87.14% RWBY: The Phantom of Remnant / Chapter 60: First Match

Chapter 60: First Match

Standing across from each other on the large stone stage, Magna and John stared each other down. They silently waited for the announcer to start the battle as the crowd slowly became quiet.

John glared at Magna with so much anger that veins popped up all around his body. It was actually a very disgusting sight, unlike in anime. Grotesque veins puffed up beyond normal as they rapidly pumped blood through the body just looked so wrong on so many levels.

Suddenly, the announcer roared from offstage, "FIGHTERS!!! ARE YOU READY!?!"

Magna nodded while John just smirked. Taking that as conformation, the announcer grinned as he yelled so loud that Magna almost mistook him for a dovahkin, "BATTLE… COMMENCE!!!"

Almost at the exact moment the announcer finished speaking, John took off towards Magna. He roared as he thrust his fist at Magna.

Magna easily stepped to the side, dodging the incoming fist as he sent out one of his own. Unlike Magna, John couldn't dodge Magna's attack as it landed square on his chest.

However, Magna realised something was wrong when he felt the force behind his attack disappear.

A smirk appeared on John's face as he quickly launched a kick at Magna faces.


Magna had no time to defend himself as John's foot viciously smashed against Magna's cheek.

Nursing his cheek that now had a foot print on it, Magna quickly gathered his thoughts and made some distance. Somehow, John's attack was much faster than before. Magna had barely enough time to block yet he still took a bit of damage.

Magna's first thoughts were that John's semblance was like Yang's, where he got stronger the more damage he took. However, when his attack landed on John's chest, he noticed a few differences between his semblance and Yang's.

His semblance didn't seemed to make him stronger the more damage he took but he somehow mitigated the damage, while also being able to use the damage to temporarily boost him.

Scanning the angry man charging at him, Magna smiled as he quietly muttered, "Hmmm… let's see how much you can handle…"

Coating one fist in water and the other in earth, Magna took a deep breath before quickly dashing forward.

A smirk appeared on John's face as he gave an eerie chuckle and taunted Magna to come at him.

Even though Magna wasn't using a cluster related to martial arts, he's learned a thing or two from his clusters as well as Qrow.

With a strong right hook, Magna's fist covered in stones collided with John's stomach. Magna's punch literally knocked the wind out of him as he collapsed to the floor, gasping for breath.

Sure, Magna still felt the force behind his punch disappear but John couldn't fully defend against his attack.

As he was recovering, Magna silently watched John as he noticed something weird. An odd ripple of aura surrounded his body, rippling outwards from where Magna punched him.

With bloodshot eyes, John tried to stand up and punch him but Magna wasn't having it. Forcing the water surrounding his hand to spin, Magna drilled his fist into John's face.

It was like a wave hit him dead in the face as John started frantically coughing from accidentally swallowing some of the water. Again, the odd aura ripple covered his body before disappearing.

Suddenly, Magna's eyes lit up as he softly muttered, "Shock absorption…"

John turned towards Magna after he stopped coughing as he hoarsely said, "So your figured it out? That's right, my semblance is shock absorption! But even if you know what my semblance is, that still won't help you!"

With an angry roar, John charged at Magna and punched towards his head. His semblance was shock adsorption in the most literally sense. He absorbed the force behind Magna's attacks, using the power to temporarily make himself hit harder. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com <a href="https://www.webnovel.com">www.webnovel.com</a> for visiting.

This meant that while it may look like Magna was hurting him, he was basically taking no damage.

Dodging John's attack, Magna shook the magic off his fists as his eyes glowed in excitement.

"While I'm not All Might, this kinda reminds me of his battle against Nomu. Let's see how much force your body can absorb!"

Pointing two fingers at John, Magna smiled as he flipped his fingers upwards and roared, "Earth Pillar!"

From underneath him, a large pillar of earth smashed directly into John's stomach, forcing the man high into the air.

Coating his legs in wind, Magna crouched down low before shooting up into air like a bullet, shocking the crowd with how fast he was accelerating.

When he arrived next to John, the man was pale as he flailed about with tears in his eyes and snot pouring out his nose.

Shaking his head, Magna raised his foot high above his head as the world seemed to fall silent. One of the prerequisites for using a scythe was flexibility, so Magna was actually very flexible.

Suddenly, a roaring gale burst out from Magna's foot as he slammed down his heel into John's chest. John almost instantly hit the ground as a small sand storm covered the arena.

As Magna slowly floated down to the ground, the dust finally settled, revealing a shocking sight. Cracks spread outwards from the center of the arena as John lay sprawled out in the middle, unconscious.

There were still remnants of tears and snot on his face as a look of absolute terror was etched on his face.

The crowd was silent for a couple seconds before bursting into cheers.

"Ladies and Gentlemen! I believe we have a winner! And can I say… WHAT A BLOODY EXCITING MATCH!!! PLEASE PUT YOUR HANDS TOGETHER FOR… RUDEUS!!!"

It had to be known that Magna signed up under an alias. He was even using his second semblance, embodying Amber, to sell his persona.

This was a precaution he took to hide his true identity. He was strong, much stronger than 6 years ago but that didn't mean he was invincible.

He didn't want to imagine what lengths the queen of grimm would go to bring him to her side. He might be able to escape if she only sent people after him but he had a family, friends, people he cared for. He'd be putting them in danger once she realised how strong Magna was.

Shaking himself from his morbid thoughts, Magna watched on in amusement as a pair of nurses suddenly ran onto the stage as the crowd cheered for Magna. One ran to the unconscious man on the floor while the other ran to Magna.

He shook his head as he told her he was fine but she insisted on checking him, just to be safe. After she was sure Magna was fine, she quietly congratulated Magna on his win before quickly making her way over to John.

According to the other nurse, John was physically fine and only seemed to be unconscious due to shock. Gently moving John onto a stretcher, the nurses congratulated Magna one last time before quickly leaving the arena.

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    What?! The MC is not going to get badass muscles like guts, zero, baka or like batman?

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