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Chapter 75: Reliance on the Alliance

"Sword of Greed, slash!"


Thanks to Aurus' upgraded movement speed, the sword that he sent out collided with the long stone pole in a matter of an instant, a somewhat loud explosion resounding in the process. A few tiny pieces of the stone pole fell to the ground, revealing the result of the attack to Aurus.

"What…" Aurus could not believe what he was seeing. As the thin red sword he sent out gradually dissipated into thin air, the result of the collision that was shown…was hardly visible at all. If one looked intently at the long stone pole from close up, then would only one see an extremely silver scratch on the long stone pole, revealing to anyone the sturdiness of the stone pole.


"Eh? The system considers this as a real attack?" Not long after the dissipation of the sword he shot out, a notification sound was heard, with a screen popping up in front of his field of vision not a moment later as well.

'Aurus has dealt 1221 HP damage to [Stone Pole].'

"Hisss…" Aurus took a deep breath through his body, not believing the number that was currently shown on the screen in front of him. He shot out another [Sword of Greed] towards the long stone pole, only to get the same result from the system. He then shot out another [Sword of Greed] one more time, and got the same result just like before. Only then did he believe that the damage he dished out was real.

"Although this isn't my weakest skill…" Aurus could still not fathom at how much damage he could now currently deal. "I wonder how destructive it could get after being boosted with [Spirit Power Transcendence]."

Putting the shock he received after seeing the damage he could deal with the weakest technique from the [Spirit Sword of Seven Hells], Aurus was about to conjure the second sword until a few words that were large enough to be seen from far away, hovered in front of the long stone pole.

"Damage: 1.22 points?" Aurus was confused at the words that popped up at first, but then he remembered the damage he dealt a while ago. "Ah…is this the equivalent of seeing damage Inanimates deal without a system like mine?"

He had a feeling that this was the case, but he could not wrap his head around the fact that the damage he dealt, which was over a thousand HP, was reduced to about one-thousandth of its size. "I wonder what it corresponds to…anyways, I don't need to look at that since I have the system with me."


Without hesitation, a floating Anima was transformed into a thin orange sword that radiated an aura of intense charm, as if the sword was the most beautiful thing anyone would ever lay their eyes on.

Of course, Aurus was the conjurer of the sword, hence he was not affected by the skill. That did not stop him from sensing the power the sword held compared to the previous one he conjured. A few seconds, he noticed that the aura it radiated reached a peak, and shot it not long after.

"Sword of Lust, slash!"


Of course, since the Sword of Lust came after the Sword of Greed, it boasted an attack power that was higher compared to the previous sword, gradually making Aurus understand the uses of the sword.

And so, Aurus continued to the five remaining sword forms of the [Spirit Sword of Seven Hells], taking about a few minutes for every sword to find a usage for it.


Hovering above Aurus' body, a thin white sword, emanating an aura that made it seem like it was the only item in existence capable of killing gods and demons alike, was conjured by Aurus after using up all of his SP.

While looking at the sword he created, Aurus could not help but feel a sense of familiarity to the sword, muttering to himself, "So this is the upgraded form of [Spirit Spear: Acceptance]?"

Afterwards, he shot the sword towards the stone pole, controlling to slash from top to bottom as he shouted, "Sword of Pride, slash!"


An explosion that was louder than before resounded throughout the training room Aurus was practicing his skills in. Even Aurus could not help but feel inwardly shocked after hearing that explosion. He let the sword dissipate into thin air first before looking at the result of the slash…which shocked him to his core…well pith.

A slash that was about a centimeter deep appeared on the surface of the stone pole, letting Aurus know the ferocity and strength of the final blade he sent out. As he was amazed at the power of the final sword, the gash that was left on the stone pole gradually repaired itself, returning to a state where it seemed like such an attack did not happen at all in the first place.


Of course, Aurus did not mind this happening at all since it was a training dummy, it was meant to have regenerative properties anyway. He decided to look at the screen that appeared in front of his field of vision as he heard the notification sound that appeared.

'Aurus has dealt 4623 HP damage to [Stone Pole].'

"…" After seeing the damage he dealt with the strongest sword form, Aurus could not help but look at the skill [Spirit Power Transcendence] in a new light. "To think that the reason why I can fight against beings higher than my current grade is because of this skill…"

"I should really grind this more," Aurus could not help but chuckle after saying this.

As usual, a few words appeared in front of the stone pole, telling Aurus how much damage he dealt.

"Damage: 4.62 points. How much would I possibly deal if I had [Spirit Power Transcendence] activated?"

Satisfied and content with the damage he could currently deal, Aurus decided to use [Grand Vitality and Spirit Transformation] to hastily replenish his SP bar at the cost of his HP. After noticing that his SP bar was filled to the brim, he activated the spell he was using a while ago to tour around with Horell, [Tempest Levitation]. He gradually hovered bit by bit off the ground before leaving the Sparring Tower and deciding to head back to the main hall of the alliance.


In the midst of his flight, he could not help but recall a certain thing that he received a while ago, which he put at the back of his head as he did not understand how it worked. Since he was currently flying with no goal at the moment, he decided that it was a good time to check the thing he received out.

"Open Alliance Tech."


Not long after commanding the system, a semitransparent screen appeared in front of his field of vision, making him gasp at the new feature he received.


[Tempest Branch Alliance Tech]

Alliance Points: 1000


HP Boost: 0% (Costs 3 Alliance Points to upgrade)

SP Boost: 0% (Costs 3 Alliance Points to upgrade)

Defense Stat Boost: 0% (Costs 1 Alliance Point to upgrade)

Vitality Stat Boost: 0% (Costs 1 Alliance Point to upgrade)

Attack Stat Boost: 0% (Costs 1 Alliance Point to upgrade)


"What the fuck…" Aurus could not help but curse at what he was seeing. After entering the alliance, he accidentally received a feature related to the alliance after killing Connor, who was an executive member of the alliance. In fact, the Alliance Tech system was just one of the two features he received, the other one being the Alliance Shop system.

He gazed at the screen for a bit before recalling a certain memory from his previous life as he said to himself, "It's just like those idle games I play on my phone back then. I wonder what the maximum boosts on these things are."

With his interest piqued by the first new feature he opened up, it was not peculiar for Aurus to open up the second new feature as the first one was already enough to stupefy him.

"Open Alliance Shop."


As usual, a screen appeared in front of Aurus' field of vision while it was accompanied by a notification sound. Aurus took a glance at the screen and could not help but let his nonexistent eyes widen at what the feature offered.


[Tempest Branch Alliance Shop]

Alliance Points: 1000

Stock resets in 12 hours!


[Active Skill — Stick Clone] – 500 Alliance Points

[Passive Skill — Longevity] – 300 Alliance Points

[Passive Skill — Spirit Expansion] – 750 Alliance Points

[Active Skill — Reaper's Verdict] – 1700 Alliance Points

[Active Skill — Spirit Aura (Rare)] – 3000 Alliance Points


"Hoh?" Aurus could not help but utter this sound after seeing what the shop was selling. "To think that the alliance would give me access to more skills…let's see what they have to offer."

With the help of the system, Aurus identified each and every skill one by one, from [Stick Clone] to [Reaper's Verdict]. Some of the skills made him feel disappointed, while others made him want to ask Herellia on how to get more Alliance Points.

"I wonder what this [Spirit Aura] offers. From the fact that it's a Rare skill, it's definitely going to be something pretty good." Since [Spirit Aura] was the only skill that Aurus did not identify yet, he commanded the system to identify the skill, with slight expectation at its use.


Not long after, the details of the skill were revealed to Aurus, prompting him to skim through the text written on the screen. Then…

"[Tempest Burst]!"


Without hesitation, Aurus activated one of the skills he would only use when he needed it the most. Aurus did indeed need the powers of the skill at this moment. Why?

It was because the things [Spirit Aura] offered to Aurus would allow him to become an even stronger mage than ever before.

"This skill is too OP!" Aurus could not help but shout inwardly. "How the heck do I get more Alliance Points?!"


"Herellia?" With his rationality and logicality being consumed by the craze of wanting to obtain the skill, Aurus started to shout as he flew back to the hall at great speed.

"Herellia, where the fuck are you?"

TrueDawn TrueDawn

And so, I am now back energized and motivated even higher than before! Why, you may ask? Because I saved up enough money and got my PC fixed!

This is the first chapter I've written on my PC, as for the length, it just flowed smoothly from there, so expect even longer chapters compared to before!

Anyways, enjoy this chapter! Make sure to look out for the mass release (coming sooner...or later depending on motivation levels)


  • TrueDawn


    Go ahead and call me friend, you can even call me bud if you want! Anyways, I wish you the best of luck in your writing endeavour!

  • Marlbrough


    Good luck.

  • SageHiddenDragon


    Friend, i can call you friend , Right? But welcome back to writing! I´ll try to write this Weekend, wish me luck.

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