54.16% The Demon Child - Awakening / Chapter 12: Chapter 12 - Elf

Chapter 12: Chapter 12 - Elf

For the next two weeks it was the same thing; breakfast, training with Alicia, lunch. The rest of the day I sparred, read books, and fought people who didn't like me. After I fell asleep every night, I fought with Ren, but he never used that golem technique on me again.

There was only a week before school started, and I would get to see Lance again (Lance is going to Dence high as well). For a lot of my free time, I went to the library, due to barely touching a book in my life, I read a lot, just picking up books and reading them.

As I entered the library I saw that the small boy I sat next to on the first day was reading as well. I completely ignored him and entered the history section. I liked to read about the great battles of the past. I put another book back and searched for another one, I then heard a 'thud' behind me. I looked to where the thud was to see a dusty book was there.

I picked up the book and looked at the title, 'the sub-forms of humanity' it read. I sat down at a table and opened the book. By how much dust there was coming off the book, it hasn't been open in years. I then sat down and read.

'Long ago, there were 5 races; Demons, Dragonoids, Spirits, Beasteals, and Humans. The humans ruled most of Antrite. From the Forests to the Islands to the caves, you could find a human colony there. The question is; How did the humans conquer so much land? The answer is that some of them had abilities, abilities that separated them from the original being, in this book you can find the only glossary of all the known sub-forms of humanity.'

Confused about what I read, I flicked through the book to a random page number, I landed on page 57 and looked at it. The title was 'Elf'. I started to read again.

'Elf's are the human colonies that adapted to live in the trees, they had a strong connection to the forest. The physical differences between the elves and humans consisted of many different things. Elves have pointy ears, better eyesight, and were usually lighter and slimmer than a regular human. Every elf had a source of life, they were very useful as healers and powerful archers. To keep the forests safe, elves adapted not to have a fire source, this is due to years of bonding within the forest. If an elf was found with a source of fire, they would be executed'

I thought that was quite harsh to do to a person, no one can control what source you have, it all depends on your family tree. I was about to read on when I heard someone say "Strange,". I turn around to see that the small boy was walking towards me.

"I have never gotten a tail when I read the book," The boy said creepily.

I was extremely shocked to find that the boy could see my tail. The only other people who could see the tail when I'm awake was Jododam. Surprised as I was, I summoned my incarnate weapon which appeared as a scythe. By the time I was ready, the boy stopped moving, about 10 metres (32 feet) in front of me. In fact… everything seemed to stop altogether. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com <a href="https://www.webnovel.com">www.webnovel.com</a> for visiting.

"Oh my, I'm sorry for my host's rudeness," A voice echoed throughout the library.

"Who's there?" I answered to the voice.

"Oh my, now I have been quite rude. Allow me to introduce myself,"

A clock appeared between the boy and me, and it kept growing larger. It was about 2 metres long before it stopped growing, the clock then started to glow a bright blue. After a blinding blue light, what stood there was a spirit with an orange tint.

"Greeting's, I am the former Time Lord spirit who served under lord Drundon. You may call me Kirigaya.

A former time spirit lord, by what I knew about them, they all consisted of one element and served underneath Drundon directly. To keep myself alive, I bowed at once towards him.

"No need to bow child, I did say that I was a former spirit lord"

"Former spirit lord?"

"Yes, I was stripped from my title when I did something unimaginable."

"What was that"

"I wrote that book you're holding"

So, a former spirit was stripped from his title just because he wrote a book. I thought that something else was up, no one can be banished just by writing a book.

"What else did you do?" I asked Kirigaya.

"I made it that anyone that read the book might gain an ability from the sub-form that they're reading about,"

"And how did you do that?"

"I massacred every sub-form species and fused each source into the pages you are holding,"

He massacred every elf! And that was only one human sub-form, I guessed the book was two-hundred pages thick, that would be at least twenty-five human sub-forms. That would be thousands of poor innocent beings being slaughtered, just to make a book.

"You see, due to me inhabiting Rowan, he has a more likely chance to get a trait, I think he has about five different abilities from reading the book," Kirigaya said poshly.

"Who's Rowan?"

Kirigaya then pointed at the small boy.

"That's Rowan."

"It's my curse, I reincarnate in a body that is destined to read the book, and I remember everything that happens in my past life" Kirigaya then wept.

"So you live inside Rowan's soul?" I asked him.

"Yes, but I can't control him, to talk to you I had to stop time,"

Stopping time was an unimaginable act, it took a lot of source to make it stop, and even more, source to restart time. Whoever did cast the spell would've gone insane and died, due to how long the source build up was, and the strain of building up that source. After the person died, time restarted.

"Can you restart it?" I asked Kirigaya.

"Of course I can, but Kinsel will probably start the time shortly"


"The Spirit time lord that took my place, he's such a bastard"

"So, why are you telling me all this? I hope it's not that I'm part demon,"

"Trust me, I don't see anything special in hybrids, there were hundreds of half-elves and half-dwarves before I killed them all,"

"But why are you telling me this?"

"Because I see a boy that will do great things, and because I have been way too bored for too long jumping from body to body,"

Kirigaya then tapped on the forehead and started to shrink.

"To activate your eyes, just think or say the word 'elf', take care," Kirigaya said whilst waving.

Kirigaya then disappeared and time continued. I looked at Rowan to see that he was surprised.

"So, you're part demon?" Rowan questioned me. "If that is the case, I can see on how you have a tail,"

"Yes, how did you know?" I replied to Rowan.

"Whenever Kirigaya comes back in, I see his memories of when time stopped, so he granted you the eyes of an elf?"

"I think so,"

"Well go try them out," Rowan exclaimed.

I immediately ran out of the library to the archery range. I saw that the boy who tried to shoot at me on the first day was practising his aim. When I got to the weapon storage room, I picked up a longbow and a quiver of arrows. I then ran back outside and placed myself in a spot and chose my target. A red bullseye about 150 metres (500 feet) and said the word 'elf'.

I could immediately see the difference, the bullseye which was blurry, I could now see clearly. I took aim and fired the arrow, following it as it travelled through the air. It was a good 5 seconds before the arrow hit straight in the middle of the bullseye. I looked at the boy next to me to see his face gaping in awe.

"How did you do that?" The boy asked me.

"Just luck I guess," I replied back.

I was shocked and grateful at the same time to Kirigaya. The eyes of an elf. I now had another power to master.

AndrewJones AndrewJones

Yes, very crappy to introduce this.

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