100% A Martial Scientist / Chapter 4: Spiritual Physicist

Chapter 4: Spiritual Physicist

In the White Cloud mansion, which belonged to one of the 3 best families in the spring city, the Yun clan.

In an elegant courtyard decorated with trees and plants, a young housekeeper approached a chamber and spoke with a soft and low voice: "Second young lord, it is getting late and your mother is looking for you."

Sliding the door, the housekeeper managed to see who she came looking for sitting with her back straight in front of a large table full of books. Using his smooth hands to gently turn the pages of the book, which had on its cover the title "Guide of Magic Beasts, On the Eastern Continent" written in red letters.

Hearing the voice of the young housekeeper, the boy stopped reading and looked up into the sky with his lovely jade green eyes, where the stars lit up the night sky. "I understand, Yun Bai. Get someone to order my books carefully."

"Yes, 2°young master." with his head tilted he responded to the boy who walked gracefully beside him.

Yun Bai a housekeeper of the Yun clan, who belonged to the first mistress faction, and dealt with all matters related to the care of the faction yards.

Because of this, she felt a great deal of happiness as pride in watching this beautiful boy with silky hair shining in a purple color, in front of her eyes.

Yun Bai could not conceal the smile that adorned his face as he watched Yun Tian's back with high expectations.

The one who had managed to walk at 4 months of age, and had learned to speak at 8 months without the help of other people. Not only could he speak clearly, but he could even communicate with others. With these two achievements alone, Yun Tian had already been called a genius in the clan, but by mastering the ability to read the year of age, there was no one in the spring city who did not know the legend of the 2°young lord of the Yun clan.

Yes, this child was Yun Tian, the 2°son of the present clan leader, Yun Dan and the first lover Li Yunhai. But he is also Victor Blake, who was in his past life, the greatest scientist of the universal federation.

It had already been 2 years since his birth in this new world with a culture in the style of ancient China.

Having discarded his old name and started living like Yun Tian, his development in this world had been very good.

By deciding to genetically modify his body with the power of Metatron, he succeeded in fusing the genetics of a powerful Asura and the potential of a spiritual cultivator for the creation of a unique body for him, increasing their potential for cultivation, and their physical capabilities.

This is noticeable when looking at the size of her body, measuring more than 1.20 meters in height at 2 years of age, and with muscles defined throughout her body, hidden by her loose blue suit, they made her the largest child of the clan at her age.

The development of his current body has to do in part with the genetic modification that he made in it, by achieving to fuse the genes of the giants Asura and the average height growers in this world, within the same body by the abilities of Metatron, I manage to create a new race.

But the great growth of your current body is not only due to the genetics of your average Asura body.

It is his grandfather, Li Ru, who is largely to blame for the development of his current body, for having to follow a special training regime, which began 5 months ago. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com <a href="https://www.webnovel.com">www.webnovel.com</a> for visiting.

His training consisted of eating large quantities of food to then perform unarmed combat practice and end the day with a bath mixed with blood of various magic beasts of rank 1, to temper his body. Being followed by ending up by another bath with medicinal plants to relieve pain and tiredness in your body.

Yun Tian could not help but sigh of his fate, for his present suffering was caused by him.

The moment Metatron began to modify Yun Tian's genetics. The spiritual essence refined by his grandfather, was completely absorbed in three days, to be used by Metatron as a source of energy.

Her mother, Li Yunhai, upon realizing the strange event caused by the rapid disappearance of the spiritual energy in her womb, decided to discuss it secretly with her grandfather.

This investigation secretly and in great detail the strange condition of the body of his daughter and grandson, and after a week I came to the conclusion that there was no problem with either of them, but instead he had confused Yun Tian's genetic modification with a blessing from the heavens.

By confusing the ability to absorb the spiritual energy at high speed of Metatron with the awakening of a spiritual physicist.

Both father and daughter could not be happier to think of this and decided to keep this information a secret from everyone. For they feared the future safety of Yun Tian, when he was found to possess a valuable spiritual physicist.

Spiritual physicists are unique gifts from heaven, and in developing it would allow their owner to excel above any genius in the world by a long margin, but a young person with a spiritual physicist, He is always in danger in the world when he is discovered by others.

Example are the enemy clans, who upon learning of the birth of a baby with spiritual physicist, would not last in deploying all their murderers to ensure the death of the child, now that he is a small and weak baby, but there will also be those forces that would move for evil and evil purposes, they would seek to kidnap the baby with the intention of stealing his spiritual physique by means of a demonic ritual, in order to transfer it to someone else.

(Damn, why do I have to suffer this stupidity?) Yun Tian thought about his situation in his mind, without letting his thoughts modify the indifferent expression on his face.

After a while of walking, Yun Tian could see the smooth purple hair of his mother, Li Yunhai, who had decency for her white dress that highlighted her great figure.

"Mother, here I am." Yeon Tian, with a very tender and childish tone in his voice.

Li Yunhai turned and looked at him with her black eyes in the shape of a moon and a smile on his perfect red lips. He reached out to him and held his hand.

"Come on, they're waiting for us in the dining room." he said in his beautiful voice, and they started walking.

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