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Chapter 16: Chapter 16 - Portal

Over the next few days, I trained with Alicia and on my own and cut down the time it took to activate to only thirty seconds. I was quite surprised that my Blood Ice ability has already become very powerful even though I had unlocked it not even a week ago.

As the last class finished, I packed my things and walked out of the classroom, waiting to meet up with the girl. I was walking past the classrooms when Luke came out of his classroom and head-locked me.

"Whatcha up to Dyestral?" Luke laughed.

To make Luke jealous, I lied.

"I have a love letter, and I'm going behind the school to see who it is," I smirked at Luke.

"You liar!" He yelled. "Is Jododam ok with this, he will kill you if you don't show up,"

"Yes, I did check with Jododam," I replied. "There are cabins throughout the school which are empty, these are precautions if one of us has to stay here for the night,"

"Whatever, I'll see you in the morning,"

"Yeah yeah, see you later,"

I continue my journey throughout the school until I found my way behind the school. Behind the school consisted of three things, the storeroom, the field, and the garden. I discarded the field straight away, due to seeing that the girl was not there with my elf eyes. I also discarded the storeroom due to it being locked and having no way in.

I then went on a stroll in the garden, sniffing the roses, look at a beautiful garden lake, until I saw a rusty shed. I was getting closer before it became extremely hot, I was sweating a lot, but I cooled myself off with my water source. I was walking towards the shed before a hand grasped my shoulder and turned me around me. What stood there was the girl that had summoned me.

"It seems that you found your way here, quite fast," The girl said.

"You said behind the school, so this would be the only place I could meet up with you," I replied whilst shrugging my shoulders.

'Well, you are the first one who could defeat those two,"

"Well, I am lucky, aren't I?"

"Follow me,"

The girl then started walking towards the shed and I followed soon after. We both stopped at the entrance and stood there. The girl then raised her arm and whispered something under her breath. The rusty metal of the shed's door then started to melt very quickly, the heat was extremely unbearable, I had to move back a few feet to keep the skin on my body. After the metal was made into a magma mess, she went through the door.

"You coming?" She asked me.

'Y-yeah, I stuttered.

I followed the girl into the shed and was amazed at what I saw. The shed was bigger on the inside. But it wasn't filled with garden materials and fertilizer, instead, it was filled with boxes stacked on top of each other. The girl then walked up to one of the boxes and she called out.

"Come out, we have one," The girl yelled.

The boxes opened and four people climbed out. Two I didn't recognise, but the other two were the lackeys who had attacked me a week ago, and they both had an arm missing. One of the unknown people approached the girl and me, he had black hair, pale white skin, and blood red eyes. He was slightly bigger than me.

"So Lucy, you think this guy is one of us," The boy snorted at her.

"Well, he does have a tail Astar, I think that that's proof enough," The girl snorted back.

I was shocked to find out the girl was able to see my tail, only Jododam and Rowan could see it, although she wasn't as powerful as Jododam, she still scared me.

"How can you see my tail?" I asked the girl.

"Because I'm a higher demon than you, that's why," The girl responded with.

"But only Rowan and Jododam could see it, and Jododam is an Archdemon, so are you telling me that you on are on par with Jododam?"

"Wait you know Jododam!"

"Yeah, he works for the king, and you didn't even answer my question,"

"N-no, I am not on par with Jododam's abilities,"

"Good, so what do you want with me?"

"Our boss wants to recruits, so we have invaded schools and put up hideouts, we have also put this garden shed up as a portal to the storeroom,"

"So, we are in the storeroom right now?"

"Yes, that is true,"

"So, what are you going to do to me?"

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The girl then pointed at the two lackeys and gave them an order.

"Asmo, Amo, get together,"

The lackey's nodded and they turned to mud and fell to the floor. After a while, the mud then came together and formed another person. He was definitely larger than me, blond, and very hairy, but he was naked so we all looked away.

"Seriously Abat, why did you forget to put some clothes on before you split," The other girl laughed at the new person.

"Sorry, forgot to put on some clothes before I fused," The new boy replied back.

The boy then closed his eyes, and a black robe appeared onto him.

"There that's better" The boy then said.

The boy then clapped his hands and one of the large wooden boxes to the left of me was destroyed which revealed a narrow cave. I was shocked to see that the blond haired boy was able to do that just by clapping his hands. All of the people other than me started to walk towards the cave.

"You coming?" The other girl sang.

"Y-yeah," I stuttered.

As I walked through the cave, I could feel a cool breeze emitting from the cave. Although no one seemed bothered, I found it extremely cold. We walked for about five minutes until the cave opened into a rocky room with an altar in a middle, the room had a small hole which explained where the breeze came from. I was then looking at the other people in the room seeing how confused they were. I asked the girl who invited me what was wrong.

"What's wrong, Lucy," I asked her.

"It should be here," She replied back.

"What should,"

"You'll see,"

All the people in the room then started to put one source to the altar, I could feel the sources of fire, air, earth and a hazy source I didn't know. I followed soon after and put my water source in as well.

"Well well, I didn't have to ask you to do that," Lucy spoke to me.

"Hm, lucky guess," I replied back.

After another ten seconds, Lucy yelled "Stop!" and everyone stopped putting their source into the altar. After another ten seconds, a bright red light appeared out of nowhere. I looked around to see that the group was jumping in.

I closed my eyes and jumped into the bright light. I didn't know how long it was until I touched the ground again, I had a hood over my head and I couldn't see.

"Boss, he's awake," The cheerful girl said to someone.

"Take the hood off, Xirax, let him see,"

As the hood was taken off me, I was relieved that my vision had been returned. I got up to look at the mountain which was on. I then try to find the group who came here with me, I was surprised by what I saw. Instead of Lucy and the others, I saw, entirely different people.

AndrewJones AndrewJones

Yay! Finally, more than one main character that'll appear for more than five chapters!

P.S: Would you like to see a few chapters about the mechanics and magic of this world, either go to Royal road or leave yes or no in the comments

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    HAHA, I edited but, I accidentally copied the chapter twice.

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