50% The Demon Child - Awakening / Chapter 11: Chapter 11 - Control

Chapter 11: Chapter 11 - Control

As soon as Ren and I were ready again, we immediately dashed at each other, sword against fist. When we both met the icy land and regained our balance due to the slippery surface, I saw that Ren had a what I would believe a Dragonoid's shocked face (Remember Ren has taken the form of Alicia due to his soul ability) I asked him a question.

"What's with the shocked face Ren?"

"It's weird fighting you, I mean, that weapon just appeared out of thin air"

"Don't you know what an incarnate weapon is?"

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"It's a weapon you can summon after you unlock your soul ability,"

"Us demon's don't have that,"

"What do you have instead?"

"We have this"

Ren then started to punch the ground sending massives blocks of ice hurling everywhere. I was able to cut any of them flying towards me. After I cut about four or five, I started to charge at the fog which Ren made by smashing the ice. After I entered the thick fog, I used my air source to get rid of it by exerting it in concentrated doses. It was what I guessed two minutes before I saw a shadow, I guessed it was Ren so I attacked. Instead of hitting him, I hit a large chunk of ice with my blade, I tried to get my sword back, but it didn't budge.

I slammed the ice with my tail and withdrew my sword from it's frozen prison. As I was celebrating, the ice moved and I fell off, as I was in the air, I hovered and landed on the ground, I ran the rest out of the fog since my wind source was so low and positioned myself towards the fog.

As I waited, for Ren to come out of the fog, I saw that the fog was fading, growing smaller by the second. I tightened my grip, ready for the worst. Then out of nowhere, a large icicle came speeding out of the fog towards me. I was able to dodge it and land perfectly, but now I was more worried about what was in the fog now.

"Jeez this fog is taking so long, time to speed it up," Ren yawned.

Something then jumped in the air and landed back on the ground dispersing the fog, after all the uproar due to the wind disappeared. I looked back to see that a giant ice statue was in its place, with Ren to the right of it.

"Instead of Incarnate weapons, we have demonic abilities," Ren smirked.

"Now I'm going to ask what that is," I replied with.

"It's a mutation or ability in one of your sources, my demonic ability belongs to darkness, it allows me to control large inanimate objects, like this ice golem."

I turn my attention back towards the Ice Golem, it was what I guessed 10 metres (32 feet), it was made purely out of ice, it was hunched with all its body with unsmooth craggy body parts made of ice. Ren then pointed his hand towards me and the golem charged, with every step it took, it left cracks within the ice.

The golem then swiped at me and sent me flying. I plummeted my tail into the ground and stuck the landing, although my body ached due to the impact, it seems my demon abilities already took place. I could feel a cold feeling surging throughout my entire body, healing all my wounds after the healing was over. Instead of feeling alive, I felt drained, I guess when I couldn't control my body, I had to only use that ability in dear situations, or until my body wouldn't feel the after-effects.

Seeming my weapon needed more power, I used up the rest of my air source and a decent amount of my water source, making it stronger in every way. Ren then pointed at me again and the ice golem charged again. I slid underneath the Ice Golem, cutting one of its legs about halfway. It didn't seem the golem wasn't in any pain, but he did slow down quite a bit, which gave me some time to think about what to do next.

I look at Ren to see that he was spaced out, like a husk. I look very hard t see that even though he looked dead, he was out of breath. To be honest so would I if I had to control a thing that big. I charged at Ren sword pointing right at him, I was about to hit him but he regained consciousness the moment I was about to strike.

As I was about to swing and hit him, my sword broke. With nowhere to run, I tried to hit Ren with my tail and he hit with him, but his tail overpowered mine, pummeling me into the ground.

As I was trying to get up, I felt a sort of comfort. I open my eyes to see that I was awake in my bed. As I try to get out of my bed, my body seemed to ache quite a lot. I then struggle to go to the bathroom, my body seems to be getting a bit stronger. As I open the door towards the bathroom and head inside, I see that I'm back in my black haired body, but this time I have a tail. I try to touch it, but my hand just went through it.

It seemed that the tail had no touchable form in the regular world, but in my dream world (or Ren's world) it took form. I head to a window to see that the moon was still out, but it seems that it was going to be dawn soon. I put on some clothes and go towards the large hall room. It took about ten minutes, but I got there in the end. I go around the corner to see that Jododam was still sitting by the fire, reading a book with a wine glass in one hand. As he turned around, he was surprised that I had a tail.

"A-ah Dyne, why do you have a tail?" Jododam asked me.

"Don't know, it just appeared overnight, but I can't touch it, it's like a ghost"

"Well then, either go outside and practise with it or go back to bed"

I chose the first option and headed outside. After a while, I went to the courtyard, sat down and closed my eyes, and meditated until dawn.

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