42.1% God Of Lust / Chapter 39: Fallen mother(3)(R-18).

Chapter 39: Fallen mother(3)(R-18).

"Older Brother Bao ...and... mother" murmured Umi still shocked by what she was seeing.

"Haa! Nn~ Bao…My Bao~"

Her mother's moans echoed from inside the room.

Umi did not know how to react when she saw how her older brother and mother kissed and did strange things among themselves. Umi, although she did not have much knowledge about sexual relations between men and women. But she could easily guess that what her older brother Bao and her mother were doing were perverted things.

"Nnn Ah! ah Nyaa ~ good, It feels good ~ "

(Mom ... Mom is making those perverted sounds)

Umi feels strange when listening to the perverted moans of her mother and seeing how her older brother put his * thing * inside her.

(Older brother is putting * that * inside mom ... Nn ... ah)

(What is this? What's wrong with me?) Umi wondered as she squeezed her legs, and her little breath became hotter ...


"Ah!! hii~…Bao! Hiii~Nya!"

Qiuyue keeps moaning louder and louder. While Bao Zhang continues to fiercely move his cock inside his mother's pussy. Over time, the union where the cock and pussy are connected begins to become totally juicy of his mother's female juice, causing it to act as a lubricant, and Bao Zhang can move his hips with more speed!

Bao Zhang observes the panting face of his mother, she has her tongue out with her eyes intoxicated with pleasure, she had begun to lose herself in pleasure.

"Mother! Mother! I'll make you cum!!"

He extends his hands, and grab the big and delicious breasts of his mother, they felt as if they were soft and elastic meatballs in his hands!

Bao Zhang did not stop and began to massage and squeeze the large breasts tightly, stretching them, squeezing them continuously, causing his mother Qiuyue to moan with pleasure.

"Nnyaaa ~ my, my breasts ~! Ah! Cumming ~ "

Bao Zhang felt how his mother's pussy clenched suddenly when she began to reach orgasm.

Tight! Her hole/pussy is too tight and my penis is too big. He clenched his teeth hard, resisting the urge to ejaculate.

(Fuck! I refuse to ejaculate! Not yet!)

Bao Zhang suddenly took his mother from the armpits and lifted her up on top of him!

"Nyaa ~!"

But he did not stop and started to make her come down and climb on his cock, using it as if it were objected sex.

"Ahhh! My pussy Ah Nnn ... my pussy feels, it feels rich ~! "Qiuyue got even more excited she being used as if it were an objected sex by her son.

She could feel the cock entering her, and almost reached the door of her uterus, was about to reach your door where babies are made!

"Ahhhh ~ my, my uterus, ah ah Nnnn ~"

Qiuyue extended both hands towards Bao Zhang, and I hug him tightly!

"Ah! ah, Mother!"

"Bao ~ my son, my Bao!"

"I love you! I love you, mother!"

"Ah! ah~ Really!? I'm happy!"

"Do you love me, mother?! Tell me you Love Me!!"

"I love you! I love you! Nyaa ~! "

Bao Zhang kissed and sucked on the lips of his mother Qiuyue while fiercely moving his waist. Qiuyue also frantically entangled her tongue.

"Fua! Coming !? I'm coming again! I'm coming! "

"Ah! Good! I'm going to make you cum again, mother! Make sure you cumming well!"

"Haa! Ha! Nnn! Aaaa~ann!!!"

Qiuyue fiercely embraces her son, while wrapping her legs through her son, not allowing him to separate from her. While she is cumming!

Boa Zhang feels his mother, who clings tightly to him, trembles during orgasm. This makes him more excited and waits for her to finish her orgasm.

* gasp * * gasp *

Qiuyue gasps intensely as she rests her head on his chest, the orgasm she had, caused her whole body to become sensitive. She somehow feels warm and secure as she leans against her beloved son Bao Zhang.

Bao Zhang sees his beautiful mother milf breathe erotically on her chest, with her big naked breasts moving with her breath and her lascivious body trembling with the sensual sweat of sex they haded.

Approaching his face, he took the lips of his mother kissing her, then separated and whispered in his mother's ear;

"Mother ... have you enjoyed it?"

His mother Qiuyue turns red at the question of her son. She hides her face in her son's chest and nods;

"Y-yes ... it felt good"

"Hehehe, well" Bao Zhang smiles; "Well, now I guess it's my mother's turn to make me feel good, right?" Asks Bao with a lascivious smile.

Qiuyue becomes even more flushed, but even so, she nods her head and murmurs shyly; "It would be unfair that I alone... feel good ..."


"Hmm~ ah ah nn~"

Outside the room, the little Umi who watched her older brother and her mother have sex was rubbing her crotch with her little hands, she panting with a lascivious tone for a girl like her.

Umi did not know what was happening to her, but when she saw her older brother and her mother, she felt her body begin to turn hot and her crotch seemed to be felt sensitive and wet.

"Nn ~ older brother ah ah ... Mom Nn ~"

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  • kuuhh


    Oh she didnt join yet ? Kyahaha

  • Pedro_Sousa


    uterus = womb in english...

  • llSu3nOll


    Nice chapter thanks :)

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