100% Day and Night | Vkook / Chapter 2: Episode 2

Chapter 2: Episode 2

"Hey mum, I'm going to go check on Taehyung, okay?" Jungkook spoke in a soft voice, wanting to seem as though he actually had any consideration for the feelings of the elder who had just stormed out. His mother gave him a hearty smile, nodding as she clearly thought what her son was doing was a loving act of kindness that he did from the bottom of his golden heart.

So, Jungkook went out of the living room and towards the front door, turning it open and bumping right into who he was looking for - literally.

"Ah, fuck! What're you standing there for?!" Jungkook groaned as he rubbed his head before his face dropped into a genuinely concerned one, reaching out his hand to touch Taehyung's shoulder as he asked in a softer voice, "Hey, are you alright man?"

Taehyungs eyes shot open and he looked up at the owner of the hand, which was placed on his shoulder. Okay fine, he admits he is a drama queen, but who cares? He loved being one.

He stared at the boy for a little while, before his legs started turning weak and that lead him to fall down to the ground. His family members were usually used to it, as he got millions of anxiety attacks before.

There's not a day when he doesn't get one, and all he just wants to do during it is to yell his feelings out and lay down. He had laid on the cold path and closed his eyes, breathing in the air shakily.

He wanted to just like, you know, rest. He knew it was a bad idea to come here. He had shown a really disastrous first impression and now his mother will resent him forever. Jungkook and his parents probably think that Taehyung is incredulously strange.

Though, he was way too used to being called that or seen in that way, so it just didn't matter to him anymore. Now that he could lay down, he decided to enjoy the peace before he turns back into his reserved, snappy self.

Jungkook didn't do anything for a pretty fair amount of time, he just watched the elder go through his panic attack before sighing and running a hand through his hair, crouching down and picking Taehyung up almost effortlessly, holding him like he was his bride or something and carrying him off back inside.

He didn't say a word and the only thing he did was walk, now going up the stairs and towards his room.

Once inside, Jungkook went over to the bed and lay Taehyung down on it, pulling the covers back and then up on the elder, his face not showing any visible signs of change. "There, try and calm down alright? You'll freeze to death out there..." Jungkook wasn't heartless, him and Taehyung just seemed to get off on the wrong foot is all, but that didn't mean he'd leave the elder outside on the floor to cry his eyes out and freeze to death.

Taehyung rolled onto his side, basically facing Jungkook without himself knowing, and snuggled his head closer to his arms, a smile crawling onto his lips.

Laying always helped him calmed down, but everything was going to go downhill once he gets out of this panicked and frantic state. He cannot ever seem to recall events during it, so this is going to be really strange yet moderately interesting for the both of them.

Jungkook was surprised by Taehyung's behaviour and his expression then softened into one of sympathy for the elder who was definitely dealing with some kind of issues right now, but that didn't matter, what mattered was that he was safe and not dead on his doorstep. So, to make them both a little less uncomfortable, Jungkook lay himself down beside Taehyung but remained on top of the covers, letting him cuddle up to him so long as it was just to make himself feel better.

Taehyung started clinging onto the younger one, his body relaxing, and his temperature dropping from such a ludicrous point. His breathing also became more steady and he was no longer trembling, now stable and stationary.

He had officially calmed down, which meant that he would be getting up any moment now.

Taehyung's eyes lazily fluttered open. At first it was way too bright for him to take in, but he went with the flow and that's when he felt his own arms wrapped around something that had a lot of muscles.

Taehyungs eyes widened in horror before he glared at nothing and with all of his strength, pushed Jungkook out of the bed. He sat up, panicking a bit while looking around until it hit him like a bitchslap with a tree.

He facepalmed and groaned into the palm of his hand. "Oh dear God, please don't tell me I got my damned panic attack just not long ago." He pleaded with all of his heart, since he knew that if it actually happened, he will get killed by his mother and father tonight.

Jungkook had been kicked out of the bed and landed with a thud, groaning and sitting up with his eyes closed, trying to cope with the fall a bit easier. "You know, a simple hello would've been nice?" Jungkook spoke sarcastically and then got up, standing beside the bed and dusting off his knees, looking over at Taehyung with a small smile as he asked, "Are you at least feeling better now? You sort of freaked out a bit so I thought I'd bring you up here, don't worry about it, I know I'm really kind."

Retched sounds were echoing around the room as Taehyung started choking on his own saliva. "Really kind my ass. I would've rather died than lived this pathetic life." Taehyung groaned into his hands before getting out of the bed, letting himself adjust to the feeling of walking and standing. His legs were still weak after the sudden attack.

"What the hell did I say? Bet I did some shit for which I will get my booty beaten." He knew that he suddenly gets mad before the anxiety attack kicks in. He starts saying things he doesn't mean, basically blaming other people without no reason, making them feel like bad people.

That's why he didn't like having friends. He knew he'd end up saying shit to everyone, and in the end he would be the one left with a scar in his heart.

But that didn't stop Taehyung from cracking up a bit at Jungkooks words. He hid the smile that had crept onto his face and suddenly started stretching his arms, as if he was laying in a coma for years.

Jungkook has been nice enough to Taehyung and he decided to play around a little bit and see what would happen if he did, "Yeah, you started screaming profanities and smacking me in front of everyone, it was insane dude. You know, if I were you I'd probably just pack my shit now and run off to America or something." Jungkook stares with a judgmental smirk as though to put on an act and make Taehyung freak out even more if possible just for his own sick pleasure and also for future reference as to what pushed the elder's buttons.

Taehyung stared at Jungkook in disbelief, before all of the truth suddenly kicks right into his senses. His eyes widened, as well as his mouth fell down, making a huge gap between his bottom and top lip.

He ran up to Jungkook, grabbing him roughly by his shoulders and shaking him quickly. "Are you serious?! Oh my God, no, there goes my first fucking impression. You know what, you're right, I'm just gonna pack my shit and go back to Seoul." Taehyung groaned out, before sighing loudly, his face and eyes turning blank.

He plopped his butt down onto a bed, which he assumed was Jungkooks, falling down backwards lifelessly with his back hitting the rather soft mattress beneath him.

"I was just kidding, relax you idiot," Jungkook sighed and began to tug at his own hair, his eyes closed as he stood there looking like he in an immense amount of discomfort.

"Stay in here and don't step so much as a toe outside or else I'll tell your mother you hit me or something," Jungkook threatened with a dangerously piercing look in his expression, pointing right at Taehyung before going over to a black jacket he had in his closet.

"Bathroom is through that door if you need a piss, just don't leave the room." Jungkook snuck something under his shirt - a small box-like shape of some kind - and then went out, his feet audible as they gradually made their way down the stairs with a door shut being heard.

The older male had yet refrained himself from rolling his eyes for the billionth time this day, but that didn't stop his glaring at the back of Jungkooks head.

Not only did the younger one lie to him, but also forbid him to leave this room by threatening him.

Who does he think he is?

Taehyung pulled himself up, staring at the white door, as his arms were placed down onto the bed on his sides, with his elbows supporting most of his body weight.

But we all know this Kim Taehyung.

He simply stood up and stalked his way towards the door that lead to the long ass hallway. And even tho the younger male had ordered him to stay in here, he did not wait a moment before turning the door knob, fully opening the door.

He now found himself quietly walking down the stairs. It was so quiet at the moment, that he even started hearing crickets roar somewhere far in the distance.

Suddenly he heard voices, which got louder at every step he made. Taehyung had been staring at his and Jeongguks family for about half a minute, until turning his gaze towards the backyard door.

He had assumed that the younger one used that one particular door to go outside, since he wasn't seen at the huge family table.

Sashaying his way towards the glass pane door, with no regrets, he basically 'slammed' the door open, his eyes falling on a figure.

Remember when I said with no regrets?

Yeah, now this was the time when he actually started regretting his decision. There was something wrong with Jungkook.

Wait, no.

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There was something really wrong with that Jungkook was doing.

Jungkook flinched and he felt his eyes begin to bulge out of their sockets in fear of what was going to happen.

He immediately fumbled around with the cigarette between his fingers, dropping it on the ground and standing on it as if to hide it, the lighter hidden in the palm of his balled up hand.

The younger had assumed that it were his mother who had burst outside in search of her son, but when his eyes met Taehyung's he was even more surprised, infuriated even. "What the fuck are you doing out here? I told you to stay inside!" Jungkook stomped over, grabbing the elder by the collar and smashing his body against the wall of the house, scowling right in his face.

"You didn't see anything, got that? If you don't then let me know and I'll break that pretty little face of yours." Jungkook harshly pushed away from the other and went over to his now crushed blunt, crouching down and scooping up the evidence before throwing it over the fence and out of their property so his mother wouldn't see it.

Taehyung was really shocked for a moment there, at the moment when Jungkook suddenly slammed him against the wall. He wasn't shocked because of the reaction, but because of the strength the younger one had.

But, well, of course, Taehyung was stronger anyways. Little did anyone know, that he is actually keeping a secret from the Jeon family.

The older male suddenly stiffened, as he watched the figure, that had slammed him against the wall not long ago, walk over to the fence and throw away all of the evidence that he had.

His eyes quickly darkened as he uncontrollably walked closer and closer to Jungkook, suddenly grabbing him by the neck.

He called this grab 'soft' when to other people it looked like he would crush their neck in just a second. He growled lowly, not being able to keep his anger in. "What did you say to me, bunny boy? Are you threatening me yet again? Come at me. I dare you. Just remember that your mother will believe everything once I tell her what you had been secretly doing- oh, and also, I won't hesitate to crush that beautiful throat of yours the next time." Spitting out the words more harshly than expected, fire, made by anger, danced in his dark orbs, before he suddenly yanked his arm back, letting the young one go.

Jungkook screamed the second he felt so much as a light touch on his neck, though it was cut short as his throat began to get crushed by the elder's right grip on him, causing him to begin squirming and grabbing at Taehyung's hand, trying to make him let go of him.

"You're a psychopath!" Jungkook squealed as soon as he was let go, backing away from Taehyung with fear struck across his face.

The younger made a run for the door back inside, but little did he know that he'd dropped his lighter when trying to get the elder to let go of him, now it was simply laid on the floor where said person just so happened to be standing.

The eyes of the so said 'psychopath' softened, falling down onto his hand, that was wrapped around the casualty's neck not long ago.

He let out a long sigh, before ruffling his black hair, that had an undercut. Throwing his head backwards, he clicked his tongue, shoved his hands into the pockets and started making his way back inside, until he stepped onto something quite hard.

He almost immediately looked down and at the same time pulled his leg back. His eyes caught a glimpse of none other than Jungkooks lighter. Even tho he couldn't commemorate when Jeongguk had dropped it, he still bent down and picked it up, and without himself knowing, a sly smirk spread over his lips.

Jungkook has ran straight up the stairs with no hesitation, wanting to get as far away from Taehyung as possible after what just happened, he was distraught.

"That guy is crazy... Why the fuck is he in my house? Oh my god..." Jungkook was breathless, not from running, but from the pounding of his heart against his chest and the high spikes of anxiety he felt when he imagined the elder's hand wrapped around his throat again.

The younger had never been stood up to before. He'd never been taught his place. He though he was a prince, someone who could think only for himself while pushing others around for his own benefit... However, Taehyung didn't seem to exactly submit to that sort of mindset Jungkook had.

After not a while, Taehyung was already sitting at the table. He had came back not long ago and no one had already noticed him, since he closed the door way too quietly.

He was then just sitting at the table, being quite relieved as nobody asked questions or anything.

Of course, Taehyung did apologise to the Jeon family, except Jungkook, explaining everything to them and they accepted him, telling him that everything was alright.

Now he could hear his mother trying to crack a joke, but she literally had no sense of humour.

"Kook-ah!" Suddenly Mrs. Jeon called out loudly, making sure that her only son had heard her in this huge house.

Taehyung was actually pretty confused on why she needed him, but his thoughts were answered and cut off right after his own mother had voiced out "Oh Tae, we are also staying the night here. Amazing, right?"

Staying the night? My mother must be having a laugh...

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