20% God's Descendant in Another World / Chapter 1: Chapter 1
God's Descendant in Another World original

God's Descendant in Another World

Author: DarylA

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Chapter 1: Chapter 1

"Ugh... what a tiring day"

A 20-year-old man walking while murmuring about how tiring his day was. Stretching his arms then put his hands on the back of his head while walking.

"If senpai did not arrive, I will die early because of the customers"

He works at a restaurant and he is a waiter. It was dinner time so that is why the numbers of the customers where high.

"Once I reach home, I will sleep immediately!"


Because of how tired he is while overthinking so much, he did not notice that a car that is beeping continuously to let him know hit him.

The people at the surroundings shouted while others were trying to call for an ambulance.

But Deejay already loses his life the moment the car run down at him, in addition, he flew a meter away while his head hit the ground.

- -

"Oh? how lucky! What a way of summoning that I did!"

"Eh? Where am I?"

An old man with a long white beard greeted Deejay while smiling, and he also said proudly how great the summoning of Deejay was.

"I summoned you young one!"

"Summoned me? Wait! I was hit by a truck lately! Am I dead?! or dreaming? hey sir? can you hit me? please?"

The old man's face is dumbfounded to what Deejay's reaction is. It's like in front of him is a young child begging for chocolates.

"Idiot! Did you hear me? I summoned you! You did not die! Ehem. But the way I summoned you is you died so it still counts, hehe"

The old man smiled slightly.

"Wait? the way you summoned me! is that car, right? You could have done a nicer way"

Deejay is right, there are many ways to summon him, but the old man let him hit by a truck.

"Well, do you read light novels, young boy? It's cooler to be summoned that way! haha!"

The old man laughs as if it did not eat for almost a week and suddenly see food in front of him.

"I am surprised by your reactions, I thought that if you know you have died, you will start to cry? or something"

Deejay's reaction is really surprising. The moment he knows that he died, he did not worry about it. But the way the old man summoned him made him a little bit mad.

"My grandmother said that it's better to forgive people that made stupid decisions" he answered.

"Ahem, I'm sorry young boy to what I did" The old man deeply bowed at him.

"Hey? I said it's okay, stop apologizing" Deejay said

"By the way, What is your name?" Deejay asked.

"I forgot to introduce my self, I have many names, but you can call me God (Kami-sama)" The old man answered.

"Eh? God? so you mean you are a God that summoned me?" Deejay immediately bowed with his head on the ground.

"Stop that! I hope you will not change the way you treated me earlier because you know that I am God!" He told him with a high and voice.

"O-okay, Ahem... So God? So I will not end up in Heaven? or Hell? because you said that you summoned me" Deejay asked.

"Yes! I summoned you because you will be my descendant in that world or probably you can save that world as well" God answered.

"Save that world? what do you mean? I am powerless" Deejay asked worriedly.

"Don't worry! I will grant you powers that you will not die that easily, you will only die if you will do something stupid" God answered.

"Will you tell me what kind of world that I will be in?" Deejay asked.

"Good question, the world you will be transferred is medieval like. But swords and magic exist!" God answered proudly.

"Magic? That's great! I really want to use magic as well!" Deejay answered happily.

"I will grant you the powers to do magic and wield weapons and also, I want you to prioritize being a Beast Monarch," God said

"Beast Monarch? What do you mean?" Daryl asked?

"Just think of it as you are the ruler of the beast in that world" God answered with a smile.

"O-okay, So? you will transfer me now?"

"Wait for a moment, come close and kneel"

Deejay approached God then kneeled in front of him. God lifts his hand and slowly moving towards Dejaay's head.

The body of Deejay started to glow like a light color. His body started to feel hot then cold.

"Okay it's done"

God told him that he is finished, God blessed Deejay with powers that no one can almost surpass him.

Just think of it that he is the son of God. After a few minutes, Deejay slowly opened his eyes.

God used magic that looks like a mirror, it reflects Deejay's face.

Deejay has black hair, black eyes and has a pale body. But what he sees in front of him is a handsome boy with white hair, blue eyes, and his body is muscularly lean. His face looks a little bit feminine.

"God? did you do this to me?" Deejay asked.

"Of course! There is no one else in front of you!" God answered with pride. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com <a href="https://www.webnovel.com">www.webnovel.com</a> for visiting.

"Thank-you" Deejay smiled.

"I know you're worried but don't worry, you live in a world that polygamy exist! You can marry as many as you want! haha" God said while laughing.

After that conversation, God snapped his fingers then a circle appeared on the floor that Deejay is stepping.

Deejay lost consciousness then arrived in the new world.

"I forgot to tell him that his very handsome right now. The girls will flock him if he's not careful" God said worriedly.

Deejay's appearance is like an angel, his whiteness and his beauty can match no other.

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  • NaniTheFack


    Oh It’s not Truck-kun, but Car-kun

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