34.28% City Lady-Killer: The One with the Heavenly Hands / Chapter 12: Assisting the Married Couple

Chapter 12: Assisting the Married Couple

"It seems like you were indeed bitten. The bite mark looks the same as the one on my body." Lin Tianlong had withdrawn his perverted thoughts in this instant. He looked at the two fang marks on the side of her right thigh.

The woman mumbled while breathing faintly, "I really can't make sense of it. So many snakes bit you yet why are you completely fine while the snakes are dead? This is too unbelievable!"

"Aunt, what can you feel right now?" Lin Tianlong checked her pulse as he asked this question.

"My right half of the body feels numb, and I also feel somewhat nauseous." The woman replied while gasping.

After pondering for a moment, Lin Tianlong spoke with a solemn expression on his face, "This snake is indeed poisonous else you wouldn't feel nauseous. Your pulse is also irregular."

"I also think I'm poisoned. What should we do now?" The woman was flustered after hearing that she was poisoned, "It will take over 30 mins for us to travel from the parking lot here to the Flame City Hospital!"

"You have me, a freshly graduated medical student and also a future doctor here, so nothing will happen to you! I'll first tie a tight band on your thigh to prevent the poison from reaching your heart." Lin Tianlong looked at the middle-aged man, "As we have to hurry, I'll have to use aunt's stockings as the tight band."

Saying so, his finger slid down till her underbelly then slightly hooked onto the hem of the pink transparent stockings. Thereupon, he slowly pulled the stockings down. Her fair, graceful legs inside the stockings had a tint of haziness, enticement, and loveliness to them. Along with the movements of Lin Tianlong's finger, the stockings curled down till her delicate ankles. Just like that, the woman's perfect, jade-like leg fell into Lin Tianlong's hand. He took off the rolled up stockings from her foot then tightly tied it at her smooth, satiny thigh.

The middle-aged man gasped for breaths while looking at the youth take off his lovely wife's stockings. He stealthily watched as his hand caressed his wife's thigh downwards. Perhaps due to the pain or due to the pleasure, his wife's beautiful leg trembled a few times and this made his heart beat even faster. Although the woman's body shook, her thoughts a mess due to the youth's hand touching her leg, when she saw Lin Tianlong act calmly and deal with the issue skillfully, just like an expert doctor, she couldn't help but put a bit of trust into his treatment plan.

"Aunt, don't worry. Everything will be fine if I just suck the poison out!" Lin Tianlong said with a soft tone, "Pardon me for offending you, great beauty!"

Saying so, Lin Tianlong didn't wait for the other party to respond and forthwith raised the woman's injured thigh. He then glanced towards the middle-aged man laying aside and proceeded to bring his mouth towards her thigh without a hint of hesitation.

The woman's heart was a mess. She instinctively pulled back her a little yet didn't withdraw it completely. Recalling that Lin Tianlong was helping her remove the poison, she closed her eyes bashfully and stopped struggling. The middle-aged man's heart thumped madly as he saw the youth kiss his wife's tender, lovely thighs. He moaned within the depths of his soul, and his breathing turned increasingly heavy.

Lin Tianlong didn't pay much attention to the man's heavy breathing. He held the woman's smooth, glossy thigh in his hand, and felt that satiny skin as he sucked on her wound with all his strength. It was as if he were enjoying a cup of good wine.

While the youth held her leg within his embrace, the woman felt a strange feeling come through from her wound. She could sense Lin Tianlong's tongue lick her injury and the itch it brought along with the wetness made her feel very comfortable.

At the same time, the woman's body felt numb due to his burning hot breath. She felt as if a flame had lit up in her heart, transmitting a subtle warmth towards the depths of her body which made her moan subconsciously. For the first time since forever, the middle-aged man had heard his wife's passionate moan. He felt an indescribable excitement at the bottom of his heart.

After vomiting the black blood, Lin Tianlong sucked the wound again. He repeated this until the blood he sucked was scarlet in color and felt it was pretty much enough. He looked at the middle-aged man to the side who was silently staring at his moaning wife. Lin Tianlong felt that sucking a woman's thigh in front of her husband was very exciting. He couldn't help but take advantage of the situation and kiss the inner side of the woman's thigh. Although he felt reluctant, he had no choice but to let go of it then slowly untie the pink transparent stockings which he had used as a tight band.

"Uncle, Aunt, please wait for a moment. I'll bring some medicine for you." Lin Tianlong left these words then began to climb up the small cliff.

"There's no village or store nearby, where will you get the medicine from?" The woman and the man were puzzled.

After some time, Lin Tianlong returned with a few herbs in hand.

He first took out two herbs which had a red pearl like thing growing at the top. It was a lustrous dark purple herb.

"Uncle, Aunt, first eat this. It will stop the pain." He fed the pearls to the man's mouth then delivered the same amount to the woman's tiny mouth. He then crushed two stalks of Seven-Leaves Grass with his fingers and applied the juice on the wound at her thigh.

The woman felt the bitter taste of the pearl she was fed. Once she chewed it and swallowed it, the pain she felt from her thigh had really reduced. And after Lin Tianlong finished spreading the medicine on her thigh, she could feel it once again and also felt a cool, numbing itch from there.

"Alright, it's a grand success. Aunt, how do you feel?" Lin Tianlong smiled at her.

"I feel better." The woman sat up and took a deep breath. She pulled down the dress which was raised up to cover the spring scenery of her thighs. She glanced at the youth shyly then said, "Good child. Aunt wants to thank you for saving our lives!"

"Every bite and every sip is preordained - One cannot get what is denied him by destiny no matter how hard he tries. It looks like there's really a little karma between you both and me!" Lin Tianlong smiled, "Uncle, I should check your ankle sprain now! Try to endure the pain while I check whether the bone is fractured!"

After consuming the pearls, the man's pain had alighted a lot. After seeing that his wife could already sit up without any problems, it seemed like the snake bite hadn't affected her much. As the youth grabbed his ankle, he expressed his gratitude, "It looks like we were indeed brought together by fate. We have to thank you for saving our liv... Argh!"

Before he could finish speaking the word 'lives,' the man screamed loudly in pain as Lin Tianlong pinched his ankle. The woman also looked at the youth with deep concern in her eyes. She asked with a trembling voice, "How is it?"

"Luckily, it isn't a fracture." Lin Tianlong smiled, "It's just an ankle sprain. The soft tissue is damaged, and the swelling is causing a lot of pain. It's nothing much to worry about. I just happen to have a herbal plaster with me. I'll first administer a massage to uncle to improve his blood circulation and resolve the blood clotting. Then I just have to stick the herbal plaster, and it will all be good!"

The man felt warm, numb itchiness at his ankle as the youth's hands massaged the place with all his strength. He felt as if he were being zapped and the pain had lightened a lot.

Immediately after that, Lin Tianlong took a herbal plaster out from his backpack and asked, "The healing effect is better if it's heated before pasting it. Does uncle smoke? You have a lighter?"

"We don't have that!" The woman said in a flustered tone, "What do we do now?"

"Hmm, no worries. I have my methods!" Lin Tianlong furrowed his brows then placed the herbal plaster between his palms and brought them together. He rubbed his palms while sending the electrical energy stored within his body into the herbal plaster little by little, just enough to heat it up. Then he stuck the plaster at the man's swollen ankle.

"Oooh!" When the warm herbal plaster was pasted onto his swollen ankle, the man felt as if he were receiving an electro-massage and almost moaned from the pleasure.

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