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Chapter 3: Differing Opinions

When Cai Linlin heard Yang Shimin's words, she blinked her limpid eyes then glared at this godmother of her cousin brother with a pout.

"I believe Lin Tianlong won't hold much importance to money. His interest is important. If Tianlong is interested in it, he can do administrative work in our insurance company!" Liang Xinru said disapprovingly.

"I'll thank you for your kind intentions in place of Tianlong, but I'm afraid he won't join any of your places." Lin Huiyin smiled.

"Why? Have you parent and child discussed it already?" Yang Shimin asked, "What does Tianlong intend to do?"

At this moment, a cell phone began ringing. Liang Xinru took out her cell from her bag then immediately glanced at Lin Huiyin. Lin Huiyin instantly understood who had called and Lin Minyi, as well as Yang Shimin, had also inferred it from their expressions.

"Brother, Tianlong still hasn't returned! Sister Minyi, Sister Shimin and Sister-in-law Huiyin, all of us are waiting for Tianlong to arrive. I've already booked Qiandao Lake Grand Hotel for today noon!" Liang Xinru said, "Uh uh, alright. I'll inform you when Tianlong arrives. You want me to pass it on to sister-in-law? Okay. Bye-bye!"

"Hah, I got it." Yang Shimin spoke as if she had an epiphany. "It looks like Old Liang has already made an undercover move and snatched our Tianlong?!"

All of the women stared at Liang Xinru who looked towards Lin Huiyin then said, "Sister-in-law, Brother Rukang wanted me to pass his intentions to you, to let Tianlong become the Deputy Director of his Chinese Media. He said this is Nianci's wish as well."

Lin Minyi and Yang Shimin looked at Lin Huiyin with silence. Lin Huiyin didn't show any unusual reaction after hearing her former husband's and love rival's name. She still had an indifferent and graceful smile on her face, "Xinru, I told you that you don't need to address me as your sister-in-law. Even if you don't, I'm still your elder sister. As for whether it's his or her intentions, that doesn't matter at all. Tianlong's intentions are the most important. Although I know Tianlong goes to his father to chat with him occasionally, all of you have seen Tianlong grow up and understand his personality well. Do you believe he'll go to his father's place and become a Deputy Director there?"

Lin Minyi, Yang Shimin, and Liang Xinru looked at each other. They knew Lin Tianlong very well. Although he was cheerful, wild and unruly usually, he had his own principles within his heart. None can change his mind if he has decided on something.

Liang Xinru nodded, "Yes. Although you and Brother Rukang aren't husband and wife anymore, you're still Tianlong's mother and hence my sister-in-law forever. I address Nianci only as a little sister. Actually, Brother Rukang and our Liang family should thank you for your benevolence. Tianlong has never held a grudge towards his father for his crime and also hasn't felt any contradictions in his heart. Instead, he often visits his father to chat with him. Your upbringing is the reason the emotion between them father and son is always so good. Brother Rukang has always felt grateful for your leniency, and even Nianci admires it very much! As for the issue of Tianlong's job, based on his personality, he might not go to his father's place."

"What does he want to do then? Huiyin, has Tianlong revealed anything about where he wants to work after graduation to you?" Yang Shimin shifted Lin Huiyin's attention in time. She knew that although her best friend was benevolent, she didn't want to hear her former husband's and love rival's names too much.

"With my connections, it's easy for me to arrange for Tianlong to join our hospital. But I already know he won't agree to it." Lin Huiyin smiled lovingly, "He doesn't want to be ordered around by someone every day. With his wild personality, he won't be able to bear it for even a day."

"Though we can't control what work he'll do, we can provide a girlfriend!" Lin Minyi smiled, "There are so many pretty doctors and nurses in our hospital, I bet many will be attracted to Tianlong. Hehe!"

"Do you believe the electrical energy in that brat's body isn't enough?" Liang Xinru pouted playfully, "He hugged me once during the new year. I was wearing thick clothing, yet I still got zapped by him! I'm scared of that brat, he's like an electric tiger!" Though she was pouting, in her heart, she missed the pleasant, numb feeling of being zapped all over in Lin Tianlong's embrace.

"Really! I was zapped by that brat during the yearly summer vacation. God knows from when he began learning such a strange art. It spooked the heck out of me that time!" Lin Minyi also pouted, yet she too missed the sensation of being zapped by Lin Tianlong. At that time, she was wearing a frock and standing in the trolleybus. Lin Tianlong had hugged her waist from behind and though her sister's son ought to have done it accidentally, that numb, warm and pleasant sensation spread all across her body. From the depths of her soul to her body, she had never felt such happiness. Pleasure and satisfaction bred inside her within Lin Tianlong's hands and embrace. She wasn't frightened but had instead almost passed out from the comfort.

"I know, I know!" Cai Linlin sprinted over like the wind again, opening her ruby-lipped mouth, "Brother Tianlong said that he had accidentally touched a socket which was discharging electricity during his first year at medical school and discovered that he had a resistance to it. From then on, he began to use electricity to complement his energy. When he caressed my head, my hair stood erect, and it felt even better than the massage from the hairdressing shop. This pretty girl wasn't an idiot. She didn't mention that when her cousin Tianlong had caressed her arms, her skin would feel very numb and pleasant and would become fairer and smoother. Moreover, when cousin Tianlong had hugged her waist, she felt like she had gotten drunk and wished she could snuggle against his embrace her entire life.

"From my and Tianlong's analysis, he might have a supernatural power - something like an anti-electrical energy power, but I also warned him not to overdo it." Lin Huiyin nodded, "The correct dose of electrical shock can temper the muscles, and if used properly, it can serve as an electro-massage."

"Right! Maybe you don't know this, but Tianlong's electro-massage is the best! When I went to the provincial capital a month ago, I visited Tianlong and accompanied him for a meal and a bath. Fortunately, I've become the first person to enjoy his electro-massage. He said I'm a test subject, but I said I was a satisfied customer. It was indeed too pleasant!" Yang Shimin said all of it in one stretch, almost gasping for her breath. Her face had an excited and happy expression on it. The other women were also infected by her and could imagine the incredible sensations she felt from Tianlong's electro-massage. The pretty Cai Linlin even felt a little jealous and glared at her cousin's godmother with a pout again.

Yang Shimin wished for her godson to return quickly. Not only could he give her electro-massages frequently, but it could also give her one kind of mental satisfaction, one a woman needed. Tobacco, alcohol, and betting had become her husband, Si Junfeng's second nature. He looked emaciated and had already lost his sex drive. Though she couldn't make any overreaching attempts towards her godson, even a simple massage was enough to satisfy her, this cougar-aged mature woman's sexual fantasies on a mental level. At the same time, it also brought comfort to her heart which was filled with maternal love for him as she was childless.

Naturally, she had another plan in the depths of her heart which was to ask Tianlong to accompany her in the upcoming two days to give someone an electro-massage. This massage would not only give Tianlong an opportunity to choose a job from any of the sectors in Flame City, but it was also the deciding factor on whether she would obtain a municipal engineering project she had been coveting for a long time.

Yang Shimin was afraid in her heart, blaming herself for trying to use her godson to made a deal. Therefore, she had already decided that whether Tianlong promised her or whether he succeeded, she would gift her godson with an apartment as a graduation gift to congratulate him for entering the society.

"Just where has Brother Tianlong gone?" Cai Linlin couldn't help but ask, "His number is unreachable, and he hasn't replied to the texts."

"Yeah! Just where is he?" Lin Huiyin, Lin Minyi, Yang Shimin, and Liang Xinru, the four women all asked within their hearts.

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