79.06% Good Morning, Mister Dragon! / Chapter 68: Wanted to Cry So Badly

Chapter 68: Wanted to Cry So Badly

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Mu Bai knew Su Qianxun well. Su Jiye was the person she cared for the most. If it was not because she was compelled by circumstances, it would be impossible for her not to visit Su Jiye.

"Sorry, Jiye. Sorry, it's all your elder sister's fault. I'm sorry… I'm sorry…"

Su Qianxun's tears fell. She felt really bad for him, but there was nothing she could do. Even after this, she could only visit him once a week.

"Qianxun, you can talk to me if you're facing any difficulty. I can solve it for you."

"Thank you, Doctor Mu. You've helped me and my younger brother a lot. I wouldn't want to trouble you even more."

Su Qianxun wiped off her tears because she knew that it was useless to cry. She held her younger brother's face, but he refused to look into her eyes.

"Jiye, you know that your elder sister is very busy, right? My classes are going to start very soon, and I have to work part-time too… After this, I will… visit you once a week… I promise to bring you your favorite crispy duck every time I visit. Is that okay?" Su Qianxun wanted to cry so badly.

"I'll take that as a yes if you don't reply… Why don't you cheer up? I can't stay here for long. If you're unhappy, I'll leave now…"

The moment Su Qianxun finished talking, Su Jiye suddenly hugged her tightly. He was now a grown-up and had great strength. He hugged Su Qianxun so tightly that she was almost out of breath.

"Alright, I won't leave yet. I'll stay with you for another ten minutes," Su Qianxun said in an extremely soft voice as she gently ran her fingers through his soft, short hair.

As Su Jiye really loved listening to Su Qianxun's stories, Su Qianxun told him his favorite story. Mu Bai felt great sorrow in his heart as he looked at the pair of siblings.

Su Jiye kept holding his elder sister's hand, and every time Su Qianxun moved, he would tighten his grip on her out of anxiety. Su Qianxun knew that her younger brother was afraid that she would leave.

However, as the story ended, their time together also came to an end. She had no choice but to leave. She must not make Long Sijue even more angry right now.

"Jiye, I have to go now—"

Before Su Qianxun could finish her words, Su Jiye stood up abruptly in a fit of madness. He then hugged her tightly and shook his head with force.

No, he did not want his elder sister to leave.

"Jiye, I have no choice but to go. I'll visit you again…"

When Mu Bai saw this, he joined Su Qianxun in convincing Su Jiye. However, no matter how hard they tried to comfort and persuade him, Su Jiye would not let go of Su Qianxun.

"Su Jiye, do you want me to never visit you again? I'll get very angry if you continue to behave like this. Let me go!"

As if Su Qianxun was suddenly provoked, she shoved Su Jiye away. He fell onto the bed. He lowered his head and big droplets of tears streamed down his face...

He was crying...

Su Qianxun cried too. She raised her hand to cover her mouth as she shook her head non-stop. "Jiye, I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry…"

Su Qianxun inched backwards. She then and ran out of the ward. She cried as she walked because her heart was aching immensely. However, at that moment, she could not allow herself to be soft-hearted.

Mu Bai followed her out of the ward. He instructed the nurse to take care of Su Jiye before he left to chase after Su Qianxun.

Mu Bai found Su Qianxun at the stairwell. He knew that she would be there. Back then, she would hide there alone every time she felt sad.

"Qianxun, don't be sad. Jiye knows that you love him." Mu Bai walked over and placed his hands on her shoulders.

Su Qianxun forcefully wiped away the tears on her face. With her hand pressing on her chest, she asked, "Doctor Mu, can you… do me a favor?" Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com <a href="https://www.webnovel.com">www.webnovel.com</a> for visiting.

Comments (53)

  • Loveleen_Sabharwal


    Ohhh this made my heart ache even siblings can't meet each other even when they are in need. 😢😢 This Qianxun being with Doctor Mu, i have a bad feeling about this if Sijue saw them together....

  • theaGomez


    I cried, i felt so bad for this siblings. They've gone through alot, an here I am thinking that Jue will take him to a private hospital or bring him to his house with specialist attending to him. Smh

  • hadukex12


    I feel the doctor will be in trouble if he see them

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