Reviews of Fanfic of Arifureta and Danmachi: Chaotic Fate

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Now I think you don't get reviews because firstly there are too few chapters for something started a year ago. I like the idea, premise and all but I see nothing different from Danmachi as of now, and if that is the case everyone here who looks at the book can just go watch the anime for Danmachi instead. You need to give hajime back his personality and make him colder and not a ***** when it comes to girls, I'm sure Yue finer than Ais so what use is Ais? Their love should be mutual when it does happen not Bell as some puppy like the anime chasing after her. As of now even though I like it somewhat, I cannot rate it high with just these chapters, looking forward to see how everything comes together, if it comes together.
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Hi guys~~~ Author here hope you'll like this fan-fic novel, i hope that you'll have fun reading, if you have any feedbacks and ideas you could ill be open to you and ill think about the ideas you'll give to be add in the story so enjoy~😆*( i wont be giving my self a full star cause ill only be watching the ratings in the sideline ill just leave it up to the readers) :)
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