66.66% Galaxy Of Infinity World's / Chapter 2: Chapter 2: What Happened?

Chapter 2: Chapter 2: What Happened?

GHA! (Specter)

Pain going through Specters body and his head making his body feel heavy like hundreds of pounds is on his body as he moved sluggishly with a splitting headache as he gets up to his feet as quickly as he can, as he does he's also looking around himself only for everything to be blurred and fuzzy. Trying to rub his eyes with his hands only to realize his helmet is on so he takes it off, he rubbed his eyes and blinked a few times his vision starts clearing and coming back after a while.

Looking down Specter stars checking his body he has his railgun Sniper on his back and his railgun pistol on his right hip, bag, and his grenade is located on his lower back same as before. Specter starts Looking around all that he can see is trees from the forest, Specter is in the center of a treeless forest ring standing in the center. There are also small rocks that are before the circle of trees, this is making a rock circle formation around him.

Was I drugged and hallucinate my death? (Specter)

Rubbing his eyes as he is thinking Specter put his helmet back on as he talked.

HQ! (Specter)

..... [HQ]

HQ, can you hear me over? (Specter)

.... [HQ]

Hello HQ, can you hear me please respond! (Specter)

... [HQ]

System check. (Specter)

System check now in progress -----

Scanner ----- operating.

Touching sensors ----- operating.

Suit damage system ----- operating.

Body damage system ----- operating.

Night vision ----- operating.

Heat sensors ----- operating.

Danger prediction system ----- operating.

Radar system ----- offline mode operating only range limited to 150 meters.

Mapping system ----- offline mode operating only range limited to 150 meters.

Connection to home base satellite ----- disabled.

System connection to full battle suit ----- operating.

Zooming system ----- operating.

Cooling system ----- operating.

Heating system ----- operating.

Magnetic system ----- operating.

Connection to host phone ----- disabled.

Host, most of the systems are operating fine. [System]

Scanning ---- failed unable to scan passed the rocks recommended to leave your current location to try again. [System]

Odd... Fine I will leave my current location might just be a jamming area here? But why is it so quiet? Not one sound from birds or insects even though I'm in a forest? (Specter)

Having that odd feeling something doesn't feel right Specter talked to the system.

System, is there radiation, poison, or anything else of the sort in the air? Or around me? (Specter)

Activating body suit scan, activating local systems range sensor. [System]

Scanning ----- detected the following elements around Host.

N², O², AR, CO², NE, CH⁴, HE, KR, H², Xe, O³, NO², I², CO, NH³. ---- Unknown element detected, danger level high, recommended to never take the helmet off until the unidentified element is identified, observing unknown element now. [System]

Shit! I took my helmet off! (Specter)

Emergency host scan, Scanning---- host is fine you have not been in contact with the unknown elements for too long. [System]

That's good. (Specter)

As Specter was saying that he walked over the rocks he is observing his surroundings as he moved his head scanning back and forth he just stepped over the rocks but right after he finished walking over them the oddest thing happened to him, Everything about sound resumes like the mute button been pressed to allow sound to continue after he stepped out of the circle of rocks.

What? how does that work!? (Specter)

Rescanning in progress. [System]

Attempting to Connect ---- Unable to connect to any HQ Satellites.

Scanning area ---- Unknown plant life found ---- Unknown Energy signal found ---- Unable to find current location ---- Unidentified elements detected in Unknown Energy, saving new development. [System]

Specter, Looked down at the rocks that he has just passed over as he bends down and puts his hand on one to pick it up as they're not big just average mans hand size easy to pick up, but as soon as he tried to pick the rock up it doesn't matter how hard he tried it don't move it never budged.

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What is this rock made of it's weighing at least a ton? (Specter)

Warning unknown energy connection to rock formation leading to the host's previous Location. [System]

Can you bring up the unknown energy for me to see it? (Specter)

Scanning Unknown Energy ---- marking it into host visibility ---- Finished displaying now. [System]

Before his eyes made one thing that all gamers and fantasy lovers will notice at once.

That's a... magic circle? That can't be right this is not a fantasy magic game or novel right? (Specter)

Staying calm, Specter starts looking around there are different plants one looks like a rose but is bleeding, also there is one that seems like it's moving and points it's white flower at him or it's just a complete coincidence?

Finally, he looks up if the helmet was not on one would see his jaw dropped to the ground from shock, through the trees above him there is a sight to be seen.

I've been drugged and tossed into a game? (Specter)

Scanning host view----- Unknown planet detected----- Scanning Host surroundings The host is having an 80% chance you have been moved to an unknown planet reattempting scanning surroundings----- Searching for forced connection to unknown gaming system----- Negative no technology detected ----- 10% chance host is in a game undetectable by the system. [System]

System, are you messing with me? (Specter)

Negative, host its best to leave your current location, an unknown forest is dangerous. [System]

Scanning..... Water is located north... Scanning errors from Unknown Energy intercepting scans. (System)

North it is. (Specter)

On the HUD at the top shows North, East, South, West. Turning his head until it shows north, as he looked North Specter starts walking that way. At the same time, he noticed When leaving that white flower also follows the way he moved.

Scan that white flower. (Specter)

Scanning Unknown plant----- unidentified plant ----- Unknown Energy detected----- Life signals detected danger level medium, Unknown best to leave and move away from it and keep a distance from all unknowns until figured out what it is. [System]

Specter took his railgun pistol out as he moved North and keeping a distance from all Unknown plants and trees as its hard when they're everywhere! Coming up to the water there is nothing out of the ordinary so Specter continued walking north as he walked through the forest, birds chirping insects sounds also around the place the place seems peaceful. As the sun seeps through the leaves the beams of light making a beautiful view of nature. Only to be interrupted by a loud roar in the distance.

Graahoo!! (?)

What was that? (Specter)

Scanning sound unidentifiable sounds detected ----- Sound coming from the west but it's far away ----- making corrections to detected sounds marching closest match ---- found, one from a bear the other is a wolf, the host is recommended to move away unknown hybrid animal that's located North-West. [System]

It sounds far but best to go around North-West we are taking a detour. (Specter)

Scanning---- finding alternative route ---- finished. [System]

Looking at the new route Specter takes it. While walking around the things that are making so much noise, the sky is turning dark. Specter is feeling a warm Energy like thing going through his Suit and even feels to enter his body but it also seems to make his mind clear up as it does.

What is that I'm feeling? (Specter)

Scanning host body ---- Unknown Energy has bypassed host battle armor and suit, Host body is undergoing changes, host brain is becoming more active if this keeps up host will break through the human limit on the mind and will be the first to have access to the full brain access. [System]

Is this a good thing? And how is this Energy can you pinpoint it? (Specter)

Triangulating location ----- Unknown Energy doesn't seem to damage the host body but making it stronger. Scanning --- Unknown Energy detected found multiple types of Unknown energy sources around the host----- single unknown energy detected similarities to the unknown energy entering the host body now triangulating source---- locked onto source is complete. [System]

Direction? (Specter)

Sharp East from host position current position. [System]

Looking and turned East, Specter starts walking that way, After walking a few through the forest, there is a cave it goes into the side of a hill and its almost non-existent if not for the unknown Energy source that the system marked, anyone could easily pass the cave as there are taller trees then normal in the area and even high grass everywhere, vines are covering the entrance of the cave.

This the location? (Specter)

Affirmative Scanning---- Unknown Energy found inside the cave. Scanning---- Unknown Energy interrupting scanning systems recommend being cautious when entering. [System]

Walking into the cave Specter raised his railgun pistol in ready to shot if needed as he makes his way inside the cave, as he walked in he can feel the energy becoming stronger as he walks further making his body seem more and more lively as if Specter woke up with full energy. The cave is just a normal cave but it's long, after five minutes of walking Specter is finally able to see the sources of the energy, it's an Emerald green crystal as it's floating above a rock pedestal. The floating crystal is glowing a soft beautiful Emerald Green.

Scanning---- Energy source found the Energy entering hosts body is not only helping host mind but the host body is changing also. [System]

The HUD changed marking the Crystal in a target. Specter moved closer and closer and as he got ten feet away and stepped into nine feet away he felt like going through a soap bubble it was an odd feeling.

What was that? (Specter)

Scanning---- That seems to be an invisible shielding system to protect the crystal that you have passed through, unable to scan until passed through it. Scanning in progress -----. [System]

Walking close to the floating crystal, standing in front of the crystal.

System, is this dangerous? (Specter)

Scanning----- Negative it's harmless it's just a crystal with an Unknown Energy that is helpful to host body recommend to take the crystal. [System]

Reaching out his left hand Specter grabbed the crystal as his right hold the railgun pistol in hand. Looking at the crystal in his hand nothing happened.

Did nothing happen? (Specter)

Scanning----- negative there is a change host body it changing scanning host body----- host body is becoming younger and stronger to a point.

I'm? Becoming younger? (Specter)

Affirmative host, the energy is repairing your aged body you're now becoming the look of your 18 years old body. [System]

As the calm of the crystal entered his mind it like a relaxing cool breeze entered his head and cooled the very hot brain inside as it gave a relaxing feeling over his body. But good things don't last as there is a loud roaring sound right behind Specter, this shocked him awake from the crystal.


Turning around quickly Specter noticed a big beast that looks to be a big body size of a bear but also looked like a wolf, the head is a wolf the masculine body looks to be a bear it's brown fur almost black, and its got a white sack set on the ground before it as it glared at Specter.

Warning ---- Danger high level 5 host is recommended to shoot at the head of the beast marking weak areas. [System]

Specter raised his pistol to shoot but the beast charge at Specter in just a blink of an eye the beast smashed into the Barrier head first as cracks appear around, it seemed like space cracked before specter.

GHAAHOO!! (Beast)

Letting out a pained howl the beast attempted to strike the Barrier this time it cracked more and seem only one hit it will shatter.

Seeing this Specter acted quicker and shot at the beast attacking the barrier the railgun shot through the barrier also shattering it {glass shattering!} as the °HVP° flew into the left eye of the beast.

GHAAHOO! (Beast)

The beast looked at Specter with its right eye as the other is leaking blood and is even taken a chunk of the left side of the beasts head from the shot, but that did not seem to stop it, as it charged and swings its right arm with claws ready to shred Specter in half in seconds.

Everything slowed down, scared, shock, and unwilling to die specter is feeling. Feeling the energy from the Emerald crystal in his hand going through his body.

I don't want to die! (Specter)

With that said the beast still sliced Specter in half as his guts and organs fallout his body get thrown separate, Specter starts feeling a numbing sensation before nothing his upper body flew and hit the cave back his head smashed against the cave knocking him out.


Right after Specter got cut in half there is a spider right behind that big beast, with its red eyes, anyone looking into the eyes can feel the pure rage as it eyed the beast before it, the spider is not just any type of spider its a black widow spider also it's not small it's at least one square meter big, it attacked itself to the beasts back from behind bitting it, the beast felt the pain as it shook it's body throwing the spider away from its back, the beast turned towards the black widow that now flew to the cave side it charged at the black widow raising it's right claw to attack only to fall down before reaching and slides for a bit and died...

The black widow moved to the dead beast and Stabbed its head with its leg skewering it. After it moved behind the beast and grabbed the white sack on the ground and placed it on her back. After that, she looked at Specters' body only to see a bright Emerald Green color covered his body as bone organs blood and other human tissue Repair and move together at a rapid pace.

Feeling the high energy from Specters' body the black widow moved closer to him. It stopped three feet away watching as the green Emerald Green color moved Specters' body closer together as the split body starts growing back together. After watching for a bit the black widow turned around and left the cave. But before it turned away if you looked closer into the black widow eyes that were once filled with rage their was actually kindness at the end before leaving.


GHAAA! (Specter)

Yelling as he wakes up specter grabbed his chest and his gun as he points it to the beast that's now a dead beast and looked around confused, Specter looked at his body and noticed his body is fine but the armor is still repairing finding nothing he talked out to the system.

S-System what happened? (Specter)

Unknown You died, and soon after that the unknown crystal brought you back and healed you after being cut in half the beast died after being killed by a black widow and she left after looking at you. (System)

.... What! (Specter)

That is when the system showed the recording of what happened it happened so fast it needed to be slowed down seeing how he died the system brought up the heartbeat sensor as it flatlined at the end and how the Black widow observed the healing soon it left.

Looking down at the glowing green Emerald crystal that's laying next to him it seems duller then before picking it up Specter grabbed the bag he enlarged it and placed the Emerald crystal inside and taking a clip out and shrunk the size back because it's only a two inch big crystal it doesn't make the bag look out of place after placing the bag back from before, he looked back at the dead beast its red blood pouring out from its head but also the beast is melting on the back from what the system captured its the spot the black widow bit the beast, so the poison is so potent that its melting the body at a rapid rate, Specter made his way out of the cave as he does he strapped the clip on his left hip side for quick grab.

Got to leave this place first blood is too strong here. (Specter)

With that said Specter left the cave feeling alive and full of energy don't need to sleep or even feel like it after awakening so he is using the energy, he has to make his way a new water source first marked from the system.

LordSpecter3366 LordSpecter3366

I will finish the third chapter as an apology for the inconveniences.

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