60% God's Descendant in Another World / Chapter 3: Chapter 3

Chapter 3: Chapter 3

A young man walking in the middle of the forests towards the north with six of his Night wolves. As he manipulated his beasts options, he found out that he can withdraw and summon his beasts at his own will.

He also checked that he can buy items in the shop options that he just found out. He can buy weapons, armors, shirts and etc.

"So sad that it doesn't have any food option, it could have been very useful"

Having food option is a great help to him, but the result was a disappointment, no matter where he looks at his menu option, the text Food cant be seen. But he can buy portions in a consumables menu.

"HP potion? Attack potion? Speed potion?"

Many kinds of potions can be seen, it will be a very great help in his adventures, also he has an unlimited amount of gold, he can even fight the Euphoria kingdom if he wants to.

"Now then, let us see if you can level up!"

Deejay looks at his beasts and told them to level up, there are monsters like goblins inside the forests, as he uses the map option, there is a goblin village nearby, As he zooms in that village, there are many goblins roaming around.


Deejay is shocked to what he sees, there are two girls tied up with ropes while the male was at the ground bleeding.

Deejay suddenly remember something.

"I remember that goblins rapes women and use them to reproduce, I must help them! I will cancel my trip towards Euphoria, for now, also if I will help them, there will be good benefits to me as well"

Without wasting any time, he rushed towards the goblin village, with his improved eyesight, he can already see the village. Also with his Godlike speed, in just a minute, he arrives at his destination.

The Goblin village has a wooden wall and at the top have spikes on it. Also, their gates are made of wood about three meters tall.

As he arrives in front of the gate he quickly kicked the goblins gate, the door that he kicked flew and hit three of the goblins. Blood scattered around at the direction of the crushed goblins.

All of the goblins and the hostages looked at the direction where Deejay is. Deejay is covered by a cloud of smoke until his lower body is revealed then after a few seconds, he is exposed.

The moment that the girls see him, their cheeks became pink. They were baffled by how handsome Deejay was, especially they know that he is about to save him.

"Over one hundred and more goblins around, Come forth my beasts!"

A circle portal appeared on the ground, and wolves that do not exist in that world appeared. The wolves were ascending from the ground howling with a great entrance.

"Devour them all!"

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Deejay look at the levels of the Goblins, and most of them are only fifteen below, despite having low levels, their numbers covered it.

When Deejay gave the command, his wolves rush towards the goblins, one of his wolves dissect a goblin while the others were eaten. On the head of his wolves, a text and numbers appeared.

+143 +170

Level up!

Level up!

"Okay. this will be good for now"

Deejay smiled when he saw his wolves level where rising rapidly. While the battle is still happening, Deejay approached the man`s body that was lying on the ground. When Deejay checked his pulse, his already dead.

It's because of blood loss, the man was already dead from the beginning, being stabbed in the stomach.

After checking, he looked at the girls that were tied up. The girls were in a wooden stage as if the goblins will **** them publicly.

One of the girls have brown colored hair, blue eyes, with a pretty face, she is petite and very cute.

While the other one has crimson colored hair that is long, also she have red eyes, she has also a very beautiful face and a perfect develop body.

The two of them were sitting while back to back while being tied up. Deejay can still see the mark of tears falling.

"Don't worry you're safe now"

Deejay smiled while talking to them so that they will feel comfortable. Still, the cheeks of the girls were bright red.

"How about Andrew? is he still alive?"

"He did not make it, he already died"

One of the girls asked and Deejay told them that Andrew died already even though he was a little bit early.

Level up!

Level up!

While talking Deejay looks at his beasts and they continuously leveled up. All of Deejay's beasts are now level 43.

"Guys wait here okay? I'm going to end this"

While Deejay is enjoying because his beasts leveled up so fast. The ground was shaking as if a giant is walking towards them.

When Deejay looked at the Direction. It is a Chief Goblin that.

"Chief Goblin"

Level: 60

Rank: B-class

While Deejay checked the Chief Goblin, the girls looked very frightened.

"It's a B-class monster. We can't win this"

The petite girl started to cry again, she is traumatized to what happened to them and now. They encountered a B-class monster. Maybe it's very strong when it comes to this world.

"I told you, your save now so don't worry"

Deejay smiled again and patted their heads, the two girls were hugging each other to comfort themselves.

"Now then, time to end this"

Deejay slowly stand up and looked at the Goblin Chief in a short distance and immediately rush towards it.

"He does not have any weapon, or can he even do magic?" The girl with crimson hair asked herself.

Without any weapons or magic. How can he beat it?

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