5.71% City Lady-Killer: The One with the Heavenly Hands / Chapter 2: Awaiting His Return; With Love

Chapter 2: Awaiting His Return; With Love

"Tianlong still hasn't arrived yet our real estate big boss has come running over!" At this time, another nosebleed-inducing great beauty walked out of the bedroom. She was a fully matured woman, and none other than Lin Tianlong's maternal aunt, Lin Minyi. Her lustrous, black hair styled in wavy curls hung freely while her eyes appeared like crescent moons, making her pupils look exceptionally lovely, seeming as if they held myriad words within them, possessing quite the depth and charm.

A high nose bridge along with pink and plump lips that made her look incomparably sexy. She wore a white off-shoulder strap short sleeve t-shirt which bared her fair, tender arms outside while her soft breasts stood upright against the clothes, appearing as if they wished to break free from the binding of the clothes.

A fascinating deep cleavage existed between her breasts. Moreover, the pink underwear she wore underneath peeked out of the T-shirt from time to time. As for below, she wore an ultra-mini gray skirt while netted stockings covered her slender legs. A pair of grey colored high-heeled shoes covered her feet and the nails of her tender, tiny toes were dyed with pink nail polish.

This appearance of hers plucked at the heartstrings of people, touching the very depths of their soul into their hearts. In the eyes of men, this was a real rarity - an extraordinarily beautiful girl. Compared to undeveloped girls, this kind of woman could evoke the desires of men easily and even spellbound women. Right now, such was the case for Yang Shimin.

"Our Gynecology Dept. Head Nurse is becoming more younger eh. Just how are you maintaining such good looks? Are you eating placenta every day? It looks like you're enjoying the special benefits which come with your position!" Yang Shimin went forward and hugged Lin Minyi's arm while teasing her.

"You're the one doing that! You're becoming more like a fox spirit the older you grow!" Lin Minyi teased back, scolding her, "Is your mood bad due to dealing with the real estate deals? You've come to tease me, this old woman!"

"Elder Sister isn't old at all!" Yang Shimin hugged Lin Minyi's waist while teasing her, "Brother-in-law is a director and a doctor, elder sister is a head nurse, and Fangfang is also a nurse. Your family has a medical lineage, and you're loaded with money so how come elder sister's tiny waist hasn't become fatter ah?"

"Even the sum of money that all three of us scrape up together by working the night shift can't compare against a pinky of yours! You're the one who's truly loaded!" Lin Minyi's lily-white hands pinched Yang Shimin's slender, supple waist, scolding her with a smile, "My belly has already become fatter. How can it compare to this lithe waist of yours? It can mesmerize men to even lay down their lives for you!" Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com <a href="https://www.webnovel.com">www.webnovel.com</a> for visiting.

"Alright, alright. Let us sisters stop flattering each other. Fangfang is the real beauty in her youthful years! Where is she?"

"Fangfang isn't free today, and Old Cai has an operation. I came over to visit with Linlin."

"What about Huiyin? She's still sleeping?" Yang Shimin peeked inside the bedroom.

"Huiyin had too many operations yesterday. There was a case of difficult childbirth at midnight, so she was quite busy late into the night. She's a bit tired, so she's resting on the bed for a moment. Anyways, Tianlong still hasn't arrived!" Lin Minyi sighed, "She's all alone both at home and outside. It's been hard on her!"

Yang Shimin looked at Lin Huiyin who was donned in a dark blue dress as she laid on the bed. She looked like an incorruptible ice-beauty. Those snow white, lotus root-like arms appeared graceful outside her sleeveless dark blue dress. Her skin looked as fair as pure jade, shining with a gleam. Her figure was so sweet and appearance so noble that it brought out a lovely, gentle, and virtuous temperament which was extraordinary in every sense and free from vulgarity! Everything seemed so dignified and filled with grace, possessing a natural majesty along with her elegant nature.

That jade body lying on the bed had beauty worth of being praised as an immortal fairy, her charm mesmerizing and peerless in her generation. She possessed a beauty which could captivate even the birds and beasts, her countenance made moon hide and the flowers bow down in shame. Lady Lin had lived out half of her life yet her charm was captivating! A well-rounded figure with pretty looks as well as a mellow appeal which fits her elegant aura to a tee.

Ivory-like skin which could make people entranced, causing their heart to thump madly, paired with soft shoulders and a bountiful chest, they vaguely formed a diabolical figure which could make plenty of men bleed heavily from their noses. What's remarkable was that countenance of this sexy figure of hers was unexpectedly a virtuous looking, gentle, elegant and pretty face. Her long hair added onto her otherworldly aura which set her apart from ordinary — possessing purity akin to that of a goddess, an alluring beauty which was unique in the world, as well as a noble aura which wasn't allowed to be tainted.

Yang Shimin and Lin Huiyin were best friends. She had witnessed her friend divorce then raise her children by herself with her strong personality. This doctor, the director of the Gynecology Dept. was all alone at home and outside. Currently, her daughter, Lin Yuyan, was studying abroad in the U.S. and her darling son, Lin Tianlong, was about to return today after graduating from a polytechnical medical school. For good or bad, her body and mind which has spent time in loneliness could once again enjoy the taste of a family.

"You're here, Shimin!" Lin Huiyin got up slowly.

"You can sleep a bit longer if you're tired. Anyways, Lin Tianlong hasn't returned yet!" Yang Shimin spoke with concern.

"There's no need to sleep; I was taking a nap, that's all! I was up too late yesterday due to that difficult birth case, so I'm indeed a bit tired!" Lin Huiyin stretched her body gracefully then blamed her with a lovely smile, "You and Elder Sis kept chirping like birds, flattering each other so how could I get any sleep in?"

"We've all become middle-aged yet are still attractive women, how else will we continue living if not for flattering each other?"

"Aren't they advocating warming up to others due to the current global financial crisis? Us flattering each other is like warming up to each other to console ourselves mentally, right?" The three pretty women burst into a peal of laughter.

"Ding-Dong!" The doorbell echoed once again. Cai Linlin shouted "Cousin Brother!" and sprinted towards the door as if she were running like the wind. The three women also looked towards the entrance simultaneously.

"Little Linlin is very well-behaved oh! Your cousin, Tianlong, hasn't returned yet? Aunt thought I was too late! It's a pity that Little Wen couldn't come to accompany you today due to an exam. Oh, Elder Sister Minyi and Sister Shimin are here already ah!" A good-looking young married woman wearing a skintight OL dress spoke out. Her attire made her look mature yet also sexy. On the top, she wore a lace collar shirt and below, she wore a miniskirt which cuts off at her knees. Although it wasn't a revealing attire, it gave an alluring, sexy feel to others.

Her breasts stood firm and upright while her snake-like waist was especially alluring, paired with a bouncy, perky butt. She had the perfect proportions which fit the words 'devilish figure' perfectly.

Those slender legs were covered in enticing black stockings while her feet that were secured in amethyst gold colored high-heeled shoes made them look even more fascinating. Whenever she took a step forward, it simply seemed to test the willpower of men. Those perfect curves were customized to kill the gazes of men. No matter how much one looked at her figure, it was impossible to find any defects.

"Xinru, you look prettier in office attire!" Lin Minyi praised her with a smile.

"Xinru, even my heart is going haywire after looking at you wear such a sexy dress. No wonder your insurance company's business is booming!" Yang Shimin teased her.

"Stop kidding. Isn't Sister Shimin's real estate gains evident from this sexy dress you're wearing?" Liang Xinru bickered with her.

"You've said the right words. From now on, Lil' Sis Xinru is the boss of our group of wealthy and proud troublemakers!" The sisters, Lin Minyi and Lin Huiyin, began clapping together all of a sudden.

"If you say I'm a troublemaker then I'll start making trouble." Yang Shimin was used to bickering with Liang Xinru, so she didn't take offense at all and smiled instead, "Listen clearly to my voice. None of you are allowed to argue with me as you can't win in an argument with me. Once Tianlong returns, he'll join my company as the Deputy Director!"

"Tianlong studied medicine so why would he join a real estate company? That's just odd!" Lin Minyi looked at Lin Huiyin then said, "It's more logical for him to join our hospital then undertake an undergraduate course in university. With his intelligence and spirit, it's more than enough to become a good doctor!"

"Elder Sister, your thoughts are too outdated. Nowadays, who says one has to find work according to their field of specialization? Only because it's an unusual path, there's space for development there!" Yang Shimin retorted, "Granted if he finishes his undergraduate course in university, isn't it all to become a doctor or director to gain commission from the operation fee? If Tianlong joins my place as the Deputy Director, he'd have 20 years left to spare and even a house and car to boot. All he'd have to do is wait for a pretty woman to throw herself into his arms then marry her and make babies!"

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