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Chapter 1: Primordial Origin [A Prologue]

"Existence is beyond the power of words. To explain it, different terms may be used, but none of them is absolute. In the beginning of the universe, there were no words. Words later came out of the womb of matter. And whether a man dispassionately sees to the core of life or passionately sees the surface, the core and the surface are essentially the same. Words made them seem different, but words only express appearance. If name be needed, wonder names them both. From wonder into wonder, existence opens." — Dao of the Pathway[Truth Of Existence].

At first, there was the void. This was the true beginning. A single existence of temporal infinity of space — formless matter — of infinitum energy, from which, the first two forms of creation were made. The Alpheron and the Ominu. The two essence cores that represented the ultimate Yin and Yang of existence.

It was from the Alpheron, that the primordial universe was formed. It was the essence core, the source of life, of the universe. All universal energy originated from this essence core, since it was the force that underlay everything that ever existed or happened. The Alpheron was the ultimate existence of order and harmony. Truly, a creative harmony that displayed the ultimate order of the universe.

The immeasurable mighty force of the Alpheron was truly unifying, creative and harmonious. And since the Alpheron was the true origin of life in the universe, every existence in the universe was created from its essence core. As the true source of life, all things received their energy from the Alpheron in order to exist. Without the energy from Alpheron, an existence in the universe would simply cease to be.

After forming the embryo of the primordial universe, the life essence of the Alpheron began to expand the space-time of the primordial universe. This happened in an intrinsic expansive way which caused the scale of space itself to change. This significant act, made the primordial universe to evolve rapidly which allowed the cosmos, galaxies and planets to be formed. The created cosmos was made up of many galaxies and the galaxies were made up of countless numbers of planets.

Yet, in spite of the magnitude of its creation, the universe kept on expanding infinitely. Thereby, creating space for more galaxies and planets to occupy.

The harmonious force of the Alpheron was evident in the fact that, since it was an essence core, every other existence with perpetuity had a core. The planets as part of the universe had Nerons. These were smaller essence cores connected to the Alpheron, the mother core of the universe. The Alpheron would absorb infinitum energy from the void of infinity and refined it, in order to create the cosmic energy or cosmic spiritual energy.

It was only after then, that the Nerons would absorb the cosmic energy and release it on the planets. This released energy was often referred to as the heavenly spiritual energy.

Then, the Ominu. The second essence core that was created from the infinitum energy of the void. The essence core of the Ominu was the life force of the primordial chaos. It was the source of life of all existence in primordial chaos. The Ominu core absorbed infinitum energy from the Void and refined it, to form the chaos energy which was the vital energy of life in the primordial chaos. The primordial chaos was a space-time of complete disorder — total disarray — which was the exact opposite of the order and harmony of the universe.

Nonetheless, like the universe, the primordial chaos was also infinite in its gradual expansion. Although they were different in every terms of existence, the primordial universe and the primordial chaos literally coexisted. Despite their differences, one could not exist without the other. Hence, they were connected through the primordial holes. These holes were passages of total darkness made of infinitum energy that passed through the void and joined the primordial universe to the primordial chaos.

The habitual significance of the primordial universe and primordial chaos, couldn't be emphasized enough. They were the homes of the mighty primordials.

The primordials.

First of their kinds, they were the extremely powerful entities, created from the energy of the essence cores during the space-time expansion of the primordial universe and the primordial chaos. They were divided into two groups according to their origin of creation. They were; the primordial divines and the primordial beasts.

The primordial divines were the creation of the universe from its pure essence energy. Entities of total cosmic energy, refined from the void's infinitum energy. Pure divine beings of immense powers that were seeing to the well-being of the universe in relations to the laws of creation. While on the other hand, the primordial beasts were created in the primordial chaos from the essence of the Ominu's core. The very life force of absolute chaos energy that was refined from the infinitum energy. These were powerful beasts at the pinnacle of existence in the chaos.

Order and chaos, would always collide despite their co-existence and would always co-exist in-spite of their collision. This was evident in the fact that, these two primordial entities were constantly at war against one another, right from the time of creation. Many vicious battles had been fought as a result of this simple truth.

The great wars.

For billions of years after creation, many great wars were fought between the primordials divines and primordial beasts. The primordial beasts, either in search of things unknown or to capture the universe, had invaded the universe many times. But their efforts were always thwarted and they were continually pushed back. Occasionally, the primordial divines would also respond in kind by invading the primordial chaos. Eventually, a number of primordials ceased to exist.

The divines who fell inside the universe, would only enter into limbo[a dormant state] for billions of years before starting on their road to recovery. This, they could achieve due to the Alpheron core which would absorb their life-essence. Whereas, any divine who fell inside the primordial chaos, could be in dire danger if the primordial's essence didn't make it back to the universe. It could become a mutated essence, or simply cease to exist permanently. The same thing with the primordial beasts.

Although there were losses on both sides, the divines suffered fewer losses than the beasts. The reason for this being that the primordial beasts were always trying to invade and conquer the universe. The last great war — the war that led to the primordial beasts' greatest loss — proved very costly. And the remaining beasts were pushed back through the primordial holes, into chaos. Finally, the divines created the cosmic wall seals and the gates were completely shut. These gates were forever guarded by the Nefrims — the cosmic golems.

Although the primordial beasts would occasionally intrude through a temporary tear in the cosmic walls, they were quickly and efficiently rebuffed. Once again, peace reigned supreme in the universe. Billions of years after the great wars, life took forms in the cosmos. Different living entities sprang to life in the worlds. Among them, were the immense sentients of nature.

The primordial titans.

The mighty titans. Powerful forces of nature that gained the knowledge of awareness and started to reason. They realized their existence and became sentients. These were living entities that could materialize in the mortal forms as they advanced in their spiritual existence. They evolved from various existence of nature, in the forms of rivers, seas, mountains and others.

After the titans, came the cosmic beasts.

The cosmic beasts were different from the primordial beasts in their existential manifestations. The primordial beasts were from the chaos, whereas, the cosmic beasts were the creation of the universe. As animal creatures much more intelligent than mundane animals, they were capable of speaking in mortal languages, transforming into mortal forms and practicing cultivation. These were sentience creatures of great strength and power, and were divided into three categories — the divine beasts, the sacred beasts and the demonic beasts.

The divine beasts were innate bloodline creatures. They grew stronger and more powerful over the course of time. The epitome of their powers, was when they awakened their bloodline which could lead them directly to immortality. Despite all these traits, they couldn't transform into any mortal forms. They remained forever in their animal forms.

Whereas, the sacred beasts didn't have innate bloodline but they were born with primal evanesce cores. These cores made them particularly strong and powerful from birth. They also had the benefits of being capable of cultivation. Although, their cultivation was quite slow due to their level of adaptation.

And lastly, the demonic beasts. These were creatures born when animals and plants absorbed corrupted cosmic spiritual energy over a long period of time and then gained spiritual awareness. It was after gaining sentience that they would form essence cores. Being creatures with demonic traits, their existence was based on their Karmic virtues. However, there were good karmic demons that protected and maintained the laws of creation, and there were many demons with bad karma due to the numerous sins they had accrued over time.

Then, millions of years after the cosmic beasts, came the mundane animals. Although some of them started to exhibit magical traits, they neither had nor gained sentience. They were never aware of their existence since they had no reasoning abilities. These were the magical beasts, and their bodies contained great benefits to both mortals and immortals alike.

Millions of years later.

Mortals came into existence. They were created from the vital essence of life of the Alpheron — the Chi essence of life — according to the laws of creation. Mortals were created on different planets — worlds of different sizes. These worlds were divided into minor worlds and major worlds. Among the mortals, were the humans. Many mortal worlds belong to humans while other species occupied numerous worlds too.

For millions of years, mortals were living extremely short and difficult lives. It was a circle of short life, death and reincarnation. But mortals were reluctant to accept these forms of living. Hence, they started the ultimate search, the search for immortality. The ability to gain eternal life, the capacity to live forever. The cosmic divines seeing the mortals predicament, decided to give mortals a chance to achieve the eternal life they had been craving.

The answer? Cultivation!

Immortality through tribulations and trials. Cultivating chi and practicing martial and mystical arts through the created methods.

The first of the cosmic divines, the three pure ones — lord of primordial origin, lord of luminous treasure and lord of true way — decided to teach the 'Dao' of the universe[the way] to mortals. The teaching — Dao produced Taiji; Taiji produced Yin and Yang; Yin and Yang produced Yin, Yang and Chi — was spread throughout the mortal worlds. Luminous treasures from them, were scattered all over the universe to aid mortals in their cultivation and other arts.

Cosmic divines, the Adi-Buddhas — lord Buddha Bhavana and lord Buddha Bodhisattva — added the "Dharma" of the universe, the path. They taught the Eight-fold path and the Bodhisattva path. The enlightenment and awakening of the mortal self to reach immortality. Luminous artifacts from them were also created and placed all over the universe.

The roads were opened for mortals cultivating these techniques, to have eternal lives. This was due to the fact that the mortal body had a dantian — the centre of oneself. By sensing the heavenly spiritual energy, and absorbing the energy to form Chi in the dantian, mortals were capable of improving their health, increasing their longevity and growing more powerful. Mortals were able to achieve these through the circulation of Chi through their meridians. The cultivation of Chi in the dantian, was the root of the immortality tree.

In order to record and preserve these techniques, manuscripts were created. These were scriptures and manuals containing detailed instructions on different techniques in cultivation, mystical arts and martial arts. Over the course of millions of years, many mortals had used these manuscripts to achieve immortality. Therefore, these manuscripts became being regarded as extremely valuable treasures and were well-guarded by clans, sects[schools] and loose cultivators who were in possession of them.

Various treasures of magical and divine nature were also made during creation of the universe and primordial chaos. Natural treasures of immense powers that could be harnessed to further the path of cultivation and martial arts. All over the universe and primordial chaos, these treasures were secretly located.

The path of cultivation was a hard, tedious and dangerous one. It required obtaining a Chi cultivation methods and other techniques for meditation, martial and mystical arts. More importantly were the availability of spiritual energy and resources for advancement.

There were various stages of advancement for a cultivator.

The first stage was the Juchi — the gathering of Chi.

The second stage was the Lianchi — the refining of Chi.

The third stage was the Ningchi — the condensing of Chi.

The fourth stage was the Zhuji — the foundation establishment from the condensed Chi.

The fifth stage was the Miechi — the evanesce core formation.

The sixth stage was the Jindan — the golden core formation.

The seventh stage was the Yuanying — the forging of the nascent soul.

The eight stage was the quangtian stage — the hegemon soul. Immortal ascension stage.

The ninth stage was the Shenxian — the hegemon soul reaching godhood.

The tenth stage was the Tianshang — the god soul becoming celestial.

The eleventh stage was the Shensheng — celestial soul becoming cosmic divine.

Every stage of advancement had further stages.

From the first stage[Juchi] to the third stage[Ningchi], there were three further stages— the early stage, the middle stage and the late stage.

From the fourth stage[Zhuji] to eight stage[Quangtian], there were four further stages— the early stage, the middle stage, the late stage and the peak stage.

For the heavenly plane, it was a different matter entirely.

For the ninth stage[Shenxian], there were three initial stages— the lowgods, the highgods and the puregods. And four further stages of— early, middle, late and peak stages.

The tenth stage[Tianshang] had three stages— lowcelestials, highcelestials and purecelestials.

For the cosmic plane.

The eleventh stage[Shensheng] had only one. The cosmic divines. Total universal emptiness.

The essence of the Universe was Oneness, and harmony was the underlying nature of the Universe. Oneness, Unity and Harmony were the basic qualities that the Universe operated on. Those who knew these insight facts, were truly enlightened. The more one was able to understand oneness and creative harmony in all areas of life and situations, the more enlightened one would become in viewing and interacting with reality.

Nonetheless, cultivation was an act of defiance against the mortal laws of creation. Mortals lived, died and reincarnated. That, was a mortal law of creation. For mortals to be immortals, was going against the natural order of creation. And that immortality, would not come easily. This also applied to sacred and demonic beasts that practiced cultivation.

Though cultivation was not a forbidden act, it was still an act of defiance and would bring immortality trials. The immortality trials were the wrath of creation which came as the heavenly tribulations. This also applied to sacred and demonic beasts that practiced cultivation. Every major steps into immortality brought heavenly tribulations. But, surviving the tribulations meant immortality.

This was the pathway to eternity.

Primate Primate

Dear immortals,

I thank you for checking out my work. I deeply appreciate the time you spent. Please keep supporting and encouraging me.



  • Mamba123


    I was reading this and I actually needed to check whether I was actually reading an original novels. One of the greatest beginning to any novel I have read in a long time.

  • nykka


    Honestly, I'm absolutely extremely astonished and impressed with how well you made this world of yours! Much better than those 'system' bs novels.

  • Ki_


    Okay. I have read quite a few novel. This was the best intoduction. Ever. Period

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