58.33% The Demon Child - Awakening / Chapter 13: Chapter 13 - School

Chapter 13: Chapter 13 - School

For the next week, I trained my elf eyes, I was able to train it to the point when I could activate it by willpower alone, not by saying 'elf'. I also bonded with Rowan for a bit. Even though he was physically weak, his time source (which is extremely rare) was very strong. Rowan has also read every page of the 'human forms' and has 5 different abilities. He does not say what they are to me at all though.

Due to some 'safety precautions', Jododam had to change my name. Instead of 'Dyne' it was 'Dyestral Copper', I had to agree otherwise I couldn't go to school, although I could see why, since Lance is going to Dence high as well.

After breakfast, I walked out the door with Rowan at my side to see what would happen. After we entered the courtyard I could see that all the other kids were there as well.

After waiting for about two minutes, ten pure white carriages appeared out of nowhere, with golden details and pure black horses. Jododam then appeared out of nowhere and stood in the shimmering sunlight, not questioning about any vampire rumours, I listened carefully to what he said.

"Every carriage here is supposed to hold three people, not including the coachman. These will be your accommodated groups here and back," Jododam declared. " I will now read out the groups, after I call your name, get on a carriage. Group one: Dyestral Copper, Rowan Baki and Luke Bridgestone."

It was good to have Rowan by my side since he was my only friend, but Luke was a whole other story. I've already killed him once and he was pissed about that, if I was with him for the carriage ride, we'd be ripping out each other's throat halfway through the trip. Not questioning Jododam's authority, I jumped on a carriage with Rowan and Luke.

It was beautiful inside, there were three seats, one of each side of the wall which we could sit in. In the middle, there was a glazed wooden table with small snacks on it. As the three of us got inside and took our seats, the door closed automatically and the carriage started to move.

After about five minutes, Luke started talking.

"Hm, knowing my basic intelligence I'll definitely be placed in first class" Luke smirked.

There are five different classes in our grade, all it is based on is your different academics, that was it. We were already told our classes, but it seems that Luke forgot because he was in the fifth class.

"Um Luke, we were all informed of each other's classes, I'm in the first class, Dyne's in the third class, and you're in the fifth class," Rowan replied to Luke.

"You're lying, I'm in the first class, no doubt about it."

"We'll see about that" I replied to Luke.

By how flustered Luke was with the conversation, he then picked up a club sandwich from the table and shoved it in his face, not making eye contact with neither Rowan or Myself. After Luke helped himself to three of four club sandwiches, I helped myself to one of them. After I grabbed one, Rowan followed soon after and grabbed one as well.

"Why are you scoffing down my food?!" Luke yelled at me.

"It's not your food, Jododam put these snacks here for all of us to eat" I yelled back at him.


After about another 5 minutes the carriage stopped and the door opened. Rowan got out first, then Luke, then myself. Immediately I could see that everyone here was either; a noble, royalty or representatives of different countries. I was shocked at the sheer amount of students, but I was able to stay calm and made my way to my homeroom. Unlike other schools, we did almost every class in the homeroom, the only exceptions would be the athletics and source training classes.

I made my way off to room eighteen, by counting the room's throughout the different hallways it was quite easy to find the classroom. I opened the door to see that I was the first one to arrive. The seating plan was like a university's, two entrances between three connected parts of wooden tables going down. I take my place halfway from the entrance and halfway to the teacher's desk. To kill some time I started to control my source.

I closed my eyes and focused on my demonic source, just controlling a small bit of it would grant me a lot of power. I meditated for about 20 minutes before one of the doors were opened again, but with someone rolling down one of the stairs.

"Pathetic" A voice laughed from the outside the classroom.

"For someone who is from the slums who made it here, you're really pathetic," The same voice said.

I looked to who fell down the stairs and saw a very familiar face. Lance was the person, with blood dripping out of his mouth. I looked to else to entered filled with Rage. A blond haired girl started to make her way towards Lance, by what I guessed, she beat him up.

"You should know your place scum, underneath my foot," The girl smirked at Lance before kicking him in the face.

I immediately had enough, and created an icicle, activated my elf eyes and threw it towards her head. The girl dodged it easily and started to look at me.

"Stay away," I asked the girl menacingly.

"Oh, is this your friend," The girl responded with.

"No, but this is the first day and you're already making enemies"

"What are you gonna do about it?"

"I could tell the teachers, fight you, or mind my own business and wait for class to start. Those are my options" Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com <a href="https://www.webnovel.com">www.webnovel.com</a> for visiting.

The girl then left and slammed the door on her way out. Jododam already had safety precautions, glazing my memories with illusions, Lance could never know it was me. I made my way to him and raised out my hand, he looks at it and grabs it lifting himself up.

"Thank you, my name is Lance, I am the representative of Daishin, a trading town near the border," Lance greeted me.

"Nice to meet you, I am Dyestral Copper of the Keneros continent, nice to meet you" I replied back to Lance.

"Never heard of Keneros? Where is it?"

"It's a year's sail to the west, with raging torrents surrounding it"

"That is a troublesome journey, but thank you for helping me out,"

"No worries let me help you"

I touched Lance and started to translate my water and air sources into him. They had slight healing capabilities without a healing aura or spell, I guessed it should've healed Lance completely. After a while, Lance looked good as new, he stood up and thanked me.

"Thank's Dystral, see you at lunch," Lance said before leaving.

"Lance, what class are you in?"

"I'm in classroom nineteen, why?"

"I'm just wondering, I'll see you at lunch"

Lance then closed the door and left the classroom, I was then left with my thought's again. I looked at the clock and there were about ten minutes left before class started. After a short time, students started to come into the classroom. I took my seat again and waited for the day to start, and something interesting to happen.

AndrewJones AndrewJones

Hello, sorry for the late release. I was away this weekend and I couldn't upload. Hope you enjoy!

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