62.5% The Demon Child - Awakening / Chapter 14: Chapter 14 - School

Chapter 14: Chapter 14 - School

Nothing interesting happened throughout the classes, but I did have a talk with Lance at lunch. We made our way towards the cafeteria, Dence high cafeteria. We went over towards the cafeteria to see two weird gentlemen standing behind the counter.

" Hello hello," One of the men said.

"Welcome to Dence high cafeteria, what would you like?" The other person finished off.

Lance and I looked at the board which was filled with dishes I had never heard of. After about thirty seconds, Lance and I came to an agreement.

"I'll have a raspberry tart, a strawberry cake slice, and a deluxe ham sandwich," Lance ordered.

After Lance ordered, I quickly followed suit.

"I'll have black coffee with some roast vegetables," I asked the gentlemen.

"We'll have it done in a jiffy," The men responded in a cheerful tone before going to work.

As Lance and I were gaping in awe of how in sync the two people were at making our food -some were already made like the strawberry cake- but it was still amazing to watch. After about 30 seconds, two platters were on the counter, one was mine and the other was Lance's.

"How did you do that?" I asked the gentlemen.

"When you've been in the industry for fifteen years, you know what the other's thinking," One of the men said.

"Wow, that's a long time! So, what do I owe you?"

"Everything in the cafeteria doesn't cost a bronze rume, we serve whoever is in the school,"

"That's really good service, what are your names for further notice,"

"One of our names is Lukio, the other is Octer, you'll figure which ones which soon," Both of them said simultaneously.

As I thanked them again, I went to sit down with Lance. By the time I looked back up from my plate, Lance had already demolished the raspberry tart. With joy in his eyes, Lance started to demolish the cake slice as well. About halfway through he started to punch his chest and hold up his glass to me. I laughed and filled up his glass full of water. As he chugged it down, I had to ask him a question.

"Let me guess, you barely had sugary delights in Daishin?" I asked Lance sarcastically.

"Yeah, we barely had anything sweet, the only thing we had that was sweet was small berries,"

"Just remember to chew okay,"

"Yeah yeah, whatever you say, your royal highness,"

"I am not a royal of Keneros, I am a high ranking noble, with almost as much authority as any royal,"

As Lance and I were eating our main course, I heard a 'hey punk' in the distance. I turned around to find the girl I scared off earlier, she was walking towards me with two boys trailing behind her. She walked straight up to the table and stood there, giving both of us a death stare.

"You got some balls standing up to me back in the first period," The girl snarled.

"Why are you bothering us again?" I sighed.

"Because you humiliated me on the first day! And I didn't get to beat that guy to a bloody pulp,"

"Too bad so sad! Could you please leave us alone,"

"No, in fact,"

She snapped her fingers and one of the boys punched me. I went flying and hit a pillar across the cafeteria. I got back up, with rage in me, I used my elf eyes to look at the situation. The girl was grabbing Lance by the neck and the two lackeys were making their way towards me. I chanted the summoning and two daggers appeared in my hands.

I felt my demonic source returning, then ran towards the lackeys. One of them saw me coming and sent a fireball out of his hands straight at me. The other one smashed the ground, causing a small earthquake. I blocked the fireball by covering my arm in ice and hovering until the earthquake subsided. As I was within arms reach of the fire lackey (who was about an extra foot higher than me) I stabbed him in the arm.

The lackey then screeched and wailed like a banshee before pulling it out. He seemed all better which confused me, I used my elf eyes to zoom in on the stab spot to see it all healed. He seemed to have my demonic healing ability in his arsenal, but he didn't seem affected like when I used it. I rushed at the lackeys again, this time I made sure to keep my dagger.

As I dodged the continuous attacks they bombarded me with, I got back my other dagger. After that, I stabbed both the lackeys in their arms and legs, they then fell. I was able to subdue both of them by twisting their arms, I was now able to negotiate with the girl.

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"Drop him!" I yelled.

"Suit yourself, do whatever you want to them, I just want to hurt him as much as I can" The girl yelled back.

"Drop him, otherwise I'll break their bones,"

"Suit yourself, both of them are replaceable,"

My anger kept growing towards the girl, then something confusing happened, the arms of the lackeys were both getting cold. I then had a flashback of when the 'thing' that controlled my body did, it froze the demon over. I then tried to focus my source into both the lackey's arms.

As I concentrated as much source as I could, I could feel my demonic energy slowly turning into something else, I focused on my touch on the skin and the lackey's arms froze over. When I could feel my source reaching the elbows of both of them, I stopped. Both of the lackeys then yelled again, I could see the fear emitting from the girls face.

"Drop him now, otherwise I'll really smash their arms into smithereens!" I yelled even louder at the girl.

She then dropped Lance who was white in the face, I then ceased my demonic ability and let go of both the lackeys. I ran towards Lance before the girl stopped me, she put her lips very close to my ear.

She then whispered "In five days meet me behind the school, be there or else," In my ear before she took tail and ran.

I was standing still for a second, just summarizing what happened then ran back to Lance. I got on my knees to look at his face, it was as white as a ghost, but it was slowly turning back to normal.

"Lance are you ok" I gasped out.

"I will be fine, but I think I need a break from class" Lance replied back.

I smirked at him, then carried him to the school nurse. I then went back to classes for the next two hours, before getting picked up by the carriage straight after school. After I got back to Jododams place, I immediately bolted straight out of the carriage and into the dead trees. After about five minutes of running, I reached where Alicia usually hangs out. I saw her meditating in the middle of the lake.

"Alicia…" I panted

"Shhh Dyne, I'm trying to concentrate" Alicia replied

"We need to talk about something"

"What do you need to talk about"

"I was able to use my demonic abilities,"

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