40% God's Descendant in Another World / Chapter 2: Chapter 2

Chapter 2: Chapter 2

My name is Deejay Reese, I met God and he summoned me in his place, and now he said that I will be transferred to another world.

He also said that I will be blessed with Godly powers and I just think of it as a game.

He said that the world I will be transferred will be medieval like with swords and magic exist. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com <a href="https://www.webnovel.com">www.webnovel.com</a> for visiting.

So I need to think that I am in an MMORPG game, it the only close to it.

Maybe it will work.

I lost consciousness when God started to snap his fingers

When I wake up. My body is half buried in the ground, I am lying on the grass. When I look up. The sun is up. But I am covered by the shade of a tree.

"So this is the world that God told me"

I inhaled then breathe heavily. It's very clean. Grasslands, trees, and flowers can be seen everywhere.

"But it seems I'm inside of a forest"

Because of the countless trees can be seen where my eyesight can see.

"My eyesight is like getting sharper? I can see a very long distance"

If I am in still on earth, maybe I have better eyes than the eagles many times.

"If God said this is like a game maybe I have a player stats"


Name: Deejay Reese

Main-Class: Beast Monarch

Subclass: God Tier magic user/God Tier weapon wielder

Level: 99999




Active skills:?????

Passive skills: Magic resistance, Physical resistance, ?????

The moment I see my stats, I am dumbfounded, he really was God. she did not just buff me, he made me into a cheat. about there are question marks in my skills so I need to learn it by myself.

It is what I dream of, to become a cheat like character.

My passive skills are God-like, but my active skills is a question mark.

- - - - -

While Deejay Reese is sitting in the same spot while facing the projector board that is still in front of him, he keeps thinking what his active skills are but they give up for a while.

"I must think of that later. Right now I need food and shelter"

He decided to prioritize to where should be live and food. It's his first day in the New World and it is still morning so if he starts to roam right away he will be done right away.

While starting to walk, he keeps manipulating the projector board, he sees an Inventory option.

"Wait? even my gold?!"

When Deejay look at the bottom left, he sees his gold, and the amount is also 9999999 and the best thing is, he can withdraw the gold.

"In games, the currencies are bronze silver and gold or even platinum"

100bronze is equal to 1 silver.

100 silver is equal to 1 gold.

100 gold is equal to the 1platinum coin.

So when it comes to money, he doesn't have any problems with it.

"I forgot, there is a map option every MMORPG games! Map!"

As he shouted, the map appeared in front of him, the shape of the map is square and at the top right of it, the name of the forest can be seen.

"Silent woods"

But the name of the world is not there, all he can see is the name of the forest.

He zooms out the map and he can see the paths and the nearest place that people are there is the Euphoria kingdom.

He was expecting for a village but the nearest was a kingdom and from what the map describe its a large kingdom.

"So I need to go north"

He walks in the north and followed the path, he is wearing a black polo shirt with a red necktie, and underneath is a plain white t-shirt, also his wearing black socks and shoes, its the same as he was in his job.

But with his new appearance, he looks better. then the princes in the new world, he is in.

As he continued walking, something in front of him surprised him, 6 six wolves like creatures appeared in front of him.

The upper part of the wolves is color black while the lower are half, it looks like a cyberian husky but it's larger its average size.

With no weapons at his possession, he was startled for a while, even thou he has to cheat like stats but it's a reality, it's a not a game anymore. He might die but God said he will not.

"I have cheat stats but why am I a little bit scared... Sigh... it's now or never'

He walks towards the wolves while the wolves walk towards him as well.

They are only a distance away, But they did not rush at each other.

"I thought monster are aggressive? why are they not attacking me right away?"

Deejay questioned himself, but when they reach in a short distance, a notification popped up.

"Would you like to tame the beasts?".

Deejay is shocked by the texts appeared in front of him.

"This is because of my beast monarch class!"


The six beasts bowed at him immediately, there four legs are standing up but their heads are on the ground, like in front of them is their king.

"Arise with might"

They quickly listened then stares at him in the eyes with a mighty aura.

"Good, maybe I can see their stats as well"


He manipulated his menu option then a new text appeared, "Beasts".

He pressed the beasts option with his finger then another text showed up.

-Night Wolves-


Level: 20

Passive skills: Team-Up (Level -1)

Active skills: Howl - Increase damage 20℅ (Level-1)

"Why do my wolves have active skills while I don't have even an only one"

"What am I even thinking, I have Godlike powers so this is enough"

He felt envy for a moment but easily moved on, he is already so much powerful especially if he has active skills.

He continued exploring his beasts options.

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  • Ellendria


    So far so good. Keep it going.

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