80% God's Descendant in Another World / Chapter 4: Chapter 4

Chapter 4: Chapter 4

"Sister Catherine will he be fine?" Celia asked worriedly

"I don't know Celia, it's a B-class monster we need five A-class adventurers to beat it" Catherine replied sadly.

"But sister Catherine did you see how he kicked the gate lately? and also look at how fast he is"

"Yes, Celia. He might be a B-class adventurer but I don't see any badge in him.

The two girls are worried about Deejay, he only has his beasts and physical strength, and especially he only has his summons.

While the two of them are looking at the rushing Deejay, two of his beasts where guarding them in their left and right.

Celia looks at the beats and touched them, the wolves also give their body as if they are comforting the two girls.


- -

As Deejay rushed towards the chief Goblin, the chief Goblin did not defend but using a stance like he is very confident to receive Deejay's attack.

"I want to use my full strength but, I want to have fun for a while"

Deejay smile like a maniac while looking at the Chief Goblin.

He arrived in front of the Chief Goblin but he did not attack, he just stand in front of the Chief Goblin like he is also waiting for its attack as well.

The two of them stared for a whole ten seconds.


The Chief Goblin lost its patience and unsheath its large rust hammer, also the size of the Chief Goblin is two meters tall and its body is full of muscles and rusty armor as well.

The Chief Goblin lifted his hammer and strikes at Deejay, Celia and Catherine averted their eyes because of being scared.


A large sound is made and the ground is shaking again. A cloud of smoke started to appear and covering the Chief Goblin and Deejay.

The two girls looked at the direction where the Chief Goblin and Deejay is. When the cloud of smoke started to disappear the first one they see was especially the Cheif Goblin.

Celia almost loses hope but when the cloud of smoke is gone, they saw Deejay use his hands to receive the large rust hammer.

The eyes of the Chief Goblin opened wide while fear can be felt. The rust hammer is slowly cracking until it broke.

The Chief Goblin stepped two times backward when its weapon was shattered.

"Now then, it's my turn"

Deejay vanished using his maximum speed then reappeared close to the Chief Goblin.

Deejay jumped up while both of his hands are in his pocket and kicked the stomach of the Chief Goblin.

The Chief Goblin's armor, shattered into large pieces and the Chief Goblin flew ten meters.

Celia and Catherine's mouth opened wide and the shock of their faces can be seen.

What they said lately is they need up to five A-class adventurers to defeat the B-clas Chief Goblin but in front of them, a young man that looks like sixteen years old receive its attack and finish the chief Goblin in one kick.

Ding: Quest completed.

Defeat the chief Goblin and save the girls.

Points reward: 5000

Deejay is dumbfounded to what appeared in front of him, luckily the girls can't see it.

He did not know that there were quests options as well, and also there are points too.

"Points? I must check it!"

Manipulating his menu, the Quests and Exchange Points options appeared.

"Use points to buy beasts? and Evolve beasts?

He presses the best option and there are a lot of types of beasts, from wolves to dragons to heavenly beasts.

" It's very expensive, I only have 7423 points, I receive only 5000 points in the quests and by killing monsters I got additional points.

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He can evolve his wolves if they reach level 50, and also he can only buy 7 wolves right now.

"Okay, It's decided! I'll buy more of the wolves, its the only beasts I can afford for now"

As he presses the buy text, 7 more wolves started to appear like pixels.

Also, they are all level 43 as well, the same as his current wolves, now he has 13 wolves in his possession.

"Okay this is enough for now"

Deejay withdraw his summons then approached the girls.

"It's all done now" Deejay smiled while talking to them.

"W-who are you?" Catherine asked.

"My name is Deejay Reese" Deejay answered.

"It's a weird name, where do you live?" Celia also asked.

"W-well for that, I don't remember, just think of it like I lose my memories"

Deejay can't just tell them that he was reincarnated, it will cause more shocks to them.

"My name is Catherine Mullen and this is Celia Olarel" Catherine self-introduced themselves.

"Nice to meet you both" Deejay smiled while replying.

The three of them where resting in the destroyed Goblin Village.

"By the way? why are you caught? What are you doing in these forests?" Deejay asked calmly.

"Actually there are four of us, Andrew is our guard and the other one, we let him run to call for help, maybe they will arrive here soon" Catherine replied and continue to talk.

"Both of us are living in the Euphoria Kingdom, and also both of us are the princess's friends, we are not from a Noble family but the process accepted us, we decided to visit the village where we live but as we were about to go back to the Euphoria kingdom, the Goblin patrols saw us and also we did not expect this incident as well" Catherine said.

"If you did not come I don't know what could have happened to us, especially Celia" Catherines tears started to fall.

"Thank you! Thank you so much!" Celia thanked Deejay and leaped towards him.

"Ce-celia what are you doing?!" Catherine checks reddened.

"It's okay if you need someone to hug, you can hug me" Deejay answered respectively.

Immediately Catherine approached Deejay's left side and hugged him.

"Deejay? Can we wait until reinforcements arrive?" Catherine asked

"Sure, no problem" Deejay replied.

Twenty minutes have passed, while they were talking then the reinforcements arrive.

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  • DarylA


    You are right :)

  • NaniTheFack


    Is Catherine the red head and Celia is the brown head? or It’s the opposite?

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