100% Galaxy Of Infinity World's / Chapter 3: Chapter 3 Struggling

Chapter 3: Chapter 3 Struggling

Into the distance, the glowing orange sun is shining as it chased away the Darkness. As if showing up on a beautiful scenery picture, the sea below the rising sun, waves crashing against the sandy Beach, odd ripples appearing from time to time inside the sea some big some small and even huge very noticeable ones.

A young man is sitting with camouflage on matched the tree he looks to be only 18 even so his sharp eyes lets one know he will kill if need be as he is leaning on the tree, one would not notice him if not for his helmet that is off laying next to his right side as he is Sitting and leaning against a big Willow tree, The morning sunlight pierced through the Willow tree hanging branches and leaves the wind blows his short dark brown hair blow into from different directions as he sits there taking in the beautiful sight.

{Sigh} (specter)

I died not once but twice?.... (Specter)

Lifting his left hand up as it's shaking a bit as he looked at the emerald green glowing crystal in his hand, noticed the shacking of his hand he grabbed his hand with his other hand and squeezed it to stop it.

What are you? How did you bring me back to life? (Specter)

As if answering his comment, information started pouring into his mind like a flood, making him have a huge headache in Seconds.

Warning Information entering host mind unknown location tracking location now---- location found coming from unknown crystal, attempting to intercept information transferring process Scanning intercepting process denied helmet off can't proceed. [System]

Fuck! (Specter)

Dropped the crystal As he grabbed his head and the information starts filling his mind, after what seems while the information slows down until stopping and the headache also gone away, taking a deep breath Specter thinks on what just happened and information appears in his mind.

Crystal of life: as long there is life this crystal will forever be there. Crystal of life is strong and powerful it will only choose one master every one gigaannum year. If its master dies it will go and search until finding it's new master, it brings peace and control over life. Bringing one from death takes life Mana and will only bring one life back from death per day after fully recovered from the loss of life Mana, the one that dies can't be dead longer than five minutes how to control the crystal is up to the master of it you will need to figure it out on your own. elbadargpu lliw neppah ylno retfa eht stnemeriuqer era dellifluf ot od os. •Arthur's note: figure it out your self•

As the information on how to use the Crystal of life and everything else about it ended giving Specter a shock, Specter placed his helmet on.

Wow, this is Powerful! Mana? So magic? System, is there anything humans around? (Specter)

Scanning---- negative unable to find human life, Unknown energy sources interrupting system scans recommend finding all unknown sources of energy to correct unknown system fails from unknown energy interruptions. the host should consider following the sea until you find other humans. (System)

Scan all Unknown energy sources and keep track of each one and save the data on them once figured out the name of each source, and I will take your advice and follow the sea. (Specter)

After calming down and figuring out what happened, and information of the life crystal helped calm Specter down from everything that happened like dying, going to a new world and dying once again, not for this crystal of life he probably would be permanently dead this time.

Getting up and start continuing his walk keeping a distance from the sea, because there are big things and it's huge looks like a snake or something like that.

Scanned complete, the closest thing that can be given as a description of the creature in the sea seems to be a flood Dragon from Chinese mythology that you have read before. (System)

... What! That's amazing! (Specter)

Cough, cough... I mean that's good to know system mark this place for future research purposes. (Specter)


{Ssshh sshh!}

Moving through the trees that seem to be getting less, as the sound of dry dead leaves moving and getting crunched under Specters' feet. Soon the sound of the same thing but further away from Specter can be heard he hid quickly behind the closest tree next to him as the sound is getting closer.

The sound is small its too little to be a big creature sounds like human two feet, is it a human? That can't be right system said there are no humans around what is this? [Specter]

System, start scanning the surrounding. (Specter)

Scanning---- Error, Unknown Energy interference unable to scan around the host, attempting the triangulating location from host scan--- Interference located under host is a high amount of energy detected. [System]

The energy is under me? Need to mark this for research purpose for later. (Specter)

{Crack} {Snap!}

I need to move there to close if I get the chance I will kill it first. (Specter)

Followed that Specter took his railgun pistol from his hip as he held it a loud screaming voice sounds right behind him

GRAAA! (?)

Move! [System]

Rolling from the tree, and out of the way and stood back to his feet only to see just in time as a rusty sword hit the tree that Specter was just at and not only did it not just bounce off the tree, or break the sword no it cut the tree in half, that tree is big enough to hide behind without letting anyone see you behind it yet it still been sliced in half.


As the tree fell Specter looked at the thing with the sword shocked Specter for a second as he quickly calmed down and shot at the unknown attacker its head exploded as Specter talked to his System.

That's a game goblin? And it got this close without notice am I deaf, or is it that fast before I made my move it already got that close? System, mark the life signals and scan for more. (Specter)

Scanning ---- Locking onto life signals interference Error partly fixed, making. [System]

Okay, so there are game goblins? put that together with the magic circle and the Unknown Energy that has been disrupting the system from the beginning is Mana that magic Circle was not me seeing things this explains everything System change the unknown Energy signal to Mana that will be the name for the time being until different! (Specter)

Classifying all Unknown energy to Mana, and each type of mana will be separate for naming. [System]

Specter starts walking as the system displayed the radar and marked the goblins around as he is sneaking the goblins are becoming more and more and now it's becoming impossible to walk stealthily passed them, seeing this specter made a choice to just fight his way out, he is going to run to not get overrun and shoot at them and to be ready for Close Quarter Combat °CQC° Specter took his knife out and held his railgun in his right hand with the knife in his left.

The first goblin to become prey to Specter poped around the tree and the knife stabbed into its throat green blood flew out hitting Specter as it gave off a bad odor smell of rotten fish thanks to Specters helmet he can't smell it, taking the knife out Specter ran through the forest hiding behind trees and killing the goblins or even using the tree to run up to shot them before falling back down to run further in, as a group got close Specter climbed a tree and watch them pass by its a group of 6 Specter dropped behind them stabbed two on the far left rolled back as a spear passed by and shot at that one and fired at another two before stabbing the last as it moved behind specter thinking he is unnoticed only to have a knife fly into its throat, In the distance a yell can be heard.

Sounds like they found a dead body. (Specter)

The goblins became more active and now are in groups of 6 or more as they start looking for the killer, Specter makes his way away from them as they look in the forest but life is not nice as he gets spotted as is in the tree above them the smell of the blood is what gave him away as the goblin below him can be seen smelling the air and follow followed it up the tree as he looked up the goblin seen Specter made a yell alerting the others, this made a chain reaction as goblins popped up left and right and charged like a herd of animals. As the goblins start popping up and keep coming and joining the others as Specter starts running as they chased after him, Specter​ shot at the goblins on the go at the ones blocking his path as he continues running soon a mountain appears before him blocking his path of escape.

Why is there a mountain at this time!? How did I miss this thing am I also going blind! (Specter)

Scanning Terrain---- There is a cave close by Entering might have a chance to lose them or trap you inside unable to scan deep inside the cave, its the host choice. (System)

I'm being chased by an army of goblins, Then there is a cave saying walk in so I can kill you! yeah, let's just go in! (Specter)

Running into the cave that can fit two men side by side as he runs inside Specter almost lost his footing from the ground as its slippery and uneven rocky.

Hope this goes through the mountain to the other side! (Specter)


Outside the cave, Specter just ran in.

Grr? (Goblin)

Grag! (Goblin)

A bigger and seem to be the leader of the goblins is Pointing at the cave and yelling and making odd noises at the others as the other goblins seem scared to go into the cave, after a few hits to the scared ones they settled down and started pouring into the cave and continue chasing after there food.


Running for a bit longer Specter slowed down even with his night vision helmet had to slow his pace because of the wet cave.

Gra! (Goblin)

Hearing a yell behind him, Specter turned around only to see the goblins already taken the last turn just to spot Him and started making more noise and start charging at him.

Damn! Little bodies can run fast! (Specter)

Shot at the goblin killing it Specter Increasing his speed anyway. Specter runs yet he can hear the goblins on his back that seems there laughing as he ran looking back the goblins don't seem affected by the wet slippery surface of the cave that much.

Turning back to run, Specter Slipped on the cave floor but this time it also had a slightly lower level step to the cave making Specter twist his left ankle as it slid to the left in the process his Right foot slide to the right almost doing the splits.

Roll. [System]

Specter rolled forward on the ground and a goblin swings its rusty sword and one behind the closest one used a spear to stab attack.

Shit! (Specter)

Pushing and rolling to his left, it led further down the cave as he is trying to get away he managed to do so but awkwardly, after the quick attacks Specter shot the closest one as the one with the spear, killing it, specter rolled again but still got a direct hit to his right shoulder and thanks to the armor it got deflected away. Specter shot the goblin and got up and started moving further into the cave as goblins came closer. The goblins are now just playing with Specter as a toy and enjoying the show of him struggling to get away. While running specter took a turn in the cave and the thing that he spots it's dreading.

It's a dead end! (Specter)

Turning around to fight back Specter reloaded and start gripping his knife tightly, holding his gun up, the first goblin appeared around the turn had a °HVP° to the head killing it this made the other goblins mad and stormed the cave room, seeing this Specter shot one after the next only for his clip to run out, hurrying to change the clip three goblins are the fastest ones as the first goblin already reached specter. The closest one swings its sword left to right to Specter's neck as the other Stabbed his spear at his chest as a third joined in also using its sword from right to left at Specters feet.

This is going to hurt! (Specter)

Lowering his knife to block the goblin attacking his feet as the knife is in his left hand and putting with his right arm to block the goblin on the right going for his neck as specter moved to his left side to take the spear to his right shoulder and less damage to his right arm, as he sidesteps the sword hitting his right arm cut the first layer of his armor then broke through the radius and got logged into his forearm between the radius and the ulna as the spear stabbed into his right shoulder not far as the armor stopped it leaving only blood to leak out.

Life signal detected above host. [System]

Shocked Specter looked up quickly to ready himself for the incoming attack only to see a Black widow came down right behind the goblins and used her legs like spears and Pierced the goblins on the right and left through the chests while bitting the middle one's head right off.

Scanning---- scan complete, Host, the Black widow from before is here it's the same as the previous one from before. (System)

Thanks for the heads up even though it is too late... (Specter)

Seeing at how fast the black widow moved, even Specter was unable to keep up with the attack until it already finished, the black widow looked at specter and in the next second she disappeared as goblins walked into the cave room only to see Specter with three of there dead companions which made them angry as they charged at him madly. Seeing this Specter loaded the railgun and took aim only to see the once running goblins to be sliced in half and fall, confused Specter observed and waited for the next group that showed up specter watched only to see a dark shadow fly past as the goblins once again fell to the ground, Only for the same thing to repeat as the black widow killed even more soon the goblins start piling up, she moved the bodies to the side of the spacious cave room making a path leading from the only exit of the cave to Specter with bodies on both sides.

Host, I've scanned the area and have picked up an increase of mana in this cave room there are signals of it close by. (System)

Where? (Specter)

Under the right foot of host. (System)

Looking down and moving his right foot Specter finds a light blue light coming from the ground bending down and took the dirt off of it what appears is a half inch big crystal that's giving off a light blue light easy to see in the dark cave picking it up with his right hand it melted into a light blue liquid in two seconds and seeped into his suit as it got absorbed into his hand as a wave of warmth passed through his right hand it made it's way to Specters' head making his mind clear once again then it cooled like a refreshing cold drink in a hot summer day.

Scanning---- warning unknown energy entering the host body. Scanning----- Host mind is becoming even more active and is reaching closer to the human limit if the host takes a few more the host will enter a new world. Host, scanning----- surrounding area marching energy signals matched with one of the mana energy signals marking. (System)

Seeing the marked mana on his HUD it's in the bodies of the dead goblins seeing this Specter became excited and moved to the closest body and gone to the marked area and pulled out a crystal soon after, knowing that it will melt soon after touching, Specter opened his bag and placed it inside and watch for a bit to see if it will melt. Seeing nothing changed Specter moved to the next and started collecting them and placed them in the bag before he realized he already collected everything inside the bag.

Placing the bag on the ground Specter empty the contents on the ground and put the clips and other items he was going to be used on the mission leaving only a pile of mana crystals on the ground picking one up it turned into light blue liquid and seeped into his body, as for his wounds that have been healed by the crystal long time ago.

That's interesting! System, save this information into the database as Mana Crystals for the time being. (Specter)

Scanning----- data complete displaying. [System]

On the HUD a crystal only a half an inch long and a pencil in thickness showed up as data runs through it showing most of it unknown and how it turned into liquid.

Placing his hands into the pile of crystals it only took a second longer before a light blue blob enveloped Specter's body and seeped into his body.

Feeling the hot burning fire over his body soon replaced by a soothing cold Energy over his body, as specter is enjoying the feeling the system interrupted it.

Warning host! Black widow from before has been found. (System)

What! where!? (Specter)

To your right. (System)

Looking to his right only to see the black widow staring right at him only two feet away, its red eyes looked into his and made his body feel a tingling sensation as if being shocked, feeling how close death is made Specters mind go blank.

It's one square meter big how the hell was I not able to see this black widow so close? [Specter]

GHAAAAA!! (Specter)

As Specter is thinking, unexpected Pain shot throughout his body as Specter Grabbed his chest from pain, the pain forced him to drop his railgun pistol as it magnetically attached itself to his armor as Specter's body twitched from the pain and even his body starts having blue cracks that start appearing around his body as if he is glass and is breaking apart, the surge of mana in the surrounding area increases and Specter is the center of it, as it gets stronger Specter gained more pain as blue cracks try to rip him apart but this is not noticed as its covered by his combat suit, the pain reached Specters limit and forced him to pass out from the pain right there.


Black widow pov

The black widow watches as specter screamed in pain and fall to the ground soon after, she waited for a few more seconds before moving closer to him. She walked up and poked him with her right leg a few times softly enough to shake his body only to see that he did not move she used her webs and tied Specter into a ball of web like a cocoon, feeling the surge of mana coming from Specters body she webbed specter up she also starts making magic circle out of web around Specter as she placed his body in the center of the web Magic circle, finished with the web Circle she created more webs but they seem to have a mind of there own as they flew like a snake and pierced into the web cocoon into Specters' body only in the areas that are breaking into blue cracks as Mana leaks out the web soaked up the light blue mana and moved away from his body, the other ends of the web stabbed into the outline of the magic circle made of web and grounded itself around the area digging into the ground as the wed turned blue, it also stated dimming from Specters' body.

Watching as the blue light was dimming from Specters body was getting less she turned around to move to the entrance only to feel a huge surge of mana spike right behind her, shocked she jumping and turn around only to see the released mana is going back into Specters' body through the ground that it was being released from. Looking at what is happening the black widow started making another circle of webs and changed the web that is in the ground to move to her body and the web pierced into her legs soon the blue light entered her body she shivers from pain. As cracks also start appearing first Starting from her legs soon traveling to her body.


At the same time as the black widow had the webs full of Mana enter her body, Specter woke up.

What happened? (Specter)

Warning! the host is overwhelmed by Mana becoming a mana bomb and was about to explode only for the black widow to save you twice, Host its best to see if you can start controlling the mana running throughout your body. (System)

Why? (Specter)

Seem that it might be because of the sack that was with the beast the first time you met each other if that's not it, wouldn't know. (System)

What was the sack I don't remember? (Specter)

This one. (System)

Looking at the picture of the beast having its mouth ripped open only to have a white sack to be taken from behind the beast as the black widow looking at it, right after the video ended it hit specter.

That's an egg sack! (Specter)

Correct. (System)

I saved her baby's and she is returning the favor? (Specter)

Last thing he was able to say before passing out once again from a surge of Mana hitting him hard.

As he was passed out he was not completely he continued feeling the Mana entering his body and existing chaotically with no order.

Control the mana, feel the Mana, become one with the Mana. And move it with yoUR OWN Will! (Life crystal)

A voice Unknow to Specter entered inside his mind even entered his subconscious and it turned into a booming voice at the end to share the very mind of specter, waking him up specter starts Doing as said as the Mana moved inside his body finding some areas are easier to have mana leave his body while others spots seem to slow if exiting also the same as the Mana entering his body. Moving the Mana slowly around fixing places by stopping it or moving it to a different location inside his body time passed by as he continues working on his Mana Controlling and fixing the chaotic Mana running amok inside his body time flows as ever.

On the outside of Specters' body on the back of his left hand an Infinity symbol started appearing, soon after the same Happened to the back of his right hand, next was his forehead and last on his chest, there all small only one inch big, but the Mana followed to these points on his body and is Mana inside his body changed into Infinity symbol, soon the Mana that left his body re-entered, the mana stopped harming his body and started fixing it as life crystal started glowing from the bag it's been kept inside of and starts supporting the Mana in this new path.


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At the same time the black widow feeling the change soon she followed Specters' Infinity symbol Mana, controlling the Mana soon she also had an Infinity symbol appear but it's only one and it's on her back it's a Sapphire blue, as this continues, she started having Memories joined into the Mana paths through the web threads connection between Specter and herself, even with a thought the Memories can be stopped at anytime, she let the Memories join the Mana as she subconsciously sent Specter her Memories also. Accepting the Memories was one of two steps as the same was happening to specter.


Feeling a new connection Happen in one of the threads Specter looked at it after fixing the chaotic Mana he is now in complete control over his body Mana, Any disturbance will be noticed.

Feeling the thread as a picture of a spider showed up and it was easy to figure out that it is the black widow Memories. And he also noticed the Memories of his leaving he left it be and Accept her Memories also.

LordSpecter3366 LordSpecter3366

hello! New account this one having a new email and all as my other was because of Locked email, for having to move over to this one here is a new chapter! I will go back through it later as it's been a long day and see if I missed anything most likely did. anyway, have a good time. and read Galaxy of Infinity worlds (beta) it's a downgraded version of this one! but more chapters.

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