84.61% Trinity Soul Path Of lightning / Chapter 11: New Friends

Chapter 11: New Friends

This place is amazing," kora says

They had been walking for a while in this seemingly endless maze of books.

They had come across many impossible-seeming things while they walk but they never expected their current situation. The wood shelves and beautifully paneled walls began to be slowly replaced by stone shelves in the walls of a large cavern with a waterfall leading into a small pond close to a small lake then anything in the center of the cavern next to the pond was a gazebo.

" We should take a break " He had noticed that his companion was getting tired but didn't want to complain

Nodoka:" En.." she readily agrees

Nodoka:" .....Thank you " he hears her say quietly

" your welcome but what are you thanking me for?" his face showing how puzzled he was

She takes a deep breath and says " you saved me even though I messed up "

he gives her a dazzling smile " That's what friends are for " she smiles back

[Special Mission]

~Destined Companion Detected

~*Nodoka Miyazaki *

~Become friends with Destined Companion

~Limit~ Before Protection Detail Ends

~Rewards ~ x5 lottery ticket

In front of them, a blue gear looking magic circle appears on the ground with what looks like DNA helix rising from it a secondary gear appears and spreads out from the middle rotating. As it rotates a large white egg with blue triangles emerges from his chest. The Crest of Friendship starts to glow illuminating the egg (A/N google crest of friendship in you need details ) cracks to begin to form as the egg hatched

Nodoka:" Kora what's happing?" She asked nervously

"My spirit beast is hatching"



Nodoka:" it's hatching!!" she says a cross between scarred to death and extremely curious

Kora wasn't nervous at all having already recognized what was happening and the creature that was coming from the egg as a Digimon which happened to be his all-time favorite show as a kid.

The egg finishes hatching and a small round red slim like creature with big bright eyes and three round horn-like protrusions on its head. It pushes its way out of the egg which then fades away in a stream of digi particles. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com <a href="https://www.webnovel.com">www.webnovel.com</a> for visiting.

it bounces its way up into koras arms and makes a happy purring sound.

Nodoka:" Wa- What is that," she asks with stars in her eyes "...so cute ..."

"Hi I'm Punimon," it says in response causing her to overload on its cuteness

while her brain was resetting he spoke to Navi.

"Navi how is a Digimon here ?" he asks " and does this make me a digidestined"?

*It is considered as a spirit beast and variation of a normal slime*

"what about when he digivolves?"

*He is classified as an unknown or New species in this world as such his digivolotions with be considered as his normal evolutionary abilities*

(ok so how do I explain to him ?) he thinks " hmmm "

Nodoka:" How can a spirit beast talk," she asks in amazement after getting herself together

Punimon:" I can talk cause I'm special!!" the little guy says in an adorably childish voice

" Hello Punimon I'm Kora and this here is my friend Nodoka," kora says giving a formal introduction " I guess me and you are gonna be partners from now on "

Punimon:" Yeah!! We're gonna have lots of fun !" he exclaims loudly causing both of them to laugh at his cuteness

After spending some time resting and playing with Punimon they sit back in a relaxed silence

Kora looks over at Nodoka who's sitting a little bit away from him playing with Punimon.

"Any idea what this places deal is?" He asks "I figure you may have read something about this place"

She nods her heads an starts to retell the little she had read on the place

Nodoka:" This is the Labyrinth of Knowledge Depository Of history It is said the Order kept the worlds greatest secrets at its center" she says that this is a gigantic underground cave system spanning the entirety of the island and that there were various exits but without a map finding a way out would be extremely difficult not to mention there were both monsters, golems, and many other magic contracts roaming around.

"Navi can you guide us out?" he asks internally

* Yes but I would suggest you complete your quest first before leaving as you may not have an opportunity to return and you will need the abilities provided by the ring to better defend yourself *

"Well can you guide me to the ring while avoiding danger "

* I cannot say one hundred percent safety I will do my best*

"Thanks, Navi" the out loud he says " you ready to do some more walking ?" he asks Nodoka

she nods and picks up Punimon making it plain that she was going to be the one to carry him. they set off with him following Navis directions when he was questioned about his knowledge in the way they should take he shrugged his shoulders and said " just a gut feeling" and she accepted it without another word

After another long while of walking, they came to a large set of Shimmering double door with glowing words

Nodoka:" what language is that?"

"Nous protègons Ceux Qui Ne Peuvent Pas Se Protèger Eux-měmes," He says in a reverent voice "We protect those who cannot protect themselves". He recognizes the words of the family creed from a certain family of Werewolf hunters

Nodoka:" How-.."

As he reads her voice fades out and in his head, he hears a chorus all speak out at once


The doors start to glow brighter and swing open bathing them in light

[Main Mission Quest-]

Take first steps on The Path to obtain the power of the Trinity Path and awaken the Gods and gain the guidance of past heroic souls

Reward - Upgrade Systems, Full power released

Failure- Death, Current Powers sealed

*You have your mission *

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  • Gahara


    Wow full power unlocked? Everyone is screwed he gonna kill them all

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