20.68% The Holy Land / Chapter 6: Chapter 6: Undertaker

Chapter 6: Chapter 6: Undertaker

Seeing the class selections pop up on his status, Wilhelm felt his blood boil in anticipation. As a long time RPG and MMO fan, Wilhelm knew that choosing your class was one of the most critical steps to progression.

However, he was quite reluctant to simply choose a class without any prior knowledge of them first. This was especially so for the secret classes. He had no idea if they were strong, or incredibly weak.

Thus, Wilhelm decided to test his luck, "hey system, what does the pugilist class do?" he whispered, hoping for a reaction.

[Pugilist: A fighter who uses their bare hands to fight, and generally applies the mana within their body to amplify their combat prowess and unleash energy attacks. Relies on strength, agility, intelligence, and stamina. A hybrid class]

After receiving a lengthy and informative answer, Wilhelm asked about the other classes he was curious about.

[Survivalist: Someone who doesn't focus on combat, but rather their own survival. They strengthen their body and are generally great at escaping. Relies on stamina and intelligence]

Wilhelm stroked his beard in contemplation; he didn't feel compelled to pick the first two classes. Although he treasured his life, he wasn't someone who ran away from a fun fight, unless victory was absolutely impossible. Not to mention the pugilist, which would require him to spread his stat points far too thin.

As such, he directed his attention elsewhere. He was saving the best two for last because who wouldn't be excited when a "secret class" popped up. In many RPG's, secret classes were often much more potent than regular classes, granted they usually came with a catch.

Thinking to here, the system as if reading his mind, supplied him with the necessary information.

[Secret class: there are over 2500 secret classes hidden throughout the holy land, each blocked with different requirements. Once a human obtains a hidden class, that class is no longer obtainable. Therefore supplying the first 1% of humanity an advantage]

"Tsk, an advantage my ass… most of us are going to die before we can even get a chance to choose a class" Wilhelm scoffed at the words of the system. He felt that in theory, it was an advantage. However, he figured that once a secret class user died, that class would then, once again, become obtainable.

[Pirate: a hybrid fighter that uses whatever means necessary to win; possess a strong constitution and 'plunders' opponents. Relies on strength and agillity]

[Special conditions/requirements: You must always work for your own benefit and never pledge to anyone else]

[Gains bonus experience when stealing from the innocent]

Wilhelms expression darkened at the description of the pirate. Such an evil and selfish sounding class was not suited for him. He preferred complicated and intricate classes; as such, a glorified thief class didn't cater to his fancy.

With this in mind, he focused his attention on the 'undertaker' class. If it wasn't satisfactory, he would settle for one of the more normal classes, at the very least, they seemed powerful in their own right.

[Undertaker: A nutjob that uses speed to fight efficiently… possess a strange infatuation with the dead and intensely studies dead bodies; resulting in the vast knowledge of the weaknesses and strengths of many creatures. Relies on agility and skillful hands]

[Special conditions/requirements: required to bury those that you kill and briefly study the dead]

[Gains bonus experience for burying the dead]

Wilhelm stared blankly at the lines of words that appeared in the middle of his line of sight. He simply couldn't comprehend why the 'secret classes' were so strange. However, the Undertaker seemed much more interesting than the pirate.

Unfortunately, Wilhelm didn't have any particular interest in the dead, alas, he figured that gaining bonus experience by merely burying bodies seemed worth his while. However, completing the same task over and over again could become quite tedious after a while, making it understandable that they were extremely bitter folk.

Upon much deliberation, Wilhelm couldn't decide whether he wanted to become an undertaker or marksman. One of the classes entailed something he was already skilled at, while the other was a secret class, potentially giving him much more power. One was risky, while the other was sure-fire.

"Ah fu*k it, what's the worse that could happen" Wilhelm whispered whilst furiously scratching his beard and selecting the undertaker class. As one who had once aspired to be a magician, taking risks and gambling were his forte.

Immediately, a cooling sensation assaulted his body, and he could feel his very bone structure start to warp and change. Strangely enough, he didn't feel any pain, but only drowsiness. Wilhelm was shocked, yet he could not keep his eyes open, and soon, he collapsed on the ground and sank into a deep sleep.

While he was peacefully sleeping, many changes occurred to his outward and inward body. His once somewhat muscular body thinned down, and he became somewhat petite, his bronze skin disappeared and became deathly pale. His dirty blonde hair had streaks of aquamarine and white running through it while his face seemed to become sharper as if being sculpted by some sort of artist.

Unfortunately, Wilhelm wasn't able to witness the magical process. In fact, Wilhelm wasn't even aware that changing classes would alter your appearance, which was right in most cases. Albeit, the undertaker class, was unique.


At another part of the holy land, very far from where Wilhelm was currently located, laid a large training grounds of sorts. Four large pillars were placed on each corner, and the entire arena was about 480 yards long and wide. The size of about eight or so football fields.

Located in the center of this area were a large number of humans, estimating to be in the hundreds. Blood soaked their clothes, and they carried varying expressions of shock, fear, anger, hatred, happiness, relief, and even jealousy as they stared at an androgynous fairy in front of them.

"What do you mean the tutorial is complete?" a middle-aged man took a step forward and asked. He had tanned skin and a well-groomed goatee. The panic and anger mixed in within his voice were evident.

[there are many other tutorial locations throughout the holy land, only those that were unlucky had the fate of being transported elsewhere. Now that you, group 103, have already reached level two and understand the rules of this world, you are now ready to leave these walls and venture out] The fairy responded in its usual calm and ethereal voice, seemingly not fazed at all by the anxious humans.

"W-why the hell were we transported here?"

"Wheres the government? Surely they are aware of the alien invasion!"


Many different people spoke out at the same time, and in response, the fairy disappeared from their sight. The considerable arena they were standing on started to dissipate slowly, and they were left on a grassy plain with no other life in view.

Flabbergasted, the humans attempted to call out to the fairy, but to avail, they were unable to do so. Thus, the strong and the brave started to take control, and a primitive "tribe" was formed.

"We must first start rebuilding civilization, as such, we need to form a group of hunters and farmers," one of the smarter men said whilst pushing up his glasses. He was someone who came prepared with a pocket knife, therefore rendering him much better results in the tutorial.

Because of this, many people started to naturally follow his orders, while others were dissatisfied and formed other smaller groups.

Similar occurrences appeared all over the world. When some humans discovered they could gain experience from killing humans, blood was naturally shed. The weak clung to the strong, and the greedy plotted to obtain power.

If Wilhelm were here to witness this turn of events, he would laugh at the fairy and himself, "evolution? Ha, humans are the only species that kill themselves for a mere game" he would say with a loud laugh. He was fully aware of how disgusting and immoral human beings were when no laws restrained them.


In a very dark place, a fairy stood there in front of a cracked ball of light. It appeared to be on the verge of death, and the abnormally calm fairy started to panic.

"I-is this okay? Can these humans who had already started murdering each other truly win agains-" before the fairy could continue his words, he stopped and kneeled before the ball that finally broke and dispersed into energy.

Two small streams of tears streaked across the fairies face as he kneeled before the quickly vanishing light. However, the space he was in started to collapse, the sky fell, and the ground cracked, resulting in his grieving time to be quite short.

"I pray that these humans that you have trusted so much do not disappoint, Atherial" The fairy whispered and vanished from the area. He still had the duty of transporting the other humans when the time came. Alas, it came at the expense of his remaining power.

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Hey guys, enjoy!

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