56.3% I Reincarnated As A Stick / Chapter 67: Heading Out

Chapter 67: Heading Out


[Tempest Cliff Inheritance]

An inheritance made for Inanimates of the Wind element by the Great Sage Kevin. Within lies multiple halls that facilitate trials and places that over a boost in strength for Inanimates. It is covered by a strong aura of the Wind, making it not feel out of place within the Tempest Cliff.

> All stats +50%

> Movement speed +50%


"I was right," Aurus could not help but say as he sucked in a breath of cold air...figuratively. "Not only does it boost my movement speed by an additional 50%, it also boosts my stats as well by 50 percent. If I add that to the boost that Fenrir's ally skill gives to my Attack and Vitality stat, how much HP do I have right now? And how much attack do I have?" Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com <a href="https://www.webnovel.com">www.webnovel.com</a> for visiting.

Since he now found the culprit of his increased movement speed, Aurus was now at ease as he now wondered how stronger he has gotten after obtaining Fenrir and the ownership to the Tempest Cliff Inheritance.

"Disable the option 'Buff Information'," Aurus commanded without hesitation as he knew that he would face a ton of calculations if he continued to have this option enabled. Not only that, he also wanted to see big numbers on his status screen rather than multiple percentages. He knew that the system had the capabilities to calculate all of that.

He took a short glance at the shelves upon shelves of skill books in front of him, keeping in mind where the [Stick Regeneration] skill was before commanding, "Open status screen."


Without skipping a heartbeat if Aurus had one, the system followed Aurus' order and opened a holographic screen in front of his field of vision that was filled to the brim regarding his information.

Aurus looked at his status screen for a bit before becoming dumbfounded at the improvement. He asked himself, "Is this a dream?"

Aurus rolled around for a bit and felt the cold sensation of the ground. He wasn't dreaming at all. After confirming that, his emotions took a 180 degree turn as he was incredibly happy for his improvement. Although it was not at the level of stats an S-grade from an alliance would have, it would still allow him to contend with normal S-grade Inanimates!


[Aurus] (Level 10/10)

Experience: MAX

Species: Wind Walnut Spiritas (Rare)

Existence Level: Inanimate

Grade: A

[HP]: 374/374

[SP]: 774/774

[Life]: 37/110

[Will]: 39/110


[Tenacity]: 38

[Vitality]: 68

[Spirit]: 77

Synchronization Rate: 40%

Unused Experience Points: 14705

Unused Genesis Points: 23


"I used to have around 150 HP and 300 or so SP but..." Aurus could not help but get emotional after seeing that his HP and SP has been increased by over twofold after entering the inheritance. "Not only that, I have enough unused experience points to level me up to the max once I evolve to S-grade!"

He did not want to waste his unused experience points on Fenrir at the moment as he wanted to grow as fast as possible, not wanting to gamble his life to fight others if he didn't need to. Although he could do so, if he could avoid it, then why fight?

"Hmm...23 Genesis Points, I think that's enough to let me pass through the 5th layer of the Genesis Tree," Aurus said to himself after taking into consideration how much points were needed to pass through each layer. Although he did estimate back then that he could pass through the 30th layer with this much points, it was a hasty guess while having only a faint recollection of the points to pass through the layers.

After that, he activated [Gale Hover] once more as he came closer and closer to the other skill he wanted to pick, which was [Stick Regeneration].

"Where could you be?"


Within another green jade hall inside the Tempest Cliff Inheritance.

Since Herellia has finished the seventh and final trial of the inheritance, she was only waiting for the rewards she would get and she would leave this inheritance in an instant. Of course, she did not forget that she would have to apologize to Aurus due to the fact that she did not believe his words. As a leader of an alliance, it was truly a shame to not believe on one's members.

It did not take a long while for Herellia to receive her reward as the disembodied voice that resounded throughout the hall said, "The seventh and final trial, Stealth has been completed."

"Time needed to clear trial: 36 minutes and 22 seconds. Score grade: S."

"As the inheritor has finished the final trial with a score grade of S, the inheritor shall receive the skill [Unyielding Spirit] as a reward."


Not long after that, Herellia's system opened up a screen in front of her field of vision as she scanned through the details of the skill.

"What the...an invincibility skill?" Herellia could not believe it. Not only did she get a healing skill from the inheritance, but an invincibility skill as well? She looked through the contents of the skill once more.


[Unyielding Spirit] (Lv. 1/1)

Grade: X (Mortal)

You do not bend under another being's pressure. You want to strive to become the strongest. Your spirit has been strengthened to the point that it does not sway nor have second thoughts in something, allowing you to do the impossible.

This skill allows you to reduce the damage you take to only 1 point of damage. This skill lasts for 5 seconds.

SP Cost: 1500 SP

Cooldown: 12 hours


Although it would use up around 1/3 of her SP, she did not mind as having the ability to at least damage the Animate for 5 seconds is already more than enough.

Indeed, she was this surprised about the invincibility skill as she still did not give up on killing the Animate that ruled over the Tempest Cliff.

Closing the screen in front of her not long after, the disembodied voice once talked again as it announced to Herellia that the trial was over and she could now leave the inheritance at any time.

Of course, Herellia did not hesitate to leave at the instant the disembodied voice told her to as she still felt guilty.


And like that, she was now gone from the inheritance, appearing at the center of the faded magic circle they entered a few seconds later.


Within the skill vault.

"Aha! Found it," Aurus could not help but exclaim as he scanned through the skill books on the bookshelves with the help of his system. If he did not have the system as his assistant, it would definitely take him far longer to search for the [Stick Regeneration] skill.

As he grabbed the skill book that had the words [Stick Regeneration] written on its cover, a voice resounded through his mind.

"Master, what's that?" Fenrir asked in Aurus' mind. Although Fenrir's intelligence was still far off from an A-grade Inanimate, it was still able to hold basic communication with Aurus.

"It's a skill book," Aurus replied inwardly as he commanded the system to learn the skill from the skill book. A flash of light covered Aurus' body not long after before prompting him to put the skill book in its rightful bookshelf. "It allows you to grow stronger since you would have more skills in your arsenal."

"Skill...book..." Fenrir thought Aurus' words for a long time as after that, it went silent, as if it wasn't inside Aurus' mind at all. Of course, Aurus did not mind that and continued to look through the bookshelves. "I should try and grab a defensive skill since I severely lack those."

Although he had an invincibility skill that could be considered as a life-saving defensive skill, it still had a long cooldown, hence Aurus would not be able to use it often. He needed a defensive skill that he could use whenever and wherever he wanted.

Just as he was about to look through another bookshelf, the disembodied voice resounded throughout the skill vault, slightly startling Aurus. "The inheritor named Herellia has finished the trials and has left the inheritance."

"Oh? She's done already?" Aurus felt that his time inside the skill vault was short. If it wasn't for him taking his sweet time to think where the increased movement speed came from, then he might have learned more skills. But alas, there was no way to turn back time...or even if there was, it would be a long way before Aurus could do so.

Letting out a sigh inwardly, Aurus then shouted, "I want to leave the inheritance."


A gust of wind blew throughout the skill vault as a hazy green glow covered Aurus' body. A few seconds later, the hazy green glow dissipated as any traces of Aurus being in the skill vault was gone just like that.

TrueDawn TrueDawn

And so, Aurus is finally out of the inheritance. Herellia is now out of the inheritance as well. I wonder what they will do next.

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Comments (11)

  • Codel


    What a waste, he needs to learn all those skills as soon as possible.

  • dandarious


    Im really frustrated by how thoughtless his actions are. Why bother even reading the titles instead of just learning them all? It would take him the same amount of time, and he would then have a whole range of wind related skills to combine and help his next evolution. Duh! Why the hell would he leave before at least picking up the skills? Not to mention using the fountain.......???

  • Bugged


    He’s in his infinitely stocked candy store, he can take anything anytime for free... he takes 2 things.

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