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Chapter 18: Chapter 18 - Blood

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I was shocked at what I saw, the clear flat ground was now a red lake. I turned my head back to Lucyfer so I could ask her some questions.

"I've never seen a reaction like that," She grunted.

"Uuh, what happened?" I wheezed out

"Your test ended up destroying the entire training field,"

"Is that normal?"

"Definitely not, you only have a one in a hundred-thousand change of getting a reaction like this…,"

"So what will happen to me?"

"Krayme will decide what to do with you,"

"Indeed I willlllllll," Krayme said with a creepy voice outside.

Kraymes head then appeared inside the tent, although it seems like he just entered since he was the farthest away from us.

"Back off Drayme, let Krayme take over again," Lucyfer yelled at him.

"Drayme?" I asked Lucyfer.

"He's the snake-like version of Krayme. His soul ability is that he has three souls. Krayme is the original and the soul of reasoning, Drayme is the soul of despair, and the one you haven't met, Sayme, is the soul of harmony,"

"Thanks for the information, but why are you so worried about Drayme?"

"He has the habit of stealing other peoples sources, right down till they die,"

"Indeed I willll try," Drayme sighed.

Lucy took a deep breath in and her aura dropped massively. She put her index and middle finger underneath her lip and breathed out a massive wave of flame. The flames engulfed Krayme and burnt the tent, spreading outside as well. After a minute, she stopped and looked at the charred ground she had made, with a burnt Drayme carcass lying in the middle, still alight.

"You idiot! Didn't you say that he was your leader!" I yelled at Lucyfer.

"Wait for it..." Lucyfer said with a bad tone.

After Draymes body stopped burning, two hands appeared out of his charred mouth. The hand pushed out another, pale and naked Drayme. As the perfectly fine Drayme was finally out of the Crisped one's throat, he covered himself in the fire which gave him the same clothes he was wearing moments ago.

I was staring in disbelief as I turned to Lucyfer and asked her.

"What just happened?" I questioned Lucyfer.

"I just forced one of his other souls to take control of his body, and since he covered himself in his fire I would say Krayme is now in control.,"

"But how did he survive that fire?"

"His demon ability is that he can shed like a snake. Although this does not make him immortal, it allows for us to intervene when Drayme takes over,"

"So Krayme is in control?"


Krayme then started to walk towards us. He stopped about one metre (three feet) in front of Lucyfer and me. I could see his eye colour had turned back to a pale white.

"So sorry about that Dyestral, hopefully, Drayme doesn't come out again before the end of the introduction," Krayme said in an apologetic tone.

"What Introductions?" I asked.

"All I have to do is tell you your demonic ability, then give you a demon name, now let's see here,"

Krayme took a book from his pocket, about the size of a diary. He started flicking through the pages and finally settled on one page. I noticed that he began to shiver.

"O-oh my," Krayme stuttered.

"What is it?" I questioned Krayme.

"Your demon ability is ancient, thought to be extinct,"

"Don't tell me that blood ice is really rare,"

"No, it's not blood ice, that was the surface of your ability,"

"Then what is it,"

"Y-you have blood sacrifice,"

"Why is that special,"

"Only high ranking vampires had this ability thousands of years ago, but you have no vampiric traits,"

"So what does blood sacrifice do?'

"It is what it sounds like, you can sacrifice your or others blood to do something, if you sacrifice enough, what you wanted to do will come true, like a wish,"

"So if I sacrifice enough blood, the ability I wanted could come true,"

"Correct, an example would be increasing your strength for a period of time,"

"But that is quite strong, I only knew I was a demon until a few months ago,"

"That's why we'll put you into a group which will be average,"

"And what group would that be?"

"The Dark Grimoires Junior elemental five, you will be their new source of water,"

Lucy immediately stomped her foot into the ground. I looked at the impact to notice that the ground around it has turned to a red hot mess.

"I will not work with a beginner like Dystral" She yelled. "He got lucky to get ranked as a level one demon, and I had to claw my wat up there! He'll just slow us down on missions because he is weak. Even a rank 5 ghoul could beat him! Her outburst had left her breathless and fuming with anger as she stared at Krayme.

"I'll put him under extensive training, after that, he'll be able to keep up with you on missions,"

"Understood, but he'll never be like kappa, now please excuse us,"

Lucyfer then dragged me towards another small tent, but this tent was black. Inside were Xirax, Astar, and Abaston lounging around on some cushions surrounding a low table. They all looked up as Lucyfer hauled me inside and abruptly let go. For a moment we were all just staring at one another.

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"Listen up, Dyestral here is now our water source, he's now part of our team, say hi Dyestral," Lucyfer grunted.

"Greetings, I am Dyestral Copper, I will now be joining your team from this day forward," I said as calmly as I could manage.

"Tch, what's so special about him, he's probably weaker than all of us," Astar quickly said to me in an angered tone.

"Well, I am a first rank demon, and why do I have to be special?"

Everyone in the tent gaped in awe. As their shock subsided, Lucyfer then started to speak.

"Each one of us has something irregular. I, for example, am a succubus, but I don't possess the related powers. Abatson can split into two mud clones even though it's not his soul or demon ability. Xirax is a harpy but has her wings on her back instead of on her arms. Astaroth's demon ability was long lost and was only known by very few demons'. So again, what's your irregularity?" Lucyfer told me.

It was clear that I would need to make a point of fitting in, but I did not want to give too much away. After a short pause I said:

"I also have an extremely rare demon ability of blood release… and I am an only half-demon,"

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Thank you for your cooperation

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