100% Authentic Brazilian / Chapter 1: Fall of the government
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Author: Poetic_Lord

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Chapter 1: Fall of the government

A big jet cut through the sky, leaving behind white lines. Inside, lots of important political figures sat together. They laughed and drank while eating the best public money could buy.

A curious fact was that nobody from the group had any offices in the army or military agencies. Everyone was from normal political parties.

Between them, the president was seated in the high side of a robust wood table. Feasting upon a huge lobster, he calmly listened to a skinny man at his side.

"Mr. President, I'm very worried about the recent actions of the generals. Everything indicates they are up to something..."

However, before the skinny man could finish his sentence, the president interrupted him.

"João, come on, relax! They wouldn't be so bold to make a move upon us in the open!"

Then he swallowed another big piece of lobster.

"But Mr. President, that's why I'm bringing this up; what if they attack us from the shadows..."

Then he placed a folder on the table, revealing some papers.

"Here, these are some evidence of secret financial movement, together with some new alliances created among them!"

Finally, the fat president lost his patience, standing up from his chair. Giving the skinny man a disdainful smile, he turned around to the rest.

"Guys!! Look what little João is telling me! He's saying the generals will dare take actions against our "democracy"! What do you guys think?"

Hearing this, all the other men started laughing at João. After a while, everything went back normal, as the skinny man returned to his small room.

Upon entering, he threw the paper folder on a near table and laid on his bed. Besides him, there was a small dark military-like cellphone.

Lines of worry finds his face, as he took his wallet out of his pocket. Opening it, there was a small picture of a family of three.

Obviously, it was João's family. Moments later, he finally put on a confident expression of his face.

Sitting on the bed, he took a laptop outside of a backpack at the side, opening it up. On the screen, there was a detailed map showing the jet's current location.

If someone looked closely at João's right chest, they would observe a skull pierced by a knife tattoo. With a false smile, he closed the laptop, getting up.

"Well, my mission as a secretary is done here..."

Now, it was about 1:30 a.m and everything was dead silent inside the jet. In the darkness, a door slowly opened up, letting out a skinny man with a black backpack.

By now, everyone was asleep or deeply drunk. Taking the opportunity, João slowing walked through every part of the jet, secretly installing dark orbs on the walls.

About 15 minutes later, everything was done. Going back to his room, a large pack awaited him. Gearing up, he headed to the emergency door.

Brutally opening the door, João immediately launched himself into the dark night, looking up to the jet.

"Well, I think this counts as serving the nation in a good deed." He said as he smiled.

After falling a bit, he suddenly pressed a tiny bottom on his hand, as his parachute opened up. Below, a vast rainforest could be seen.

Seconds later, the sky was filled with glorious red light, illuminating the whole region, as a skinny man peacefully posed in a clear spot in the midst of the tall trees.

Meanwhile, at a luxurious district in Brasilia...

The plateau palace could be seen far away from the penthouse view, tall and full of light. A peaceful silence floated upon the neighborhood. However, loud sounds from a suite nearby broke it in a splendid way. Inside, a well-built man fought a fierce battle with a gorgeous woman.

If someone was there, they would immediately recognize her as the nation's first lady. She had beach blond hairs, a slender body, and perfect measures. Clearly, the woman was in her early twenties, married with the president for a short time.

Some people said it was true love, but from the looks, it was a typical sugar daddy case. An old guy together with a young medical student is always a couple to have your doubts about.

For long hours, they destroyed themselves in wild sex. He pushed her hair in an intense manner, as he threw her angelical body on the bed, fucking from behind, grasping one of her boobs with his right hand. She excitedly left on loud moans of pleasure.

It was like a prideful demonic prince taking advantage of a pure and innocent goddess, but the goddess obviously liked it.

Finally, the couple could not take it anymore, as they stopped, gasping for some air.

However, moments later, a cell fone nearby started ringing. Sitting up, the well-built man answered it. The call was very short, and the man gave a large smile after turning it off.

Noticing his happiness, the woman hugged his naked chest from behind, as she whispered in his ear.

"Then... is it done?"

The man suddenly turned around, kissing her red lips in a vivid manner for a moment. Therefore, he said in a calm tone.

"Yes, the "Fall" was completed successfully! Now we just need to take the power..."

If one looked close to his right chest, they would also see a skull pierced by a knife tattoo. This was the symbol of the Neo-Dictatorship Faction; a group formed by powerful military figures.

Playing with her hair, the woman gave a little smile, as she spoke.

"But what's going to be your next move?"

"Well... I need to wait for orders of the higher-ups. But probably the Great Head will take the presidential power, promoting everyone."

"Good!! By the way, I hope you did not forget the trip you promised me!" The woman said in a playful tone, giving a little kiss on his neck.

"Of course not! I'm a man that fulfill all my promises!"

After answering her question, he once more advanced, starting the whole process from before once more.

These were Leonardo and Livia, and their romance would be used in the future as inspiration for lots of memes directed to the deceased president. Even in death, nobody likes to be the great cuckold of the story and I bet his soul it panicking in hell by now, but let's continue the chapter.

At the same night, all the other politicians who did not submit to the Neo-Dictatorial Faction met their tragic fate by the hands of silent weapons in the shadows of homes.

At a huge gun club in the south zone of Rio de Janeiro, some old men grouped up together at a small hill, shooting below at some target while competing.

As they had their fun, a simple butler slowly walked up, while bringing a small tablet in his hands. Upon seeing him, an old man in the middle stopped his shooting sequence.

"Raimundo, want are the news?"

"Sir, everything went smooth, without any setbacks. Even the media did not discover the clean up yet."

"Good, good!!! Tell everyone to prepare, now is the perfect chance to take power. That goddamn ONU finally found some problems with the US-China war, leaving us with some space to play!"

Giving a wide smile, the old man, together with his friends, grouped together to discuss their next moves; like the media suppression and the centralization of power. Clearly, some judges would lose their influence, and the police would rise in power.

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Obviously non-government factions, like the drug organized crime factions as PPC(Primeiro Comando da Capital) and other, would have to lay down for some time or expand their actions to other nearby countries.

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