74% The Fourth Zaldizko / Chapter 33: Vivification

Chapter 33: Vivification

I went through the door Death and War had gone through, and found myself in a bare white room with a small squarish booth at the center.

The booth was boxed within clear glass wall panels and door that ran from the high white stucco ceiling to the stone floor. Its space placed focus on the lone piece of furniture that was at its center, which was a wooden high-back chair with leather belt straps dangling down from the arms and feet. My mind recalled the time I saw Trix strapped into something similar.

I told Death and War about what Leinard had shown me. Based on my details, War had concluded that what I had witnessed was called a Vivification Process.

"A chi binding process between a dermaleech object and source energy, namely a wearer. Bloody painful too recalling first-hand written accounts captured in the Book of Practices of the Sacred Word." War grimly elaborated.

"That's if the process is performed aside from a grounding object. Since there's a holding chair, this might not be the case." Death added in his piece.

He further explained that the chair, being non metallic, was capable of absorbing shocks and other electrical charges that would've otherwise remained within the person. Thus dulling down the painful experience.

"Your knowledge on this is scary." Jensen looked nonplus. "Guess I don't have to give explanations."

He grinned. "War, you first."

"Hang on! War?" I asked, surprised.

"Yeah. He needs to Viv his spellbook," he causally answered.

"He doesn't have one." I pointed to mine and Death's Albert chains to our waistcoats.

War answered by showing his silver-glass star studded earring on this left ear that had been hidden behind his tufts of hair previously.

He coolly removed his jackets, socks, shoes and shirt, so his ripped abs and built torso were on show for everyone to see. He wasn't shy about it either, flexing his firm pectoral muscles.

I sighed when I saw the pinkish scar line running down the left side of his torso from his pectorals to his belly button. He had received that scar when he stopped an enchanted sword from decapitating me back in our days at Gat Shiem. Shuso had been furious to learn we had been mucking around in the Archive Tower's dungeons where all magical and dangerous weapons were housed. War had been unfit for his duties for a month. I was worried he wouldn't talk to me again after that incident, but War embraced his scar saying it was his trophy for saving a damsel in distressed. It made sure we fought again and our brotherhood resume its normal pattern.

"Be a good boy, hold the bags will yah." War unceremoniously dumped his gear on me.

He coolly opened the glass door to the chair and took a seat. Jensen stepped inside to strap down his wrists and ankles to the chair arms and legs. He removed a vial of dark liquid and carefully tipped it down War's opened mouth.

I frowned when I saw Leinard and Ryoko enter the room to stand next to Jensen when he had stepped out and closed the door to seal War in.

My frown became raised brows when I saw Ryoko smoothly checking out War's scar with an approving nod. Well, not that her admiration counted since she was taken by a woman.

"Ryoko. Five minutes. 10 daro," Jensen said to her when he pulled out his pocket watch and started tracking the time.

"It's War. One minute. I call you." Ryoko confirmed her side of the bet.

I groaned. Seriously, these knights were incorrigible.

Leinard said a spell that triggered lighting and other electrical sparks within the booth, stirring a grey cloudy space to shroud War's body and hide it from our view. My heart skipped a beat when I heard War's shrieks and cries filled with pain. His cries soon stopped and the grey cloudy space cleared to see his head hanging down and unconscious.

Ryoko stepped inside to release him and help his return to consciousness. When she helped him out of the booth, I saw his earring twinkle with a brilliant gold light before resuming its silver-glass texture again. His ear was red-raw.

"Nice. A light based Spellbook." Ryoko acknowledged the type of magic base that War's book would capture.

War flashed her a cocky smile and gave her a cheeky remark that saw his body released from her hold with a huff. I handed him his gear that he gingerly redressed in.

"Damn it!" Jensen grumbled at his pocket watch.

"10 daro Jensen. Pay up." Ryoko gloated.

Jensen grumbled the whole time he fished out his white paper stubs and slammed it into her hands.

"Wanna double or nothing?" Ryoko teased Jensen when she gestured to Death.

Death groaned as he removed his gear, so we could see his pale smooth skin and perky pink nipples of his muscly torso.

"Stop looking!" He crossed his arms over his chest to hide his abs and nipples.

"Ooh another maiden we have here. Your skin is white and smooth. What's your secret?" Ryoko said as she prompted Death into the booth and strapped him to the chair. She placed his Albert Chain on his lap. "Make sure you last two minutes, alright."

Death clicked his tongue, annoyed by the suggestion. "I'll ensure to go long."

Jensen chuckled, shouting out his encouragement to Death's suggestion.

Ryoko poured the same dark liquid down Death's opened mouth, stepped out and closed the door. Jensen set the timer on his watch. We watched a similar scene unfold with Death's experience in under two minutes.

"Damnit!" Jensen complained when he threw daro to Ryoko.

"You're up Famine." Ryoko chuckled.

I sighed and gracefully removed my jackets, waistcoat, shirt, socks and shoes that sent everyone except Leinard gasping with shock.

"Famine! Where'd you get all those kiss marks?!"

"What'd you do to my brother when you gave him that vision?!" Death angrily grabbed Leinard's jacket.

Leinard coolly removed Death's grip and smoothed down his jacket. "Nothing he didn't want."

"Calm down everyone! What'd you mean kiss marks?" I innocently looked over my skinny chest, noticing nothing but reddish welts like insect bites all over. Especially around my nipples.

"Famine. Those aren't insect bites, but bites made by some other mouth." Jensen smirked, his eyes darting to Leinard's.

"Look. You can get heated over Famine's body all you like, but he needs to Viv his spellbook," Leinard soberly said his piece to bring matters back at hand.

He helped me into the booth and strapped me down, placing my Albert Chain on my lap.

"I don't care what anyone says, even you. I love you." Leinard whispered to me, so the others couldn't hear, when he finished strapping my legs to the chair on bended knee.

He carefully poured the dark liquid down my throat, which tasted of aniseed and cinnamon.

Our eyes lingered on each other as he left the booth and closed the door.

Silence surrounded me. The sight of everyone outside the booth was soon covered by thick grey clouds that became the only space around me.

My name resounded around my mind, stirring a heady sensation and feeling of intoxication.

The chain on my lap rose into the air and formed a shape of a five pointed star. The map of a heart. Mine.

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