66.66% The Demon Child - Awakening / Chapter 15: Chapter 15 - Twig

Chapter 15: Chapter 15 - Twig

I explained the entire situation to Alicia, about the advanced demonic healing, going behind the school in five days and everything else. But she was most interested in my demonic ability.

"So, you have to meet a girl behind the school in five days. You believe she's a demon due to her friends having high regenerative abilities like yours?" She questioned me.

"Yes! And I want to control my demon ability at least a bit before I have to go to the back of the school," I gasped.

"Ok, I need to get something," Alicia replied.

Alicia then jumped out of her sitting positioned and went into the dead forest. I was shocked that she actually went into the forest because she never left the lake when I was around. After about two minutes, she came back with a tree branch in hand. She then took one of the sprouts from the branch and made it thinner.

"Alicia, what are you going to do with that twig?" I asked her.

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"It's a thing demons do to find out their demon ability, I had a book about it which I memorised," She simply replied with.

"So how are we going to find that out with a twig?"

Alicia then walked up to me, pricked my finger with the twig, then jumped back.

"Ow, what the fuck was that for?!" I yelled at Alicia.

She completely ignored the question and instead, gave me a command.

"Use your special eyes and look at the top of the twig" Alicia demanded.

Not wanting to get jabbed by the rest of the twig, I did what she wanted. It was hard to concentrate at the tip, but when I did do it, I was amazed at what was there. The wood was now stained red with my blood, giving off a unique aura that was neither mine or Alicia's.

"The Dysan twig, named after the demon who started the way of the five nations," Alicia said amazingly.

"Great, what do I have to do?" I asked.

"You hold the twig and focus all of your different sources into it at once, the outcome will show you your demonic ability,"

I grabbed the twig and sat down, focusing all of my different sources into the twig. Alicia then put her hands on my back which startled me and made me lose my focus.

"What are you doing!?" I asked Alicia.

"I'm removing your limit on your source of darkness, this will make things much easier," Alicia smirked.

I go back to focusing putting all my source into the tiny twig. After a while, the twig then erupted into a massive red icicle, which lay there in my hand. By how shocked I was, Alicia snatched it from my hands and examined it.

"Hmm, you have a Blood Ice demonic ability" She gasped.

"Could you please explain what that is?" I asked Alicia.

"When your source touches a body, you can inject your source into them through contact, this includes, physical attacks, incarnate weapons and spells,"

"Great, so how do I control it?"

"You focus on the point of contact and start putting your source into, the gateway between you and the wound makes it mutate and make the ability do what it does,"

"Is that how I killed the demon,"

"Yes, but with that entity controlling you, your ability was enhanced tenfold. When it left you it also reverted back to normal,"

All I wanted to do was unlock the ability and use it decently. Knowing that it was really weak, I felt relieved knowing that it was probably easier to control. Alicia then got a large log and placed it in front of me, it was at least twice my size and a little bit wider in width. Wondering why Alicia placed this in front of me, I was about to ask her, but she already answered my question just then.

"Summon your incarnate weapon, then graze the log, you then practise of freezing the mark,"

I simply nodded and yelled the summoning. This time a silver halberd with a blue pole appeared in my hands. I then poked the trunk with my halberd, then dropped it to the floor. I then went really close to the tree and focused on the puncture hole I had made in it. I closed my eyes and focused on it. Just by focusing on the puncture, I could already feel some sort of gate between myself and the puncture.

I then focused on making my source flow through the gate, making the tree freeze. After what I guessed ten minutes, I opened my eyes to see that the puncture had frozen over with a thin layer of ice. I ran over to Alicia and told her the good news.

"Alicia, I did it!"

"Well, that took much less time than I expected,"

"What do you mean?"

"The first few times you try to activate a new ability it can take several days to get a result, you only did it in fifteen minutes,"

I was quite surprised that I was able to activate my ability faster than an average demon, especially since I was only half demon. But due to my already having some other abilities and training, it was easier. I then thought that due to my soul training I was able to activate my demonic ability. I discarded any other thoughts that had to do with my demonic heritage and went back to training.

Just by doing it only once, I felt a strong bond between the wound and the gate. I was able to do it twice in the same amount of time. I was quite shocked that I took a leap that large, cutting the time in half.

I kept trying until dusk and I was able to activate the ability in two minutes, almost all of my source reserves were gone and I was panting on the ground. Alicia then created a thick mist which healed my fatigue completely. I then stood up and left the forest, knowing that next time I see that girl, I can hold my own better against her.

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Arc 2 - School - end

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