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Chapter 8: The Middle-Aged Beautiful Nun

As he thought of this, Lin Tianlong subconsciously looked towards that pretty nun. She had a delicate and gentle face which was as bright as the shining moon as well as willowy brows paired with phoenix eyes. Altogether, she gave off a mature woman's unique charm.

She currently wore a large robe with a small split between the legs. She possessed perfectly round buttocks and a thin waist, while her bosom held a pair of bountiful giant breasts which strongly stimulated Lin Tianlong's eyes.

Her upright breasts stretched her clothes to the utmost and trembled slightly along with her breathing, seeming as if they possessed life, swaying up and down in a lively manner. Her long, curly eyelashes were similar the new moon up above in the sky, and she possessed a pair of lively phoenix eyes which were transmitting an endless mature charm currently.

From outside, it looked like she wore an ordinary garment, but her gigantic mounds didn't show any signs of drooping and possessed the firmness like that of a youthful girl's.

The pretty nun had also noticed that Lin Tianlong was looking towards her. Her face blushed as she had witnessed him fondle that young married woman's body. Her brows rose up as she glared at him before turning back to enter the rear court.

Lin Tianlong followed behind her closely, but that pretty nun had disappeared without a trace while a beautiful middle-aged nun stepped into the Guanyin Temple's main hall from the back door.

"Aaah! Young Patron..." That middle-aged nun merely shot a glance towards this unknown youth yet her eyes flickered with astonishment, seeming as if an acquaintance from long ago had suddenly appeared in front of her. She adjusted her expression and spoke with a soft voice, "From Young Patron's appearance, you seem to someone of extraordinary origin. I wonder whether your purpose is to tour or to burn incense or perhaps you've come to meditate?"

"You're too courteous, Venerable! May I ask Venerable Aunt's clergy name?"

"This humble nun is known as Miao Yin!"

"The wonderful characters of dharma sounding akin to celestial tones!"

"Your praise is overwhelming, Young Patron! You still haven't answered this humble nun's query?"

"Venerable, we don't dare hide it from you. Outside, I saw a pretty nun enter in here so I followed her. All I want is to ask for her beautiful name, that's all!"

"Since she has already begun walking the path of Buddhism, where would she have a pretty appearance? Appearance is emptiness; emptiness is appearance. With the Bodhisattva Avalokitesvara as the witness, is there a need for Young Patron to disturb the cultivation of dharma?" The middle-aged nun advised, bowing with her clasped hands held in front.

"You appear to be a devoted person, Venerable. Please forgive me for my ignorance and inexperience from age. It's just that the Guanyin Bodhisattva appeared in my dream yesterday night and told me that there's unfinished karma between this Guanyin Temple and me. Therefore, I've come here today specifically to settle the karma!" Lin Tianlong also bowed with clasped hands as he spewed half-truths and half-lies as an explanation.

His words caused the middle-aged nun to quiver, making her sigh intensely within her heart. Did the Bodhisattva really manifest for this predestined karma which was unfulfilled? Moreover, she had guessed at first look that this youth was most likely Liang Rukang and Lin Huiyin's son. 20 years ago, she and Lin Huiyin were bosom friends, and her darling daughter was also privately delivered by her. She had dreamed about Lin Huiyin yesterday, and today, when she was this youth, she felt like she was looking at her best friend. He curiously entered the Guanyin Temple, and incidentally ran into Ruyu, foolishly falling in love with her at first sight. Has the Guanyin Bodhisattva divined that the karma between my darling daughter, Ruyu and this youth, will continue in this lifetime?

"May I be bold to ask Young Patron's name?"

"I'm called as Lin Tianlong!"

"Lin... Tianlong." Venerable Miao Yin's eyes flickered as she sized up the youth in front of her again, muttering to herself. She was almost sure that he was her bosom friend, Lin Huiyin's son.

Lin Tianlong observed the venerable in front of him who appeared to be in her thirties. Although she wore a robe, she had a graceful, noble aura around her. A kindly smile on her face, bright twinkling eyes, a nose with a pointed tip, rosy vermillion lips, slim shoulders, slightly drooping breasts and a bit of a plump waist which emphasized her mature, womanly charm. Her style of speaking was refined like a scholar's, and her aura resembled that of a noblewoman's.

Lin Tianlong took notice of the venerable's appearance, the manner of speech and behavior. He discovered that her figure resembled that pretty nun he had seen a few minutes ago, especially their eyes which looked exactly the same. The sole thing which curious about right now was the venerable's age.

"Perhaps Young Patron can verify your karma in front of the Bodhisattva!" The beautiful middle-aged nun turned around to walk inside the main palace.

Meanwhile, Lin Tianlong checked out her figure. She had pretty skin which gave off a pleasant feeling. Although her waist was a bit plump, it wasn't truly fat. If one were to compare with an ordinary married woman, hers was slimmer. Lin Tianlong had never pondered how it would feel to have sex with nuns like them. They didn't wear bras so what did they wear inside? Were they binding their breasts as much as possible by wearing tight robes on purpose?

Lin Tianlong couldn't help but become curious about her figure, especially this venerable's kindly face. He felt that her voice as she wakes up on the bed would have quite the ring to it. Moreover, although the venerable was a lady of a certain age, she had beautiful looks as well as an inherent noble aura. Her entire being seemed to make his heart itch. He really wanted to fondle her breasts...

The venerable's age must be close to forty, right? The merciless years hadn't left behind any vestiges on her face, and her skin looked so fair, soft and full of suppleness that she looked like she were in her thirties. A bountiful, well-developed figure which lacked any hint of disharmony. Her curvaceous butt swaying under her nun robe in a rhythm, just like the oceanic waves. Along with her butt's movements, the flames of lust within Lin Tianlong's flared up.

A pervert had his perverted methods. Lin Tianlong found an excuse to ask a few questions and quickly advanced forward, sticking his body close to the middle-aged nun.

"Venerable still hasn't told us that pretty nun's beautiful name?" The man's body was almost right next to her. His hot, manly breath overwhelmed her senses as it bore deep into the depths of her heart. A ripple formed in that unmoving dharma heart which had remained unaffected for the past many years. Her face flushed up, and her breathing turned hoarse as her heartbeat spiked. Venerable Miao Yin was an enlightened nun of a higher order, and the one before her was a mere youth, that's all. Moreover, he was also likely the son of her best friend from back then. How could she allow herself to do anything to him? However, the reaction of her body, the warmth bubbling up inside her, seemed to reflect her innermost feelings. She couldn't help comment internally, "Amitabha Buddha, I've sinned."

The nun sped up her pace with the intent to break free from the youth's 'pursuit,' but he followed suit blindly. Due to her actions, she ended up even closer to him, his body almost sticking to her soft body without a gap between them.

Lin Tianlong saw the middle-aged woman blush fiercely with a heavy breath and laughed in his heart. He donned a genuine-looking face full of concern as he asked her, "Venerable Aunt, what's up with you?"

The youth hypocritically caressed the middle-aged nun's flushed face expertly as if to check if she had a fever. Her face was filled with embarrassment, making her evade avoid his hand. "Thank you, Young Patron, for your concern, but this humble nun is fine."

She retreated backward in haste after saying these words. As she was facing him, she didn't realize there was a doorstep behind her. The moment her foot came across it, she lost balance and fell backward. Just as she was about to hit the ground, a silhouette flashed by and held the nun in its embrace, preventing her from falling to the ground.

The one who caught her was none other than Lin Tianlong. He tightly hugged the waist of that pretty nun and asked, "Venerable, are you fine?"

Although her silky smooth skin was hidden under the layer of Buddhist robes, they couldn't hide from his keen senses. He sighed candidly, "Such soft and smooth skin ah?"

The middle-aged nun blushed. Although a youth, he was, after all, a man. His muscular arm embraced her slender waist seemed to make her feel numb as if she had got zapped. A trace of heat invaded her skin through that hand, and just like a spray of water resulting from someone throwing a stone into a lake, the pretty nun's, Miao Yin's heart became chaos incarnate. "I-I'm fine."

She had come to cultivate at the Guanyin Temple along with her daughter 20 years ago, so she hadn't experienced the matters of a man and woman until now. At this very moment, once again suffering this young man's teasing, she truly didn't know how to deal with it.

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