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Chapter 11: Electrocuting the Snakes

Although he had practiced martial arts in his childhood, that kind of amateurish skill couldn't enable him to react quickly when facing such sinister snakes. His vision couldn't follow them, and before he realized it, a snake had bit his torso with force.

"AAAAHHHH!" Lin Tianlong cried out in fear. He discovered a hole in his shirt through which he could see the leftover marks of the snake's fangs on his stomach.

If this unknown youth hadn't appeared in front of them, this snake would've definitely bit her husband's back. Thus, the pretty married woman also cried out in alarm when she saw this scene. Such a handsome youth, a big boy, a total stranger, had sacrificed his body to the snake's fangs without rhyme or reason. She sighed in her heart about the fact that they had implicated him.

However, Lin Tianlong stood there high and might, completely safe and sound. Bzzt. Smoke rose from the snake's body as if they had been electrocuted, after which it fell down to his feet. It writhed its body and twitched a few times before turning motionless. The other dozen or so white snakes were infuriated by this and attacked them all at once. Just like an arrow released from a bow, they shot over towards Lin Tianlong and the middle-aged couple. Even if Lin Tianlong possessed a formidable power, it was impossible for him to block the attacks of all the snakes.

In a blink, those white snakes bared their vicious fangs as they rushed at him. Although he had instinctively dealt with the white snake a moment ago, even Lin Tianlong felt afraid when facing these many snakes. He brandished his hands recklessly, revolving his body like a pinwheel. The living were alive, so pain felt like pain to them, and yelling allowed them to dispel the nervousness and fear in their heart.

Bzzt. Bzzt. Bzzt. As he brandished his hands, Lin Tianlong's body was almost covered in smoke. Thud. Thud. Thud. Bodies of the snakes which had been electrocuted fell to the ground, all the same. All of them writhed and twitched before leaving for the Western Paradise together.

"AAAAHH!" The mature woman kept jumping to evade the attack of the snakes. Lin Tianlong extended his hand with lightning fast speed to pull out a snake from the inside of the woman's dress. Followed by a 'bzzt' sound, black smoke began to rise from it. The white snake had turned into ashes from the electrocution. The middle-aged man was dumbstruck when he saw this. Now that the danger has passed, he felt the pain from his ankle again. He relaxed his body and collapsed to the ground while taking deep gasps.

"It looks like your leg is injured?" Lin Tianlong had a keen gaze. When he saw the pretty woman drop to the ground, he realized she was injured.

"I'm fine." The woman tried to get up.

She hardly stood up when she felt an acute pain from her thigh which made her body powerless. Lin Tianlong reacted instantly and reached out with his hand to support her body.

For some reason, when he saw her knit her brows as she endured the pain, Lin Tianlong felt quite unwell in his heart. He blurted out with a loud voice, "Dear aunt, do you think now is a time to act strong?"

The woman peeked at Lin Tianlong's face stealthily. When she heard him reproach her in such an overbearing manner, a weird feeling bubbled up in the depths of her heart. She always thought highly of herself and even her husband whom she had been married for 20 years had never spoken to her in a loud voice. Now, although this youth was reprimanding her, she could feel the concern within his words as well as see the worry on his face. Her heart was touched by this and found comfort in the warmth it brought her.

She still tried to move and thus groaned. Her brows scrunched up as she tried to endure the pain.

"My right leg feels numb, I can't move it." The woman whispered in a soft voice, "It looks like I was bitten." As she felt embarrassed just now, she had almost forgotten that a snake had bit her, but now that she recalled it, she immediately felt a piercing pain hit her.

"Uncle, are you okay?" Lin Tianlong rushed towards the middle-aged man lying on the ground. "It looks like a snake has bitten her thigh. It's inconvenient for me to inspect the wound. You better check it quickly. I'll guide you on what to do, ok?"

"I..." The middle-aged man hardly got up with the intention to check his wife's injury yet his cold sweat formed on his forehead due to the pain. Remembering the emotional expression on his wife's face as he lent an arm to her, a strange idea welled up in his heart. "My ankle hurts a lot. It's sore from the pain and fear I felt just now. I can't muster any strength to move."

"Ugh..." The woman groaned in pain again.

"As the old adage goes - When a sister-in-law is drowning, to rescue her with the hand is a peculiar exigency." The man endured the pain as he slowly persuaded him, "Good child, you look around 18-19 years old and we ought to be the same age as your parents. Since you addressed me as uncle and her as an aunt, you can treat her injury, okay? Saving a life is most important, so there's no need to think much about it! Child, we believe in you and will be grateful to you!"

"Alright. Uncle is right. Saving a life is most important. I'll first inspect aunt's snake bite then check your ankle sprain!" Though Lin Tianlong said such courteous words, he was rejoicing inwardly. He hastily crouched down to examine the injury on the woman's thigh.

Although she wasn't fond of this unknown youth's impulsive action, he was after all their savior. The woman's right leg and half her body had become numb so she couldn't move. He had no choice but to lift up her dress slightly and expose her slender, sexy legs. Her legs were as white as snow, and within that snow bloomed a rose. Appearing dainty and delicate, charming one's heart with its fairness. The skin of her feet shone with a luster and through the satiny, almost translucent skin on the back of her soles, one could see the tiny veins hidden underneath. Her feet were of the slender type and were so soft that they seemed boneless. Her delicate ankles didn't lose out in roundness and possessed graceful curves while the arch of her foot was somewhat high. Veins were visible on the skin of her heels as well. Her toes were well-shaped and looked cute with the glistening, pink nail polish applied on the toenails which made them look like pearls embedded on her toes. The skin-colored crystal stockings covering her soles reflected a weak and fantastic light. The curves of her calves and ankle bones were pretty prominent while the naturally formed depression on the back of her ankle looked quite lovely, expressing the sexiness it contained. Her soft feet, slender feet and the stockings which were as thin as a butterfly's wings blended together well, each emphasizing the other, brimming with enticement.

Lin Tianlong's heart began to thump madly in an instant. His blood flow sped, and blood rushed to his head. He subconsciously bowed his head towards the woman's nether regions. He was astonished! She was wearing 2-piece stockings. At the end of the lace border of the stockings on her thigh, he could see her satiny skin which was brimming with a mature woman's charm. Moreover, underneath the transparent black panties covering her plump, tender valley between her legs, he could see the lush thicket of hair which attracted his soul all the more, making him fantasize about it. Lin Tianlong almost had a nosebleed from it.

The middle-aged man to the side was still gasping for breaths, but he was paying attention to the youth who had begun inspecting his wife's injured thigh. He guessed that the youth could see his wife's panties as well as the nether region. When he saw his wife's face had begun to turn scarlet, his heart started to pound crazily.

"Ugh!" The woman felt the handsome youth's heated gaze dither around her legs and even her nether region. Moreover, her husband was just lying to the side and watching them stealthily as the youth checked her injury. She urged herself to groan in pain to remind him not to lose himself within the enticing view before his eyes.

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