51.85% I Reincarnated As A Stick / Chapter 70: Newfound Powers

Chapter 70: Newfound Powers


In an instant, the aura that Aurus normally exuded intensified by two times thanks to him being accepted into the alliance. Even Aurus could feel the changes in his power as he looked around his surroundings.

"This is too surreal..." Aurus felt like he destroy a mountain with one Spirit Spear, but he knew that he did not have that capability since that would only be possible in the Animate level according to his memories. "Herellia, is this norma—"

As he was about to ask Herellia about this feeling of ultimate power, Aurus saw something that made stop in his sentence midway.

'Herellia [Alliance Leader]?' This was the thing Aurus saw, specifically it was hovering above Herellia's body. After seeing that, he closed and opened his sense of vision a few times, and the text was still above her body.

He then decided to look over his body and noticed that the same text was hovering him, albeit changed to suit him.

'Aurus [Executive]'

"Hm?" Herellia could not help but hem as she heard Aurus' question that was cut off midway. Of course, she could not help but stare at Aurus because a holographic screen was levitating in front of his body.

She tried to control her excitement of knowing that her intuition was true about Aurus, and decided to lightly cough as she noticed that Aurus was also out of it. "Ehem. What were you about to ask me, Aurus?"

"Eh?" Hearing his name being called, Aurus snapped back to reality as he noticed that Herellia was looking at him. He took a few seconds to recall the question he had in mind and then asked, "Is it normal for newly admitted members to feel a sense of overwhelming power?"

"Yes, yes it is," Herellia replied with an affirmative aura. "Do you have any more questions? If not, let's go back to the entrance since all of the alliance members have now gathered there according to Horell."

"Oh...ah..." Since Herellia told him that there were people...well sticks waiting for him, Aurus decided to ask the most obvious question after staring off into nothing. "Why is your name hovering above your body?"

"Ah that." Herellia could not help but stiffly chuckle. "This is so we can differentiate enemies from alliance members. Once you enter the hall, you'll see a ton of this so I advise you to disable that in your mind."

Aurus let out an affirmative aura after that and willed his mind to remove the fact that a line of text was hovering over their bodies. After doing so, he looked at Herellia and noticed that the text hovering over her body was gone now. "Okay, I'm done, let's go back."

Herellia let out an affirmative aura after that and turned around to hover out of the alliance lobby, heading back to the large hall of the alliance base. As for Aurus, he activated [Gale Hover] before following Herellia from behind.


As they were travelling back to the hall, Herellia could not scream inwardly from excitement. 'What the heck! He actually has a system!'

Ever since the Goddess of Kinship blessed her, she was bestowed with a system that allowed her to grow at an incredibly fast rate compared to her peers. After growing to X-grade and establishing an alliance, she then decided to experiment with her system. Topics like the system being able to be seen by others and such were tackled by her, getting to a few fruitful conclusions.

'Since I can see his system, then that means...those who don't have the system cannot see the system I have or Aurus has,' Herellia said to herself inwardly. She looked back at Aurus and noticed that three holographic screens were hovering in front of Aurus' body, as if he was engrossed in the system.

'You know what? I'll tell him that I have a system later,' Herellia said to herself before fully focusing on heading towards the hall.

What she did not know was that...Aurus already knew she had a system thanks to the inheritance.


"I received two active skills and a passive skill from joining alliance," Aurus murmured to himself. He tried to check his notification log and find out what the names of the skills he received were.

"Identify [Alliance Call]," Aurus commanded inwardly to the system.


Not long after, the system completed Aurus' order.


[Alliance Call]

Calls for alliance members that are within a 1 kilometer radius of the user.

Cooldown: 24 hours

SP Cost: 100 SP


"Hmm...I don't know where this will be useful." Aurus tried to think up of situations where he could possibly use it, but got nowhere since no situation popped up at all.

"What about the other active skill?" Aurus continued to talk to himself. "Identify [Judgement]."




In an alliance, there is no shortage of those who have malicious thoughts. This skill allows you to kick members of the Member level or less from the alliance, and suppress those of the Executive level or higher, allowing you to possibly incapacitate them.

Cooldown: 30 minutes

SP Cost: 100 SP


"Now this...this I can see a use for." Aurus' eyes gleamed after reading the details of the skill. Since he was a level higher than the normal members, he could kick those who desire to take his place or have any lingering thoughts to overthrow the alliance.

"And now...onto the passive skill." Aurus saved this skill last since the name was already overbearing. Before he did look at the details of the skill, he looked at the path in front of them and noticed that there were still a few more minutes he had to introduce himself. Of course, he did not waste his time, commanding, "Identify [Power of the Alliance]."


Without skipping a nonexistent heartbeat, the system opened a screen up in front of Aurus' field of vision. He skimmed through the whole screen, only to gasp inwardly in shock.


[Power of the Alliance (Executive A-grade Variant)] (Level 5)

The will of the alliance flows within you and becomes one with your body and soul, allowing you to wield incomparable power that would surpass those who have not joined alliances.

> All stats +100%

(Note: The stat boost can grow further depending on your species grade and level of authority within the alliance.)

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"Thi-this..." Aurus was at a loss for words after reading this. He already had Fenrir who boosted his attack and vitality by 20 percent, and the ownership of the inheritance he cleared boosted all of his stats by 50 percent. If he looked at his current status screen, how high would his stats be?

"Open status screen!" Seeing that there was still a couple of minutes, Aurus decided to hastily look at his stats, which were definitely higher than before.



[Aurus] (Level 10/10)

Experience: MAX

Species: Wind Walnut Spiritas (Rare)

Existence Level: Inanimate

Grade: A


[SP]: 774/774

[Life]: 37/110

[Will]: 39/110


[Tenacity]: 63

[Vitality]: 108

[Spirit]: 122

Synchronization Rate: 40%

Unused Experience Points: 14705

Unused Genesis Points: 23


"Over 100 attack points..." Aurus could imagine the damage he could deal with 100 attack points. If he had over 100 attack points when he fought against Loran, then Loran would be killed in one shot!

His HP was also outstanding, being the half the amount of a normal S-grade's HP! If he fought against a normal A-grade, armed with his healing skill, he could definitely just stand there and always have his HP filled to the brim!

At the moment Aurus closed his status screen, Herellia and Aurus were now out of the long corridor and were greeted with the hall they entered from. The difference was that, the hall was filled to the brim with branches and saplings of various shapes and sizes that exuded an aura that wouldn't lose out to Aurus.

Before the two came into the hall, the hall was filled with the clamor and chatter as to why they were being called. After sensing Herellia's aura and a new member's aura, all of them understood the reason why they were called and turned silent.

Letting out a light cough as she hovered, Herellia started to speak. "Today, we are all gathered here to greet a new executive of the Tempest Branch Alliance."

She then extended a blood tendril to point towards Aurus who was beside her. "Although he might just be an A-grade at the moment, he can definitely kill off S-grades like cutting radishes! Not only that, he has also contributed to the alliance for he is the second member of our alliance who has a healing skill!"

At first, when they heard that the new member beside Herellia was an A-grade, all of them could not help but gasp. Some of them even recognized the being beside Herellia and kept mum as they knew what Herellia said was the truth, being able to kill S-grades easily.

But when they heard that the being beside them had a healing skill, that was when they lost it. A healing skill! How precious was that! Before Aurus' admittance to the alliance, there was only one member who could heal. But now that Aurus was a part of their alliance, they now had two healers.

Of course, given the fact that they ignored the fact that the effect of healing only applies to Aurus himself.

Noticing the auras that the members let out, Herellia let out a cheerful aura as she continued to shout, "I introduce you to our newest member, the A-grade Spiritas, Aurus!"

TrueDawn TrueDawn

I wonder what will happen next. The Tempest Branch Alliance arc is an arc where Aurus becomes extremely strong, extremely fast. Please do keep an eye on that.

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