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Chapter 66: Unchangeable Fate

Whoosh! Whoosh!

As he entered the corridor that led to the skill vault, Aurus instantly noticed that something was off. He looked around his surroundings and felt that nothing was peculiar about it since it was just green jade. Hence, he looked at himself for a bit.


Unbeknownst to him, he, who had a speed of 525 meters per hour thanks to Fenrir's ally skill that was boosted by the [Gale Hover] spell, was actually moving even faster than that. It took a while for him to notice that fact since the walls around were green jade. It was only when he looked forward did he notice that the entrance to the skill vault grew larger at quite a fast pace.

In the end, Aurus decided to check the skill details of [Tempestuous Spiritas Glide], his movement skill.

"Enable the option of me seeing the buffs that are applied to every skill or stat I have." Before that though, Aurus commanded the system to enable the option just in case his hunch was right.


'The option 'Buff information' has been enabled.'

Continuing to traverse the long corridor as he nodded inwardly, Aurus then commanded the system to open up information regarding his movement skill.



[Tempestuous Spiritas Glide (Special)] (Level 11/20)

Grade: S (Mortal)

As a Spiritas that has a different structure compared to branches and saplings, any normal movement skill will not be effective, thus creating a new movement skill that allows you to be one with the wind and move at incredibly fast speeds.

Movement speed: 350 meters per hour (+110%)

Note: the skill [Tempest Burst Lv. 11] has been generated.


"Eh? 110% boost to movement speed?" At that moment, Aurus felt that something was fishy. As far as he knew, his movement speed was boosted by 50% due to Fenrir's ally skill. The problem is...where did the other 60% come from?

"Hmm..." Unknowingly, while Aurus was lost in his thoughts, he had already arrived at the skill vault, filled to the brim with skills that were only waiting for Aurus to choose from.

Once he arrived in front of the skill vault, he did not stop thinking about the reason behind his enhanced movement speed as skills could wait. He hovered above the place where the corridor and the skill vault ended and met up.

It took him the time for [Gale Hover] to wear off to have an inkling of an idea as to where it came from.

"Identify [Blessing of the Tempest]." This was the first idea that came to Aurus' mind after a few minutes of thinking. Of course, he knew that this passive skill would boost his movement speed, but not to such a great extent.



[Blessing of the Tempest] (Level 1/3)

Experience: 7.5/10

Grade: C (Mortal—Special)

As a child of the wind, you have been blessed by the winds that are quick and agile, while being destructive at the same time. Its name is Tempest.

> Movement speed +10%


"As expected, [Blessing of the Tempest] does not boost my movement speed that much, only by 10%." Aurus still could not understand where the remaining 50% came from though. He then tried to recall the things he had obtained from the inheritance after evolving Fenrir.

"I obtained [Blessing of the Tempest] and ownership of the inherita—" And that's where it struck him.

As far as he knew, buildings would only boost the player's stats, at times, special stats as well but that was all. Now that his ownership over the [Tempest Cliff Inheritance] might be the reason for his increased movement speed, would it actually be the reason?"

"You know what? What happens, happens," Aurus decided to just get it over with. "Identify [Tempest Cliff Inheritance]."


Without skipping a heartbeat, the system opened up a screen in front of Aurus regarding the information about the Tempest Cliff Inheritance. He skimmed over the information and could not help but say, "I was right."



[Tempest Cliff Inheritance]

An inheritance made for Inanimates of the Wind element by the Great Sage Kevin. Within lies multiple halls that facilitate trials and places that over a boost in strength for Inanimates. It is covered by a strong aura of the Wind, making it not feel out of place within the Tempest Cliff.

> All stats +50%

> Movement speed +50%



Within the continent where the Seraph Kingdom is located, lies a small mansion where a great being of the kingdom lives.

This person is renowned for his divinations and extremely large collection of knowledge on multiple topics of interest. May it be the classes from Rank 1 to Rank 10, the places that help Animates grow stronger according to their classes, tactics, arts, literature, he is well versed in all of it.

What was his name?

The person who wielded this much power told others to call him the Great Sage Evinkell, although his real name is Kevin.

As for his place, it was called the Sage's Manor by all of the people within the Seraph Kingdom.

Currently, Evinkell sat on a large chair within the confines of his manor's living room, looking out of the large bay window in front of him as he sipped on his piping hot tea from time to time.

"To think that the Inanimates can actually become intelligent at their level." Evinkell could not help chuckle at this thought. Most of the sentient Inanimates he discovered all had basic intelligence and at most, a small vocabulary of the Animate language.

If he knew that the Inanimates were actually hiding their true level of sentience from him and only found it out through his inheritance, he would definitely be startled at how far the Inanimates have hidden themselves.

Taking a sip of tea, he started to mutter once more. "Even though I predicted that Aurus' fate, I still can't help but shake off the feeling that it might change the world of Erudinia as we know it."

"Is it because of its Perfect System?" As someone who has lived a very long life thanks to his class of Rank 7 Erudite Sage, he has witnessed multiple cases of beings throughout his life, either Inanimate or Animate, being born with a system that allowed them to grow in power in a stable manner without the needed for experimentation. They also did not suffer from backlash in terms of failure of ranking up in class or evolving, because they can't fail at all. Evinkell decided to call this type of power progression tool, the Perfect System. He decided to call it this because there was no fault at all for someone who has this.

Nonetheless, not all beings were lucky in obtaining a Perfect System, having a lesser version but more common version of it, which Evinkell called the System Fragment. Although it also allowed these beings to grow in power just like those who had Perfect Systems, there was a great need for experimentation and there were cases of backlash when beings failed to evolve or rank up to a higher class.

In the end, he decided to not think of Aurus' matter any further as he sipped on his tea once more before sighing. "If that Aurus create a Spirit Clone version of itself as a human before its imminent doom, it would be great."

"Its fate to become a material for a weapon has already been destined."


Within one of the green jade halls inside the Tempest Cliff Inheritance.


At an unknown point in time, a large branch with red engravings covering almost every nook and cranny of its body, appeared on the center of this green jade hall. It rotated its body for a bit before letting out a sigh of relief and exuding a cheery aura around itself.

This large branch was none other than Herellia who had finally passed the seventh and final trial she had to face, the Stealth trial.

She had to cross a lot of hardships in order to kill the enemy that was basically at the Animate level. If not for the healing skill she recived earlier, she might not have been successful in completing the trial.

She could not help but let out an unbridled laughter after seeing that she was truly out of that hell.

"I'm finally done!"

TrueDawn TrueDawn

I wonder how Herellia is going to react if she knew Aurus has control over the inheritance.

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  • Eslyna


    After reading this chapter, I feel like his original body is going to be used as a weapon for himself, or it would be weird why the author keeps referencing, reminding, and pointing out this fact if it was a foreshadowing to a plot twist.



    Truly the fastest commenter in the west

  • SrMorpheus



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