100% God's Descendant in Another World / Chapter 5: Chapter 5

Chapter 5: Chapter 5

Twenty minutes earlier.

"Father, thank you for giving me a chance to choose whom will I marry." Veronica said.

A beautiful girl with blonde hair with bangs reaching the height of her waist and also she has golden eyes, she was the princess, Veronica Euphoria.

"Its okay Veronica, you are my daughter and my only family left, you can choose your own path" King Urian replied.

A handsome old man with Blonde hair and Goldeneyes, he is the king of the Euphoria Kingdom.

The two of them were having a father and daughter talk. Suddenly, a guard panting so hard opened the castle hall doors.

"My king! Celia and Catherine are in danger!" the guard shouted.

The king and the princess were shocked by what the guard just said.

"What happened?! Where are they?!" The princess shouted with a worried voice.

"John said that they are caught by the Goblins, John is injured and his at the infirmary right now. He said that Andrew might fall and your friends will die if we will not hurry!"

"Get the guards! Father? Can I come with them?" Veronica asked.

"It will be dangerous but I will trust you, Veronica. Celerine! guard Veronica with all your life in it!" The king shouted.

Celerinel, a slender and a well-built female knight. She has long black hair with black eyes and also clean white skin. Wearing light armor, skirt, and high thigh socks and boots.

"Yes, your highness!" She replied.

Immediately, the princess changed her outfit the same as what Celirine is wearing.

Veronica took a hundred of soldiers, she is riding a carriage and Celerine also. They travel towards the forests where John told them.

"Princess, they will be fine. I promise" Celerine said.

Celerine was worried because of the princess, Veronica wanted to cry but she is enduring it.

"Princess! we're almost there!" One of the guards shouted

Ten minutes passed and they arrive.

"What happened here?" The princess questioned.

In front of them, the Goblin village is destroyed. As if an army is destroying it. The Goblins huts were destroyed as well as the walls. The gate also shattered into pieces, dead goblins can be seen everywhere.

As they observe the surroundings, a young girl shouted, it was Celine.

"Sister Veronica!"

The nervousness of Veronica, as well as the soldiers, fade away immediately when they see Celine was smiling.

As Celine leaped towards Veronica, Veronica received her and hugged her tightly while caressing her hair.

"Thank Goodness you're fine" Tears of joy came out from Veronica's eyes.

Catherine followed as well, and she rushed and hugged Veronica. The soldiers smiled again while cheering.

"Catherine? what happened here? Who save you guys? where is Andrew?" Veronica asked.

"Princess, he did not make it" Catherine replied.

When they heard her words, they became silent and looked on the ground.

"We will give him a hero's funeral," Veronica said.

"By the way, who saved you guys?" Veronica asked.

"His name is Deejay, he saved us" Catherine replied with a smile.

"By saving you mean? He is the only one that saved you?! Where is he now?" Veronica asked with a shocked tone.

"He said that he just wanted to take a bath at a nearby river and he also said that we must stay here and wait for him" Celine replied

The soldiers and the princess were eating snacks while waiting for Deejay. Catherine,

Celine, Celirine, and Veronica were sitting. at a wooden chair while talking about what happened. They told them that how Deejay soloed a B-class monster and Soloed an Army of goblins.

The soldiers where enjoying listening while the two of them shared happily.

Ten minutes have passed.

"Wolves! Prepare for battle!"

One of the soldiers shouted and immediately all of them stood up and unsheathe their swords.

"What kind of wolves are they?!" Celerine is shocked to what she sees, in front of her is an unknown species of monster, she is a soldier but she have never encountered some beats like Deejay j

"Wait! Don't attack!" Celine and Catherine shouted.

"Why?! They will kill us first if we don't!" Veronica answered.

"Those wolves are his summons!" Catherine said.

"What? he can summon 13 beasts well?!" Veronica said.

All of them sheath their swords back and withdraw. In front of them, a man that is slowly approaching them.

"His beautiful" Celerine suddenly said also Veronica covered her mouth with his hands.

"Thank you for rescuing them personally Euphoria kingdom's princess.

Deejay thanked the princess and introduced his self.

"My name is Deejay Reese If you're going to ask where I came from. I can't answer that for now sorry princess" Deejay apologized with respect.

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"It`s okay if you have private matters in your life, don't worry" Veronica replied while smiling

They talk for a while then immediately decided to depart, Deejay told them that his original destination is to the Euphoria kingdom. He also told them that he wanted to become an adventurer.

Veronica also told him that if he has achievements, he can be noble. But Deejay`s aim is to become an Adventurer.

"Deejay, We will give you rewards if we arrive in the kingdom okay?" Veronica said.

"I would be happy too" Deejay replied.

Deejay does not need a reward, but just to respect the decision of the princess, he agreed. They travel for thirty minutes, it took some time because they travel at a slow speed.

Inside the carriage, Celine is sitting in Deejay`s lap while the three girls where stealing gazes at them.

"They are this close already?" Veronica asked.

"Yes, even me, if I am near him. I feel protected and comfortable" Catherine replied.

Deejay heard what they were talking but he just smiled. Celine was always staring at Deejay`s face and pinching it.

Time passed and they arrive at the Euphoria kingdom.

DarylA DarylA

What type of beast do you want that our mc will own?

And also, what do you want guys to happen in the future chapters? :)

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  • Rahul_Rox


    good chapter. OP much. put more efforts into developing the other characters too especially his potential partners

  • karam555


    more chapter

  • Mr_even


    maybe something he can use as a mount

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