sleep or even live with that punk under the same roof" The boy to the right of me yelled.

"Listen up here you little shit, you may be the one of the king's spawn, but during the project, you're no one!" Jododam yelled back.

I knew he was the king's son when the boy yelled at me when I killed him, but I never thought that Jododam would react like that! The boy immediately sat down and looked straight down, frightened by Jododam's power.

"Now everyone, let us a feast for a new member has joined our ranks, Dyne." Jododam declared.

With a click of his fingers, a whole buffet appeared on the table before us, plates and all. I immediately grab a bowl and fill it with a weird brownish broth. I put it back, grab a spoon, and took a sip of it. It was amazing, even better than my mum's soup. That thought made me stop and put the soup down, with a tear trickling down my face. The boy to the right noticed and started to laugh.

"What's the matter new boy, is the flavour to enough to make you cry, what a weakling" The boy laughed.

I immediately grabbed a knife and put it straight to the boy's throat.

"Easy now, let's just introduce ourselves, I am Luke Bridgestone, first in line to the royal throne"

"Well I'm Dyne, nice to meet you, now shut up and let me eat in peace"

I withdraw the knife from Luke's throat and put it down. I pick up the spoon and continue to have my soup. I look around to see that many of the other kids didn't take notice of the fight just then, in fact.... many other people were having arguments around the table.

About ten minutes passed before I finished my soup. I look up to see that many of the kid's had already left, so I excused myself as well. I walked for about 5 minutes before I got back to my bedroom. I open the door and flop on my bed, hoping to fall asleep soon.

I open my eyes to see the other world was back. I look around to see that the terrain was an iceberg in the middle of the sea. This was actually the first time I've been off land within this world. When I start to look around, I see Alicia standing a few metres away. Knowing what has happened before, it was probably Ren in that form.

"Ren, please tell me that's you," I sighed.

"It's me Dyne, don't worry, but what is on your back?" Ren replied with.

There was no way Ren would know about the new Demon marking. I look at my back to see in shock, that a tail has grown on my back. I started to panic and look all around my body for other weird things. In fact, my body looks a bit leaner than my new one. I had a rough idea of what was happening, all I have to do is ask Ren a question.

"Ren, what colours are my hair and eyes?"

"Your hair is white and your eyes are green, like usual,"

I knew it, even though my original body was now a husk when I'm here, I'm my regular self. I would have taken a whiff of relief, but then there was my tail to worry about. It was a scaly tail with holes in it, about three metres in length, very weird if you ask me. I knew it was my tail my trying to give it a wag. I look back to see that Ren was quite confused.

"So why do you have that tail on your ass?" Ren asked me.

"Do you know about the demon Jododam?" I asked Ren.

"Of course, he's a Vampiric Archdemon, he serves underneath the Demon King,"

"Wait, he's a vampire! Well, he's adopted me into a project, and it turns out I'm a half demon,"

"You're a what!"

"I'm half-demon, my body is human, but my soul is a demon, but this tail is a first,"

After that Ren immediately came and gave me a hug.

"Yes, a demon! Now I won't be so bored now," Ren cried

I push Ren away and put my eyes back on the tail. Wiggling it a bit more, I slam it against the iceberg to see the effects. I take a look and a small piece of crushed ice stood there. I then thought about how to improve my fighting style with this. It seems that my tail was actually quite strong basically. Making my way back to Ren, I had to ask him why he was so happy.

"Why are you so happy I'm a demon?" I asked Ren

"Because I am one, and it gets quite boring because I have to watch you" Ren replied with.

"Wait, you're a Demon?"

"Yes! And now I can interact more with you"

"What do you mean?"

"I mean this!"

Ren came flying with a fist clenched, I was able to dodge it, but it was extremely close. I look to where Ren punched and a small crater was where he was standing. Knowing he was serious I immediately summoned my katana, but what came up was a broadsword, but before I could notice, Ren hurtled another punch at me. Knowing I had no time to be confused, I gripped my sword, took my stance, and was ready to fight him.

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