77.77% Stone heart / Chapter 7: She's gone

Chapter 7: She's gone

In the office, Ron gathered his friends and colleagues to announce "To my friends today I take this opportunity to formally announce my marriage to Tanya. It would be held a week from now. I want you guys to attend it and bless us."

Nina entered the office just as Ron finished his speech. She had been avoiding Ron so much now knowing that she's pregnant, she couldn't keep her eyes off Ron. It was subconscious. In her head she was contemplating how to break the news of her pregnancy.

Her days went in a blur. She was still unaware of the impending wedding. Soon it was the wedding day and she saw the guests going in and out of Tanya's house. On inquiring she found out that that it was Ron and Tanya's wedding day.

She made her way to the wedding chapel. Ron stood elegantly in a 3 piece black tuxedo. His hair neatly combed. He smelt of the musky Old Spice aftershave. He looked like Adonis stepped out from dreamland. Tanya adorned a white dress and hid her face behind a long veil. To others she appeared like a total beauty. But to Nina she appeared like a grim reaper.

The vows were done. When the minister announced "If anyone can show just cause why this couple cannot lawfully be joined together in matrimony, let them speak now or forever hold their peace" Nina spoke "I object to this union". Everyone was shocked and turned towards Nina. She was standing at the door and proceeded to the altar. Nina then spoke "Ron, you cannot get married to Tanya. You promised marriage to me."

Ron replied "I never had any intention to begin with. Please leave us alone and go away from here."

Nina retorted "But you promised. " Holding her belly. She then proceeded to move Tanya away from Ron. Ron stood in front of Tanya guarding her and pushed Nina away. With this Nina fell face first and something hit her abdomen and head. She lost consciousness. Their boss who was part of the wedding ceremony volunteered to take an unconscious Nina out of there.

Now that the only obstacle was out of the picture, the minister announced again "If anyone can show just cause why this couple cannot lawfully be joined together in matrimony, let them speak now or forever hold their peace". This time no one objected. Before he could announce that the wedding was complete bullets started spraying from all directions.

Meanwhile, their boss who was holding Nina in his arms noticed blood oozing from between Nina's legs. He started getting flustered. He managed to reach his car and laid her on his back seat. He then proceeded to take her to the nearest hospital. Once there he got Nina admitted and was about to leave. The doctor called out to him and said "Please wait while we check your wife." Boss replied "I'm not her husband. Just her employer."

Doctor after checking and fixing Nina notified the boss. "Sir thank you for bringing her in. She has suffered head injury but that is not the major cause of concern. Second she suffered blood loss for which she is now receiving blood. Third she just lost her baby. She should avoid pregnancy for at least three months before trying again."

Boss's stomach churned on learning this. He wondered if Ron knew about her pregnancy and still proceeded to marry someone else.

Meanwhile, at the wedding chapel, some were already dead, some grievously injured, some slightly injured and some were lucky enough to dodge the bullets. Tanya was one of the lucky few. She was crying her heart out saying "What happened? Why can't I live a normal life?" To this Ron replied "Sorry Tanya. It's my fault. They came here to kill me and others got involved" Hearing this Tanya was shocked. Looking at her Ron explained about how he was part of witness protection and how he wanted to live a normal life. Tanya then pushed Ron and said "If you knew you were in such trouble why did you try to marry me? I'm sick of it. Please don't blame me for leaving you at this point. I don't want to live my life on the run. Goodbye."

This shocked Ron. He never expected Tanya to leave him after almost marrying him.

When Tanya was leaving someone started shooting and a bullet hit in her temple. Immediately she slumped down over Ron. The bullets had stopped. The police and the witness protection Marshall had managed to bring the situation under control.

The witness protection Marshall then informed Ron that he could no longer stay here and he had to move out. Ron then proceeded to call his boss. "Sir, hows Nina?" Boss said in a somber tone "Nina's dead. Died of complications arising from the abortion she just underwent." The boss then explained to him that when he pushed Nina away was the fatal blow injuring her head and the blow to her stomach killed the child she was carrying.

Hearing this Ron collapsed. The one he loved and the one he hated both were dead because of him. One was killed by the bullet meant for him. Other one he killed with his own hands.

When he was about to be moved he requested his Marshall to take him to see Nina one last time. However due to procedures he could only see her tomorrow. He tried calling his boss but the call was not going through.

Next day Ron met with his boss and asked for the hospital name where Nina was kept. Boss said "Due to no relatives being there for Nina shes already cremated. Her ashes were taken care of. Don't worry about her. Just take care of yourself. Sorry about your loss. I hope you find someone good enough to be with you. Take care."

Ron then said "Sir, you said Nina died of complications due to abortion. How many days was she pregnant?"

Boss replied "Four weeks."

Hearing this Ron felt the ground under him collapsing, dragging him down. Nina was pregnant with their baby and he was the one to push her. He now wanted to hold her near but she's no longer around. He closed his eyes on his way out. All that occupied his mind was Nina. Tanya was long forgotten like a bad dream.

In the car, on his way to the airport all Ron could think about is the time he tortured Nina. She wasn't even that pretty but her features were unforgettable. She never retaliated against anything Ron said. She even wanted to marry him despite all the suffering he meted out to her. Now when she's gone there was nothing left of her. Not even ashes. Looks like she never forgave him at the end. Plus their child in her stomach was killed by none other than himself. Perhaps, what goes around comes around.

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