60% Mystery of the Lost Soul / Chapter 3: Final Decision

Chapter 3: Final Decision

"Master Charles..we still have the spot for this year and as usual, auctions were went well.." the Secretary said.

"hmm as I expected. Get ready all the new designs for the construct we must take an action for the next auction."

"We still have the problem sir. Blue stone had arrived in China yesterday but blue cargo brought us incomplete materials. We can't construct the best designs we have until the next schedule of auctions."

"What happened to the blue cargo this time?. We already gave them a chance about the delayed deliveries last time. Why it's happening again?."

"Hanley said, BLUE OCEANS SHIPS were facing problems right now and they've tried hiding this to us as for their business reputation. Maybe some other marketers blocked the materials to transport sir. We already knew that ESSJ is in the number 1 spot now. I think they'll doing this to drag us down."

"Hmm..I see. Then proceed to the next plan. Set a board meeting right away. We have to fix this before heading back to China."

"Yes Master."

Charles went to his office just to rest for awhile. He had his tough day in business and wine is his best relief.

"What's wrong? Seems like you're in a trouble." Nathalie approached him and talked.

"Sort of. But only minors. Nothing to worry about."

"Well..since you still have your spot. I think you're still in a level."

"Hmm..I wonder how the other marketers are very competitive nowadays. but whatever tricks they'll do, they couldn't drag us down."

"I smell some high level of confidence this time huh. Well..don't be so sure. Don't forget that others were ready to used dirty things just to achieve what they want."

"I know."

"by the way..anything I can help?" Nathalie said.

"Idiot! How can I involved you this. You're just something unusual."

"Well..you say so. Much better to be quiet."

Charles went to the board meeting to fix the issues. This time, the board had their own compliments about the first auctions result, however about the delayed materials from the blue cargo in Africa is now the center of the problem. Without materials no item shall release. Without item released, no auction will gonna happen. so maybe it'll affects the spot where the ESSJ is currently in.

"Any suggestions about this.?" Charles asked.

"For now, as the blue Cargo didn't delivered on time, maybe we should find another cargo vessel even just for temporary. since the next auction is coming near." Board #1 said.

"No even we can find another cargo vessel this time, we still have running out of time we can't make it." Board #2 said.

"Ok..then we have no choice but to cancel the next auction here in England and proceed to Africa." Charles said.

"But..how about the blue stones arrived in China?, I think it's still complicated." Board #3 said.

"We still have more blue stones undelivered at Africa. I think that's not a problem. Maybe I can fix this." Charles said.

"For me. It's ok to continue the bidding here in England but we make some an announcement about the changes. Maybe we must find another theme that clients will be not dismayed." Board#4 said.

"Do you have plans Mr Sandoval?" Charles asked.

"Well..how about the artifact jewelries found in Atlantic ocean awhile ago. Maybe we can make a deal for the clients about it." Mr. Sandoval said (Board #4)

"No we can't do that. Those artifacts are still under of observation. We can't take an auctions untill its documents weren't still finalized. And one more thing.. grandpa wants those artifacts to be part of la Lima Familia Museum. Maybe he doesn't want this to be part of an auction." Charles replied.

"Then no other option but cancel the England's schedule and proceed to Africa. We can't force your grandpa about his decision to those artifacts since the company's ain't involved of its financials." Mr. Sandoval's conclusion.

"Yeah..so are we done? Then dismissed.." Charles said.

Instead of heading back to China, Charles change his destination to Africa to settle the conflicts. They do what they've agreed. They cancelled the next auction and went to Africa.

"Nathalie..you need to convince him as soon as possible. Don't forget your 100 days. even you still have 90 days remaining, you don't know how your body's condition went well. You need to find it right now or else.. you can't occupied your 100 days chance and you will disappear forever." The grim ripper said.

"I know. But seems like he's busy nowadays. He got his problems that he needs to prioritize. I don't know if I can insert myself to his attention. But for the sake of my family I will do my best and everything to complete this mission."

"Good.. remember...the more days are passing by, the more also chances are wasted."

"Yes great grim ripper thanks for reminding me."

The gream ripper suddenly disappeared while Nathalie left behind and felt worried.

"What should I do this time? Am I called as selfish if I'll annoyed someone to get involved with this mystery happened in my life.? God..why Charles? So many choices around the world but why's he? An arrogant, strict and cold-hearted.ohh...do I have a choice.?!"

Nathalie's rolling herself in the bed while she laid down without noticing Charles had approached to her.

"Hey! What did you do here in my room? Who told you to come here? Stay away! And get lost!"

"Master Charles I'm sorry..I didn't mean to.."

"You!! Tell me.. what's your real motives on this? Why me?"

"Actually, I also asked that in myself recently. Believe me I really don't know. But if you're really interested to know what's going on then please..help me."

"No..I'm still undecided.."

"But...don't forget my days were just limited. My 100 days were now turned to 90. I wasted my 10 with nothing. How can I do this without you.? Your energy keeps pulling me wherever you go. Look at me! I badly need to go somewhere else but here I am in this f**king England. How bullsh*t is this."

"How can I trust a spirit or unusual like you? I don't know how to deal with you. I'm still confused."

"You just help me! As simple as that."

She desperately asked Charles for a help with fears that she might lose the chance which the grim reaper had gave her. She saw how Charles doesn't have an interest to help her all the way..until she suddenly felt strange..

"What happened, why I felt so weak in a sudden. I'm exhausted and can't bear the pain of my...."

Nathalie's fell and knelt down while pressing her chest badly. Then Charles noticed her appearance like she became transparent and about to fade.

"Hey Nathalie what happened?!.."

He suddenly let Nathalie leaned to his arms in a way to comfort her. She faints and closed her eyes without knowing what's really happened. Then the great grim reaper had been showed up to Charles.

"Who are you? Why you suddenly appeared?"

"Don't be scared Charles. I'm the one who can deal with the situation right now. I just want you to know that Nathalie has running out of time. You need to help her find her body before it's too late. What happened to her right now is the sign that she might lose the chance I gave her. Her body is in bad condition. It's up to you if you still willing to help her or not. It's about time to give her your decision."

Then the grim reaper was gone and made Charles to think about what he said. He carried Nathalie to her bed and let her rest and finally..he made up his final decision.

"Nathalie wake up! You need to wake up. Or else I'll change my mind."

"You..idiot...how can I waste this chance..."

Nathalie woke up but still she's weak. Though she can't handle well her entire body to stand alone, she showed him her smile and Charles was delighted on it.

"Oh thanks God you're ok! How do you feel?"

"I've no strength. I felt this way many times. I'm worried that my body isn't good well."

"Don't worry, I'll help you this time. I made my decision and hope we can work together in this. I can't afford to see you like that."

"Thank you Master Charles thank you.." she suddenly hug him out of the happiness.

"what is this feeling about..my heart...I felt like I'm burning.." Charles turned red as Nathalie hug him tightly.

"but how about your business problem. I think you badly need to go to Africa for transferring there the auction's schedule. Sorry if I overheard the meeting. I didn't mean it." Nathalie said.

"Don't worry I'll handle it by myself. We have to go back in China. We must take a first step how to find your body before it's too late."

"Ehm" Nathalie nodded.

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