75% The Demon Child - Awakening / Chapter 17: Chapter 17 - Antral

Chapter 17: Chapter 17 - Antral

I was shocked to see different people standing in front of me. Everyone looked similar, but they had many noticeable differences. The difference everyone had is that white hair, with a different coloured tip at the end of their hair.

Lucy had red tipped hair, her skin was a crimson red, and she had small wings at her waist. The boy named Astar had purple tipped hair and a skinny black tail, but not as large as mine. The girl which appeared to be Xanxia, her hair was pure white, and the large wings like a bird on her back. The massive person Abat, was even bigger than before, hairier, blonder, and had sharp teeth.

I was confused about the striking resemblance between the new people and the people I came here with, but then I asked Lucy's lookalike a question.

"Lucy is that you?" I asked the red skinned girl.

"It's Lucyfer in Antral, but yes, I am known as Lucy in Antrite," She scoffed.

"So, everyone here has changed appearances,"

"Yes, these are our true forms,"

"True forms?"

"Yes, this is our birth world, Antral," "And this is where we take our true form, the form of demons,"

"So, we are in Antral now,"

"Correct, and it seems that you too are truly a demon since your tail has a form,"

I turned around to see that my tail had become touchable, I slammed it up and down causing damage to the earth underneath me, making cracks in the rocks. I then turned back to see a massive reflective crystal was staring straight at me. I then turned my head to see Abat worn out.

"Sorry for this," Abat wheezed.

I was wondering at first, but I wasn't after a short period of time. I looked down to see that Astar and Lucy sucker punched me in the stomach. I went flying into a near boulder and broke it. I instinctively used my demonic healing to recover almost instantly. I felt less drained when I used the healing and jumped out of the boulder.

I then yelled "What the hell was that for?!" towards the group.

"Take a look at yourself in the crystal," Astar yelled back at me.

I went towards the mirror and took a good look at myself. I put my hand on the mirror and was shocked at what I saw. My entire appearance has changed. My hair was upright, with black on each side and a white streak in the middle of my hair. I also grew muscular again and gained stubby horns, my tail also grew larger and its colour changed to a sea blue. Another main difference is that I was now naked. Lucy then shoved me a robe.

"This is your demon form, put the robe on, we're walking towards the camp," Alicia scowled at me.

I put the robe on and followed soon after. I was at the back of the line, thinking of what just had happened. As we were heading down the mountain I asked the other girl with bird wings what's going on here. But before I had a chance, she spoke first.

"What do want to ask me," The girl hummed.

"Xanxia right? I was wondering if you could answer some of my questions about Antral?" I asked her.

"First of all, it's Xirax, and second of all, sure!"

"Ok, so Antral is the demon world and I am in it,"

"Yes and Yes!!"

"And how are demons graded here?"

"There are five demon classes, Greater Archdemon, Archdemon, Greater Demon, Demon, and a ghoul. In the descending order, those are the classes from strongest to weakest, there are also five ranks in each class, one being the strongest of the class, and five being the weakest,"

"So, what are you?"

"We are known as the junior grimoire elemental five, Abatson and I are third rank demons, Astaroth is a second rank demon, and Lucyfer is a fifth rank greater demon, she is the strongest out of all of us,"

"Wait a minute, you said five, but there are only four of you, what's up with that?"

"Kappa, our water demon died saving us," Xirax pouted.

"Why don't I join your group?"

"No way! You can't, only an archdemon or higher can put you in our group, and there is only one at camp,"

"Who is it?"

"They're the head of the camp,"

"Wait a minute, you said it's they're? But it's there only one?"

"You'll see, tehee," Xirax giggled.

Xirax and I talked for the rest of the trip down to the camp. It was a short while before we reached the camp, but I was amazed at what I saw. Tents were all around an open field, some people were chopping down trees, whilst others were staring at a board. Everyone was doing something, but most of them looked very weak.

"Hey Xirax, who are those people," I asked Xirax.

"They're Ghoul's, unlike us which were born from our mothers, instead, Ghoul's appear from nature with human-like traits. They are cheap labour, especially rank 5 ghouls," Xirax answered me with.

I was talking to Xirax about ghouls and what they can do before someone interrupted me.

"Well well well, Lucyfer, have you come back with another recruit?" A voice interrupted my question.

"Indeed I have Krayme, this one is special," Lucyfer answered back to the mystery man.

Out of nowhere, A man with a red suit appeared out of nowhere. He was twice as big as Abatson, and his aura was frightening. No one seemed to be bothered by the sheer amount of power he was emitting, so I did my best not to react as well.

The man then walked towards me and bent down, face to face, I could see that he had the eyes of a snake, and his irises were white

"So, is this the new recruit, I go to say Lucyfer, this one has potential," Krayme laughed.

"Thanks so much, chief for saying that to me!" Lucy yelled out.

"Anyway's what's your name young man," Krayme creepily said to me.

"I am Dystral Copper sir," I replied back.

"Dystral, I like the name, but first, let's get you into a more fitting attire,"

Krayme snapped his fingers and I was surrounded in flames for a second. When the flames subsided, I had very silky and sky blue pants on, nothing else, but it did make way for my tail which I enjoyed.

"Follow me," Krayme demanded.

I followed Krayme onto a clear field where I waited in the middle of it. Krayme then walked onto a nearby tree and plucked a twig. I then realized that I was going to do, Krayme was going to make me do the Dysan twig test.

"Ok Dystral, you focus on all your source into this one twig, we will then analyze the reaction and see what you'll do at the camp," Krayme commanded at me.

"Understood, I already know how it works, I read it in a demon book," I lied to Krayme.

"How can you find a Demon book, they're very rare in Antrite,"

"Jododam lent it to me, he wanted me to improve my Demon abilities,"

"Wait, you know Jododam, my boss!"

"Yes, he serves underneath the king and shelters some of the representatives, I am included in that,"

"Hm-hm, well, in that case, I'll allow you to take it from here,"

Krayme then gave me the twig and left, having no idea that I lied to him. I had to lie at the moment due to Alicia's identity being a secret towards all nations, thinking that she didn't exist, an immortal being in any army would have increased the nation's power tenfold. If the King of Antrite found out, he would've conquered both worlds.

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I started to focus all of my three sources onto the twig, I could feel it was much easier than the first time that I did it. I focused much more of my source into the twig and felt more alive. The last thing I remembered is that I yelled and blacked out. As I was left with my thoughts again, I wondered what did happen. As I lost track of time again, the darkness around me started to fade, turning into other colours and my vision finally returned.

I woke up in one of the tents, which was white on the inside and wondered what happened.

I then heard a "Guy's he's awake" and turned around to see that Lucyfer was sitting on a chair next to me.

"Did you have a nice sleep Dystral?" Lucy asked me with a snarl.

"What happened?" I asked Lucyfer.

Lucyfer then dragged the camp curtains and I was shocked by what I saw. Instead of the clear field before I took a test, it was a lake of red.

AndrewJones AndrewJones

I know I'm asking for a lot. But one power stone, please! My 'Real Life' freinds have also made some new covers, although I am having trouble getting them on voting. Be patient, it'll probably start voting in the next few chapters

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